Akutou 悪党

Drama Info:

  • Title: 悪党
  • Title in Romaji: Akutou
  • Title in English: Villain
  • Type: Drama SP (Friday Prestige Special Project)
  • TV Station: Fuji TV
  • Air Date: 30 November 2012
  • Air Time: 9pm
  • Rating: 13.1%
  • Official website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/akutou/index.html
  • Based on the novel by Yakumaru Gaku


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Saeki Shuichi
  • Kuramoto Kaoru as young Saeki Shuichi
  • Fujii Takemi as Saeki Yukari
  • Kitano Kii as Haruka/Ito Furumi
  • Kaname Jun as Sakagami Youichi
  • Watari Tetsuya as Kogure Masato
  • Toda Keiko as Someya Nobuko
  • Osugi Ren as Saeki Junichirou
  • Nakahara Takeo as Hosoya Hirofumi
  • Asaka Mayumi as Hosoya Yukie
  • Suda Masaki as Hayami Tsuyoshi
  • Arimori Narimi as Maehata Noriko
  • Okuda Eiji as Suzumoto Shigeki
  • Endo Kaname as Tadokoro Kenji
  • Kaneko Norihito as Terada Masashi
  • Ichige Yoshie as Yamazaki Keiko
  • Maruyama Tomomi as Enoki Kazuya
  • Kobayashi Masahiro as Okada Mitsuhiro

Saeki Shuichi is a private detective at Hope Detective Agency. He is commissioned by a client to do an investigation on a man named Sakagami Youichi. His client, a couple whose son was murdered by Sakagami eleven years ago, wanted to find out what Sakagami was doing with his life now. They wanted to see whether or not he deserved to be forgiven.

Due to the financial difficulties at the Hope Agency, Saeki had to take on the case. But for Saeki himself, he agreed because he could relate to the pain of losing a loved one.

Fifteen years ago on his 15th birthday, Saeki’s older sister Yukari was raped and murdered. He thought back to the image of his sister, with her uniform torn apart, lying completely motionless inside the dark abandoned house. Although fifteen years have passed, his deep hatred towards her attackers has not faded in the slightest…

Mich’s thoughts:

This might just be Takki’s best performance to date. He handled all the heavy and emotional scenes really well. The drama touched on issues like rape, revenge, prosecution of underaged criminals, etc. After watching it, I was kinda blank in the mind. The rape scene, especially, got to me… it was filmed so well; it’s brutal. Such a cute and innocent girl, having her life taken away just like that… and as a result changing the lives of her family members, turning an innocent boy into a man filled with hatred, a man who kinda forgot how to laugh…

Somehow, Takki gives off a very different kind of feel from before in his acting, something I just can’t put in words. It seems he had poured his heart into becoming the character Saeki Shuichi, so much so that co-star Kitano Kii said he hardly smiled during the filming.

Yes, Shuichi hardly ever smiles, perhaps only once or twice in the entire drama… But when he laughed out (like really LOL, and ROFL!) towards the end, that was ironically the saddest part of the drama for me.

Screen Caps:

More coming soon…

Original Novel:

“Akutou” by Yakumaru Gaku

I read the prologue on the way to Narita Airport. That was about a week before the drama aired. And just from the prologue itself, which only told of what happened 15 years ago, I found myself wanting to read on. Apparently, Shuichi’s sister had a boyfriend then who also discovered her body together with young Shuichi. This character never made it to the screen.

Also, as a birthday present, Shuichi’s father secretly gave him a knife (without letting his mother know) as a symbol of him being old enough to think responsibly. This knife would be the same one mentioned in the drama.

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7 Replies to “Akutou 悪党”

  1. very good drama, I love his performance.

  2. It cannot see at drama work.(T-T)

  3. I really want to see it butI couldn’t download it. I’ll be looking for it on the net Iam happy for talent Takki with these new dramas.

  4. Thanks for the sub,this is really a good drama. I really want to watch Takki play a true villain, he’s really good at it.
    Is it just my feeling or not, the ending is rather cliffhanger.
    *SPOILER*: When the newscaster report about rape, is Takki did it ???

  5. I think maybe they just want to tell us that the same case still happen everyday as normal in Japan society.

  6. yes, i think it’s as Plathong Daisuki said. it had a good closure actually ;)

  7. i just discovered this website and this is the first fansub that I had downloaded. This is amazing! I am watching this now! I started watching j-dramas like 15 years ago or so and I remembered watching quite a few of Takki’s dramas in early 2000s. Thank you so much and have a great weekend ahead!

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