[LQ] Waratte Iitomo 2011.09.02

I left this to record and it turned out OK. I haven’t really watched the program yet so can’t really comment lol. But Tono’s hair today was parted to the side – for both Iitomo and Msute (which I’ll post after this~).

MU / MF (100.85, divx)

4 Replies to “[LQ] Waratte Iitomo 2011.09.02”

  1. wow!! he looks so COOL!!! º 0 º !!!!
    thanks for all the uploads ladies ^ D ^!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I’m taking the small sizes first for now. ^ v ^

  4. The MF link is dead. Can u re-up?
    Sorry to bother ^^”

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