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Tackey @ Osama no Brunch 2009.05.09

KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Takki appeared live in the studio! KAKKOIIII~~ He looks so good!!! I love his hair! XDD Everyone there looked so excited haha~ They played footage from Majo no Jouken, Takirev, Enbujo (including a bit of Mugen no Hane!), Shalala PV’s *chu* scene (it was his adlib!)… There was a “True or False” segment too.  I didn’t know Takki’s bathroom door/entire side is fully glass!!! And he has a rack in his home specially for senbei =P

Takizawa Hideaki on Osama no Brunch Shalala

Download (MU): 001 | 002 (190.18MB)
Or from (MF): 001 | 002

The solocon title is Tackey SUMMER CONCERT ’09. The Yokohama Arena dates (6/27 & 6/28) were shown on the screen at the end.

Tackey @ Osama no Brunch 2009.05.09

12 thoughts on “Tackey @ Osama no Brunch 2009.05.09

  1. thanks a lot, mich!

    i just woke up, and i woke up really early, 5.30 am… LOL
    it’s nice to wake up to this…^^

    fufu~~~ yuki n takki together again !!! side by side… why did i feel doki doki? haha… japanese people love yuki, japanese people love takki… to see them both on the same show is just priceless… everybody is so excited to see takki.

    remind me of what my japanese bff used to say, she rather saves money to watch takki in flesh than buy his CDs, but i managed to make her buy few… haha… poor that poor student… but well, for japanese, takki presents this God-like aura, people will pay a lot of money to see him in flesh, they don’t care much about CDs or DVDs, they just want to see him with their eyes, in flesh… johnny should do more events, people will buy lots of cd just to see takki…

  2. Thank you! Has Takki dated anyone? I, too, like Takki and that girl from Taiyou wa Shizumanani together. :)

  3. i was sleepy when i wrote my comment above…
    seems like i mis-wrote the girl’s name, it’s yuka not yuki, why did i keep using yuki in that post… hmmm… LOL

  4. Thanks, Mich!

    Takki certainly seemed happy and relaxed in this. I liked seeing all that footage of his shows and of Shalala.

    I did not quite get what they were talking about in relationship with Yamapi.

  5. 谢谢,Mich!!
    不过,看来他有好好吃饭休息,好像长点肉了,酒窝又深了,笑容满满又loli样了。^ ^

  6. love~ nit2mic~ me too, i like seeing takki & yuka too. she’s still pretty after all these years.

    simone~ they asked if pi’s nickname “yamapi” was given by takki :)

    firstlove~ yea, i think the video was very well done too. and i love that fleshy tono face too XD ah, but i still can’t find a HQ for this video. kuyashii…

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