Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11

Yay~ a clear quality version to keep!! Thanks to the person who recorded and shared it! :)

Takki and Tacchi on Pussuma for Kokuchisezu

File size: 378.26MB, 640×360

Download (MU): 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
Mirror links on MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004

“Tetsuko no Heya” is less than 2 hrs away. And there’s also “Nani Kore” tonight!
For the rest of this Takki Marathon~~ Ganbarimasu!!!!

9 Replies to “Takki @ Pu-suma 2008.11.11”

  1. Thanks for all of these links Mich…I’m downloading it now……

  2. mich,thank you very much
    tono kawaii

  3. Thanks Mich!

    Do they honestly just pull girls off the street like that?

  4. aaahh Thanks a lot Mich n___n *downloading now*
    I can’t wait to see it, Takki looks really cute in those screencaps *D *

  5. Thank you for uploading the higher quality version of this! Last night I watched it in LQ shrunk down and was o_0. I wondered the same thing as shulie LOL Random girls? And they were all so cute, too! *grrr* LOL Takki shopping for bikinis was funny but I must say he seems to have pretty good taste :p Although the word “hentai” kept floating up in my brain every time they showed that Tacchi fellow ^^

  6. Thanks Mich! Truly comical.

    Glenda, I agree with you on Takki’s taste…but, that “Tacchi fellow”, as you say, how come I had some vague similar thoughts?

  7. A whole week of Takki, fantastic! Thanks Mich for sharing. Watched the video, the sound he made is, en, very ero (cover my face)~~~

  8. Thank you for upload it.
    more files to download.
    smile to wait for watch it.

  9. Thank you.

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