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「ぷっ」すま 2010.11.23

I wanna whack that guy who hit Tono so hard, and made him go down on his knees!! But at least we got to see Takki eat! Kawaii ne, that last screenie below haha~ Also, Tono was the one who had to remove the boxes from all kinds of funny places lol!! You could tell he was trying his best not to have physical contact, especially with the guy! lol~ ah, the bathtub scene was fun too :)

Download LQ from MF (189.37mb, divx)

There was an error somewhere towards the end of the clip so I’ve removed it, but don’t worry, Takki isn’t affected :) Ma ne, I’m so glad he didn’t have to deal with that crazy woman. But still, nothing beats the previous (and first) time Takki went on the show! Haha~ that ear-cleaning scene remains a classic! XD

「ぷっ」すま 2010.11.23

9 thoughts on “「ぷっ」すま 2010.11.23

  1. Thanks for the download, mich!

    It’s funny, but I had thought Kusanagi much taller, but he is only just about Tsubasa’s height. And Masahiro is actually shorter than Takki.

    I do remember the ear cleaning scene. It was hilarious!

  2. Thank you mich,

    I think he really happy when he has to fight with someone.

    And I really love this TV show, it’s really fun.

  3. Hiii! :)
    I just found this site! I’d recently begun watching jdramas again and incidentally it was Orthros no Inu and that totally started my interest in Takki again. I’ve only heard him as a singer before, but I was more interested in Kame back then so I totally overlooked Takki :( My foolish younger fangirl days :(
    Probably now that I’m older, I find Takki much more appealing since he is the handsome type but not tooo too pretty :D

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for your hard work and keeping us updated! :) I’ll definitely be visiting often!

  4. Thanks for the clip, Mich!

    Omg, that crazy man and the evil witch! That man ALMOST high-kicked Takki’s face!!!! Did anyone see that??? Maji abuneee~~~~~~ Luckily Tono dodged in time! I think even his game partner was shocked. Gosh, they need to sedate that guy a bit. I think Tono’s cardigan got torn in the wrestling-turned-sumo match.

    Sometimes i think we forget how taihen it can get for them during variety shows. They have to do stuff that they may not like but as professionals, they cannot refuse or show black face. Reminds me of the time when they tricked Takki into wearing this sexy cat costume…… that was a little painful to watch, even though it showed his professionalism. But i sure laughed a lot then, and for this one too. So i guess it’s successful as a variety bangumi. Demo, yappari that evil witch torturing poor Tsubasa was omg.. 放送ぎりぎり! Taihen otsukaresama deshita, ofutari tomo!

  5. hahaha…I agree w/Snuffles there too, as I finally got to watch this on streaming live TV. lol I was sort-of laughing a lot in this segment myself. :D

    Yeah, removing those boxes was hilarious from funny places, esp. the one w/the girl who was hiding under the comforter on a bed of all things…and she held it toward her breast. =__=

  6. kiwee~ welcome, and thanks for your comment :)
    i really hope takki will act in another drama soon…

    minna~ thanks for your comments. i’ll try to post a HQ avi version here soon… after i’ve settled all my other work lol.

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