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Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11

Yay~ a clear quality version to keep!! Thanks to the person who recorded and shared it! :)

Takki and Tacchi on Pussuma for Kokuchisezu

File size: 378.26MB, 640×360

Download (MU): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
Mirror links on MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004

“Tetsuko no Heya” is less than 2 hrs away. And there’s also “Nani Kore” tonight!
For the rest of this Takki Marathon~~ Ganbarimasu!!!!

Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11

9 thoughts on “Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11

  1. Thank you for uploading the higher quality version of this! Last night I watched it in LQ shrunk down and was o_0. I wondered the same thing as shulie LOL Random girls? And they were all so cute, too! *grrr* LOL Takki shopping for bikinis was funny but I must say he seems to have pretty good taste :p Although the word “hentai” kept floating up in my brain every time they showed that Tacchi fellow ^^

  2. Thanks Mich! Truly comical.

    Glenda, I agree with you on Takki’s taste…but, that “Tacchi fellow”, as you say, how come I had some vague similar thoughts?

  3. A whole week of Takki, fantastic! Thanks Mich for sharing. Watched the video, the sound he made is, en, very ero (cover my face)~~~

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