Tackey & Tsubasa on HeyHeyHey 2006.09.25

Ok I’ve concluded that torrents are really slow!! I left it for hours and the clips weren’t even halfway done. Fortunately CB has it fully uploaded by then, so I grabbed it from there instead! I have extracted only the T&T talk & performance part (heard they were sitting really closely after that)~~ Video download link is at the bottom of this post! Juz some screen caps of Takki during this appearance. Enjoy :)

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 1

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 2

Heyx3 20060925 Takki 3

Download here (89.5MB)
* Re-uploaded on 27th November 2007.

29 Replies to “Tackey & Tsubasa on HeyHeyHey 2006.09.25”

  1. wah u try 20times..still nv giv up! (=
    hehe why didnt u switch to filefactory instead,gal? thx alot for the clipp!!

  2. wuyoo~ gosh!! 20times!!?? ahaha~ taihen taihen.. thanks a lot Michelle! Sure enjoy watching it !! can’t wait to download it now ~ vroooooommm!! *runs off*

  3. havent watch it.. but, luv his appearance here ne~ tis guy always looks *perfect* desho~ (^_^*)

  4. ya, 20 times la~~ from last nite try until this morn hehe… i would have tried filefactory if it din go thru on the 21st time lol…

    yaya, keigi, this guys looks great almost at every angle~~

  5. hmm !! (= can u imagine u’re gg there LIVE 2 see them ??! gosh michelle! cherish the chance!!! ((= hehe try ff next time la aiyo so taiheh..u cn tahan..?? hahaha.sorry 2 some pple here if i use other languages/dialects 2 express..(= cos me n michelle we all frm same jia parang country full of multi-racial cultured singapura LOL. desho!?!! (=

  6. i’m trying to imagine but sigh.. i dun wanna think about the trip now~ zapping up too much of my brain cells…

    lol i think some ppl come here and see us these two siao cha bo talking things they dun understand hahaha….

  7. AHA! But i understand lor~~~

    Japalang but.. i love it!! XDDD
    Everyone should just leave Singlish alone!

    Michelle, i bet you the sakusen planning will max out all your brain cells. it always does to mine… but it will be WORTH it. *winks*

    Thanks for uploading by the way! =)

  8. uwaaaaahhh…taihen taihen, ne!! Thanx 4 dlg the clip 4 us all. *hugs*

    It dld fine on my end. Hmm…

    Yea…agrees w/shuduck on u goin’ to c them LIVE!! Cherish the chance, seein’ them ‘in the flesh’ and everything else I have forgotten to say…lolz!

    Btw, saw the Shounen Club Premium clip (the one he wore the lt pink polo sht intvw). OMG…he was soooo *TO-DIE-FOR* in it!!!! O_O Watched his every move, every smile, and every laugh he did…lolz! He laughs sooo kawaiiii ne?? And the way he slyly smiles while laughing, etc. Wow…

    Okok…i know it’s ‘old’ news but, can’t get enuff of this boy! ^.^

  9. eh?!! Everlasting love?? Takky wrote it?!! aiya~ forgive me gals.. Y i so blur 1? (+_+) Ok, u gals have any idea where can I d/load it?
    hai hai~ both *siao cha bo*, I’m frm m’sia yo! Kekeheeheee..

    Kyaaaa..shuduck!!! stop it!!! See them LIVE!! aaa.. TT concert!! >_

  10. ahaha~ xcuse me for being ‘siao’ here.. but, is true yo~ michelle! juz go & hv fun, okay? Is a chance !! D-Day you hv been waiting for!! ne~~

    btw, my cousin bro look like tsubasa too yo~ mm.. bcoz of da hairstyle & da shape of their face kana~~

    siao = crazy

  11. konbanwa minna-san~~ ^^

    michellllle!! how is the plane ticket thing coming along? got it all organized already? *waits for good news from our tomodachi’s* :DDD

    mahh speaking of everlasting love (LOL trey! u silly!)… i havent listened to that song in a while…

  12. trey?? she is here? strucks me..hhehe. yo heartlanders n neighbours HARLOW.

    hiaks..everlasting Love was for tsubasa..((=

    ehh…someone tt looks like tsu? emm..put him away frm takizawa ok. he poses a threat to the real Imai!!!!! there’s only 1 n only tsu..n he looks visually better day-by-day..hehe like wht jenn said..aaa..so true!!

    paiseh..michelle,,i started d parang here..hey btw, snuffles..got any diff btw singlish n Japalang meh?? kwahaa

  13. thanks for uploading!
    ooh, and LOVING your banner! When this page first loaded, i literally GASPED out loud!!! lol =P

  14. btw,

    micelle! i need to thank u here for the icon challenge u started out since 4mths ago..tht 100icons blew me off !!! keke! thx,will credit if i ever use it 2 adorn my blog ne~~ arigatou! credit to ur takki.us site rite?or ur hhr29 LJ or sumthing..

  15. btw,

    micelle! i need to thank u here for the icon challenge u started out since 4mths ago..tht 100icons blew me off !!! keke! thx,will credit if i ever use it 2 adorn my blog ne~~ arigatou! credit to ur takki.us site rite?or ur hhr79 LJ or sumthing..

  16. are??! where’s my parang..? ahhakkaa..
    ok~ok~agreed!! there’s only 1 TSU.. oh yes! he definitely looks more & more kakkoii ne~
    michelle, yokatta!!!! rcvd Takki’s 2005 solocon DVD from my fren tis morning yo. Whew! finally~ gg to watch it tonite!!

