Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou 2009.05.10

Yay~ rehearsal footage from Wednesday’s episode!! Kakkoii~ XD

Hopefully someone recorded this in HQ…

Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou 2009.05.10

8 thoughts on “Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo Zoukangou 2009.05.10

  1. You know how you see something and you enjoy it so you type LOL … this really was one of those times! I burst out laughing loud enough that I even surprised myself ^^ Thank you so much for getting all of these available to us *hugs*

  2. thx for sharing~
    it is my first time left a common ~
    just really surprised to see luffy and takki showed up in the episode~
    i love them soooooo much
    i knew takki because of luffy~(crazy rainbow)it is awesome to see two of the man that i love being together~
    by the way takki is kakoii!!! i just want to see more ~

  3. kyaaaaaaaa so funny seeing Takki sort-of ‘teach’ them how to do ‘Shalala’ furitsukes ne? lol :P *kawaiii* And then toward the end, seeing the two women dance/twirl around alongside w/him and then he twirled around too…omg~ lol

    I wished someone had this clip now for d/l. *sigh* Does anyone know where I can grab this at?

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