Hey!Hey!Hey! 2008.06.02

The talk segment was so cute~~ Takki smiled and laughed so much in this episode!!!! THEY KEPT MAKING FUN OF HIS MANBRA!!! *ROFL* And right at the start of the show, Takki kamikami-ed!! *LOL* (So funny when Tsubasa raised his hand and smacked Takki’s head!)


Then, it was the “T&T News” segment. First, Takki – in women’s clothes. They talked about the incident where Takki was practicing makeup (for Enbujo) in his room while his mom came in, got a shock, and screamed LOL! And Downtown asked him if he wore a bra during that time *ROFL* Takki was like “I was practicing make up! MAKE UP!” LOL! They also asked him about cleavage? Bwahahaha… Then they showed some of the Kabuki segment (mainly the costume changes, and the last scene from oshichi~) from Enbujo’08!!


And there was Murakami Shingo (Hina) and the Totoro Clock! LOL! Takki got for Murakami a Totoro clock for his bday, and asked jokingly for him to bring the present along to watch Enbujo (this was in Winkup magazine). And Murakami really brought that clock to watch Enbujo. In the dressing room after that, he gave Takki a bday present, and it turned out to be the same Totoro clock! So now they have a pair! hahaha~ There was a VTR from Murakami too lol.


Then they showed a pic of Takki in black (shirt zipped up to the top lol) pointing to the Totoro clock on his home wall. Then Tsubasa talked about the present that he gave Takki, a pro-wrestling mask. And they showed another photo of Takki in the same pose (pointing to the Totoro clock), but this time he’s wearing the pro-wrestling mask!! HAHAHA!!! Then, Downtown asked again if Takki wore a bra then? LOLOL~~ Takki’s bemused face was sooooo cute!!!!


Then Tsubasa pulled him away, to get ready for the song LOL, while Takki was protesting about the bra thing :)


Download Talk segment!! .001 | .002 | .003 (avi, 239.47mb)

Well, the best part of this program is definitely the talk segment! I was smiling non-stop while watching! kekekeke~~ If there weren’t any song performance, I wouldn’t mind at all lol =P Yappari, I still prefer Tono acting :D


Download KoiUta Performance .001 | .002 (mpg, 128.64mb)

Later on, during the other guest’s segment, suddenly the BRA thing was mentioned again lol. But I’m too tired to re-watch to find out what was it about lol. Gomen… So drained today, having slept only 4 hours this morning, worked till 6pm, rushed home to catch Hey!x3 @7pm, went over to Irene’s house to get my KOI UTA singles, and now just finished posting about it *phew* My eyes are hurting T_T so please forgive me if any of my translations above are wrong…

Lemme go for a quick bath to freshen up, then I’ll open up my singles!!!

Can’t wait!! o( ^^)o o(^^ )o

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  1. Thank you so much! I am new and very appreciate what u do 4 us! u make my life busy ;-P.

  2. takki r so funny jus now.. cant help smiling all the way when he sorta denying or try to change the subject.. hahah..lol.. so fun watching it live.. thanks 4 the screen shots his facial expressions r priceless!

  3. Thanks for the clips!!
    I can’t wait to watch it as soon as the d/l finishes XD.
    Takki and his man bra *dies*. I don’t think Takki will ever live the wearing woman’s clothes thing down, even though it was an important role for him LOL.
    And Tsu looks good too. ^^
    Thanks again.

  4. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    I laughed so much while reading that XDD Can’t wait to watch it!

  5. mich, thank you! I hope you had enough sleep today.

    wow. this clip has so much to see. Oshich, his famous totoro clock and a mask from Tsubasa…
    btw, are they wearing the same bracelet?

  6. Mich..Thanks……T&T guestings are getting better and better ne….they are both so handsome in here….especially Takki did a lot of laughing….so cute….is he an endorser of that TOTORO clock…..LOL….they better get him….imagine all the free endorsement of that clock from TAKKI….I love the mask with the clock pix…sugoi ne…..

  7. Thanks for sharing. Even though I can barely understand what they are saying, watching Takki laughing makes me feel happy and fun. Now I am like this idiot cracking up on my own with the slightest idea what the heck is going on, hahaha… I love to be TT fan ne.

  8. Thank you Mich.

    Very exciting to download and watch it, from you caps Tono really really cute.

  9. jsdfsksk This is on soooo many levels of cute. :[[[ TAKKI. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I replayed that helpless!look + eyebrow thing he did near the end after they mentioned the bra thing like 5498576 times. So cute~

    Thanks for uploading, Michelle~

  10. thanks for UL.
    pls take good care of your eyes.

  11. Can’t wait to watch the clips!!!
    They both really are in the most natural condition when they are together ne…. ^ ^

    Thank you so much for uploading!!! ^ v ^

  12. arigatougosaimasu
    d/led late last night
    and after i watched this few times^^(to get some bit of what they’re saying ~my japanese still dame -_-“)
    i went to sleep and i dreamt of that totoro clock lol totoro kawaii tokei hoshii haha a sudden crazy for totoro stuff (if this a marketing plan of totoro’s people it totally works ne haha)
    thankss ^^
    ps~ and why they keep tease him about’bra’? is it because the concert black-stripe-bra of his?? or bcuz he played onnakata ?
    (btw ~kyaa~his make up scene~he does looks young with his bang up~kyaa ^^)

  13. snagging the links. thanks a lot! :) now i have more TxT love. LJ’s lacking it. T_T

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