Osama no Brunch 2010.12.04

Woke up at 8am this morning to watch this, but Takki only appeared at about 11.30am lol. When I saw that he picked “suge~” as the NG word, I knew it’ll be terrible LOL!! Out of the three words, he usually says “suge” the most, followed by “maji” lol~ the playback thing at the end was so funny.

Download LQ from MF (85.2mb, avi)

He was like a little boy especially when he saw the skin mask thing haha~ Kawaii~~ And I love to see him eat! :)

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  1. I like ousama.
    thank you

  2. Mich, for some reason I cannot see this post.

    It tells me to login to view, but I am logged in! I tried logging out and in again, refreshing, it is still the same. And it seems to apply to past 王様のブランチ as well. Help!

  3. gomen~~ i forgot to tweak the settings again…
    shud be working now…

  4. Thanks, mich I miss this program..haha forgot about it.

  5. Mich, thanks a lot for all the clips!! ^^

  6. Mich, thank you for the clip. Takki was so excited in a pro-wrestlig shop, just like a little kid in a candy shop!
    So cute!

  7. always love to see either T eat and eat. fufufufu~~~

  8. LOL…I remember seeing this clip now. Made me laugh, esp. when he was in that wrestling store, gawking at all the masks n’collectable items in there. I bet he was like a little kid in a candy store when he saw all that and felt like wanting to buy something. hahaha XDD

    Shucks, now I have to re-watch this again to see him eat that ice cream cone! lol ♥ (and yes, I always love watching him eat too…hehe ^.~)

  9. Thank a lot for sharing.

    Takki is so cute when he ate icecream!!

  10. The girl host is sooooo lucky!!!!Thank you very much in sharing with us this tv show,I hope you will not have enough in posting videos of Takky’s tv guestings.Thanks again.

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