  17. lol~ of coz there is only one tsu la~ my bro doesn’t look like him now, tho he does remind me of tsu coz they’re both libraians born in 1981 hehe but wat i was saying was, when my bro was 13, he looked like tsu (look quite toot la) when he wore that big specs in the drama~ my bro also very skinny and the hairstyle was similar lor… so now i have one bro that looks like bae yong jun, and another bro that looked like chibitsuba lol

    ahhh.. where’s trey??! and thanks, sarah, for the comment hehe~~ reiko-chan, i was juz watching the SC premium last nite, suddenly wanted to hear ‘love you only’ la… i think takki looked exceptionally good in that one :)

    Bon-chan & Snuffles!!~~~ the airtickets thing is killing me wor~ i juz needed some assurance that all the trouble is worth it u know~~ i’m getting big big headache on deciding when to return, like should i return on 25, 26 or 27?? and my entire right gum/face is aching like mad still lol

    shuduck, for those icons, u can juz credit to takki.us la~ unless u’re using it on LJ, then credit to hhr79 or droolcity lor! coz i’ll be adding the 100 over to this site soon too~~

    keigi, show us a pic of ur cuz la~ haha.. and have fun watching the DVD wor! actually i also dunno what shuduck mean by parang (as in the long knife)?? or does she mean ‘barang’? lolz

  18. eh??! Started d parang.. meaning she started a *WAR* at your site coz I said my cousin look like tsu.. ne? shuduck?.. de..sho? ahaha~ (guilty) ^_^; .. is ok, forget it.

  19. ohoh~~ hahaha… no prob. no war here! this is PEACE zone ya!! oh keigi, if u want the ballads, can go to shuduck’s site (http://shutakky.mocasting.com/) to download

  20. opps..michelle..i deleted the ss link for the ballads oredi leh.opps..cos i owned an ss account n cn allow us 2 delete files we ul…)=
    it’s parang rite?i din spell wrongly hor..parang=alot of things,..jia parang?..desho?? no la..wht war…(=

    i hv 2 ADMIT all kids/most kids are cute of cos..bt as they grow older *ahem..v.hard 2 say 1..bt takitsuba is really cloned succesffuly hahah.((=

    michelle..hide the txt vids/performances frm ur bf hor!!!

  21. omg~ how? can upload again? or should i juz upload everlasting love for keigi? i know jiaparang but i thot parang as in the long knife u use to hoot ppl hahahaha….

  22. Aiyoo.. if even Singaporeans can’t get the Singlish right, no one will! Hahha~

    japalang = something like rojak (lol)
    parang = the long knife used to hoot pple (lmao)

    Get it right ok… hahahha~~~

    Anyway Michelle, you planning to come back on 25th ah? But it’s X’mas day wor… and only the day AFTER the concert. You sure u dun need time to nurse the lovesickness? Hahha…. Or are u short on annual leave, so need to come back in time to start work on 26th? By the way, X’mas is not a public holiday in Japan so shops are open. And somehow.. i think flights on 25th may be very full… Which airline u taking? Northwest and Thai seems the cheapest if you are travelling alone.

    And oh u know what, that pic of Takki in your banner, i realised he has pretty long earlobes, which means LONGEVITY!!! In any case, Japanese already have the longest life expectancy. So a Japanese with long earlobes… muahhaha… wan sui wan sui wan wan sui! LMAO~~

  23. Aiyaa.. shuduck.. should be *jiaparang/japalang* then ne~ not *parang* ne~ ahaha.. I misunderstood liao. Tot u wanna start a war wif me when I said my cousin bro look like TSU.. ^_^; hohoho (pai seh pai seh, wanna hide liao)..

    Haha~ Michelle~ sumimasen ne, I always ‘making rojak’ at your site (pai seh lar, liao lar.. & lot more) But, thanks sooo much ya.. *hugs hugs* You are so totful.. Is ok ne. I know you are busy ~ Daijoubu yo, I wil try other website, dun worry, ok?

    Ahaha~ yes, snuffles! Takki, wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui !! (let michelle to translate this… akaakahaaa)

    Hey, is Friday! Good day to everyone yar!! ^O^

  24. sorry gals keke. cos i m constantly in the blurry mode remember? haha. paiseh leh.

    ((= did any1 notice tsu’s earlobes then?(= longevity for only takkiman isnt enuff..he will need his partner 2 keep going ne~ hv a gd wkend ahead. wah snuffles certainly noes her way to japan!! next time she’ll even be better whn she resides there!

  25. wahahaha… long earlobes ah? din realise wor~ but yea, the best translation i can come up with now is “takki, long life, long life, long long life” haha. so corny. ya la, it’s jiapalang, not jiaparang (this one sounds like “eat parang” wor hahaha.. who can eat such a long knife! lol)

    snuffles, i booked my flight liao~ coming back on 27. i taking NW. anyway, got look see look see… remember we must all meet after the con to countdown and *forgot the word* is it hanami? hehe.. hopefully the next few days also can jalan jalan wif u & loracyn & fren la~~

    i’m still trying to digest all the train/subway/narita info that ribi sent me :)

  26. SULKS WITH JEALOUSY now. Sob whines i cnt go…))=

  27. btw, how’s the ff link uploading process? iziti fast?

  28. yea, it’s quite fast actually~ thanks for the recommendation hehe. so far i think for ul, YSI is the one which can’t work for me (tho it’s fast to dl)… MU is fast to ul but it’s hard for others to dl… and savefile has too small file size limit. so that leaves me with either SS or FF! :)

  29. see …my recommendations’da best then! muhahaa. SS was advice-d frm yvonne…FF is frm jenn (=

    yeah so next time u juz use ff/ss then!

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