T&T @ Hey!Hey!Hey! 2007.08.13

Finished watching this clip as well~~ So cute & funny!!


But Takki looks really tired and thin ne :( When was this recorded? Wish he’d be as genki as he looked on Waratte Iitomo! Tsubasa looks really genki though, like really fresh and hyper.

Download here (24.09MB)

Nijuuyo-jikan terebi is approaching, 2 more days only… Hope he can get more rest and look more genki ne… Feels good after a good night’s sleep! I slept 9 hours last nite! LOL~ Went to bed at 10.30pm, and was supposed to wake up at 4.30am to continue packing my room, check mail, and maybe watch a bit of soccer. But I slept all the way hahahaha…

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  1. i love the part when tsubie said takki loves to exaggerate… haha… i think exaggerating id takki’s habit, i notice that since his junior years.. hehe… but those exaggeratings really suit him… kawaii ne… (“,)

    yup, i agree with u… he does look so tired n makes my heart jump of worrying again… hope he eats more nowadays (proper foods pls… takki, pls also stop ur night drinking habit! it’s not good for ur health! *sounds like a wife scolding her husband* haha…)

  2. Ah~~~why TxT calling to me???? @_@//

  3. iya iya iya… omae wa kawaii yo…. *nudge nudge*

  4. I loved the interplay between them in this one. The sword fighting reminded me of little boys LOL

  5. I already watched it! *___* Oh~~ I love when they are like that, one joking with other.

  6. love~ ya, takki is just like that! he’s been like this since young, his actions especially, super drama king!! ^_^

    kiwi~ yaya, THAT clip!! ahhh, thinking of it makes me feel shiawase~~~~

    glenda~ thanks for informing me of the subbed clip!! :)

    miya~ they are cutest when they joke around like that!^_^

  7. Mich, I died laughing and loving the boys here. Really, any bad day I’ve had is almost always cured by the boys. I love them so so much!!!


  8. ribi~ ok, “I LOVE TACKEY & TSUBASA!!”
    and i finally hung up the calendar on my office “wall”! looks sooooo pretty! how am i gg to concentrate on my work when there are 2 pretty boys staring at me from the side fufufu~

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