Hey!Hey!Hey! 2010.11.22

I know I still haven’t posted “Music Lovers” (recording went haywire) from last night, and “Tokyo Friend Park 2” just now (reached home late from work so I missed the opening…). But Hey!x3 was short and it was my only recording that went ok, so I’ll post this first.

Maa ne, Takki is really rich and generous ne, and of course, he always looks so good… even in purple! :) Plus I really love the way he dances Ai wa Takaramono, the way he moves his body and hands and mouth~ Kawaii~XD

Updated 11/30:
Download 704×400 from MF (64.15mb, avi)

I’m so drained… seem to be working on weekends… and on weekday nights as well. I want more time! *sobs*

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  1. Thanks a lot Mich!!

    Ganbarre~! for ur work..^^

  2. It’s already midnight.. now then got time to dl. Thanks alot! Hope you can find Music Lover and TFP2! Keyhole fail me again! =(

  3. thank you a lot

  4. Thanks so much for this!

    Don’t get discouraged, I am sure there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Ganbatte!

  5. Mich, marchlavender has just posted “Music Lovers”, so you can get it from her post.

  6. Thanks a lot Mich!
    I’m too happy watching so many programes of Takki this month (^^)

  7. take care of yourself,mich
    donot be too tired.

  8. THANK YOU >_<

  9. Thank you:D

  10. Please take care. I hope looking at Takki makes you more energised.

  11. luvs_ianthorpe says: Reply

    thank uuu

  12. replaced LQ with HQ :)

  13. thank you very much (‘,’)

  14. domo arigatou, Mich for HQ clip~ ♥♥

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