[J’s Journey] 2013.03.25 – Episode 12 (Final)

Finally it’s the last episode… It started later today, at 1.59am instead of the usual 1.29am. So I’ll make this quick too. Congratulations to Takki who’ve reached the goal after 12 days of travel through South America! I’m sure he couldn’t bear to part with Ouji…


MF (125.63mb, asf)

6 Replies to “[J’s Journey] 2013.03.25 – Episode 12 (Final)”

  1. I cannot believe that we’re finally here, but I’m so proud of Tackey, that he reached his goal,Thxxx so much for your work during this Extraordinary Journey guys…!!

  2. Thanks for the dedication to follow and share this incredible journey!!. Too bad it came to an end. Glad that ended well for Tackey! ^ ^

  3. Thank you, Takki.us! Thank you, Tackey!

  4. Iiyaaa! Motto hoshiiiiii! (~_~;)

  5. Yatta ….. :D ..Finally.. it’s so funny ..
    Hontouni Arigatou Gozaimashita
    for your translation & share .. my destination is Machu Picchu. i think so ! i love trip of Takizawa Hideaki..Bye Bye .. :))

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