Waratte Iitomo 2010.03.10

Takki appeared on Waratte Iitomo this morning as a “surprise guest”.

They had to guess who the guest was, and there were 3 clues given. Takki was also talking though a voice filter lol! Only 2 of them didn’t manage to guess correctly. Most people caught it only after the 3rd clue — youngest taiga drama lead at that time (at the age of 22) :)

Waratte Iitomo Takizawa Hideaki

And that 2nd clue, that Tarzan (I was laughing when Ota-san touched the chikkubi!), was one of the mags that I didn’t receive, in the same batch as the Fineboys I posted last night lol. Talk about coincidence…

There is also small part during the CM that Takki was dressed as a schoolboy! He took something out from his shirt~ kyaaaa~~~

Waratte Iitomo Takizawa Hideaki

Then he also took part in some game segment, about the songs people sing during graduation ceremony. Takki said he wanted to guess what’s behind the “lion”, but actually that picture is a tiger wahahahaha~~ and he was so cute when he said “kanpai” as his answer, the audience went “ehhh…”, and then he bit his fingers!

Waratte Iitomo Takizawa Hideaki

And then after he gave another answer, the audience went “ehhh??” again and his exasperated look was so funny~ and finally his “wakkanne yo~~” was so cute!!!

At the end, he held the promo boards for Takizawa Kabuki and Takizawa Kakumei DVD, which is released today!

Download – MF or MU (99.54MB)
*sorry, only LQ for now. I’ll add HQ if I can find it…

No scanning for today! But the countdown continues… 19 more days ~♥

Waratte Iitomo 2010.03.10

12 thoughts on “Waratte Iitomo 2010.03.10

  1. today,I saw this 番組,however,it is not smooth,I watched it to worry.Thanks for offering this resource.
    I don’t konw if I have say something wrong.I’m a Chinese and not good at English.If I have some mistakes,don’t laugh at me.^^

  2. Thanks 4 sharing this clip! Takki looked so cute when he got stummped and didn’t know the answer. lol

    Mmm, he still looks quite young. I’d like to take that endless elixir of beauty (youthfulness) he’s got. lol

  3. I just realized that in a short part during CM, Takki did not take anything out from his shirt. He took the second button of his school uniform and gave it to the girl. (Apparently this is a custom among Japanese high school students. At a girl’s request, a boy gives her the second button of his school uniform at the graduation ceremony.)

  4. lizzie~ ah, don’t worry about your english. it’s fine! ^^

    marie~ yah, after watching the clearer version, i realised that there was a t-shirt inside the uniform. and yeah, he took out the button from the uniform! i remember watching a drama, and there was something special about the 2nd button :)

  5. thank you so much for file .
    takki so cute.
    I can’t tell you more than because ,I can speak english a little.

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