[LQ] Pu-Sma 2011.08.30

Kyaaa~~ Tono looked absolutely kakkoii~~ with that light-colored hair and toned body!! ^.^ This show is really interesting ne. We got to see many sides of Takki, one side I’ve never seen before — catching bugs with his bare hands!! I was freaking out coz I really HATE bugs!! And Tono was so kakkoii when he did the sumo fight! Biceps!!! Hehe~ if only he took off his shirt too…

takizawa hideaki pu-sma

Download LQ from MF / MU (188.91mb, divx)

My connection got cut off at one part, right after Takki did the monomane towards the end of the show… but I don’t think much was missed. Hopefully someone will share the HQ/HD soon… for now, oyasuminasai~

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  1. Thanks very much for this, Mich! Takki definitely looks kakkoii in your screen caps. I can hardly wait to watch this.

  2. This is prob the only Takki video that I’m glad is in LQ… I screamed so many times during the bug segment! XD

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  4. I like his smile. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing the video with us!

  6. To Audrey
    I did vote twice a day for tackey
    In my office and at home too

  7. thank you for sharing with us so soon, so far i have only watched some screenshots and he is so cute and handsome.

  8. thank you! Michelle for posting the video and pictures, love to see tackey go outdoor and have fun, great smile.

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