Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet - sure chigai DVD

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DVD Release Date: 06 Feb 2008

Drama Info:

  • Title: ロミオとジュリエット 〜 すれちがい 〜
  • Title in Romaji: Romio to Jurietto ~ Sure Chigai ~
  • Translated titles in English: Romeo and Juliet ~ Passing Each Other ~
  • Translated titles in Chinese: 羅密欧与朱麗叶
  • TV Station: NTV
  • Air Date: 07 April 2007 @ 9pm
  • Type: Drama SP (Day 2 of a 2-night Shakespeare Special)
  • Official website:


  • Takizawa Hideaki as Morita Hiromichi
  • Nagasawa Masami as Kihira Juri
  • Tanaka Misako as Morita Tokieda
  • Yamashita Shinji as Kihira Reizou
  • Miura Tomokazu as Morita Giichi


  • 11.4%


22-year-old Hiromichi works as a recycle items collector. His father is a murder suspect, who ran away 5 years ago, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves. To support his mother (who is now warded in hospital), Hiromichi quit school to work. One day, he meets a young female college student, Juri. They fell in love, not knowing that the girl’s father is the police detective currently on the hunt for his father.

My thoughts:
(*contains minor spoilers*)

Hiromichi and Juri. Romi and Juri. I was very happy when they announced that the female lead was Nagasawa Masami, coz after watching her in DragonZakura, I liked her. However, she was pretty annoying in this drama. Her voice was super “act cute”… All my goosebumps surfaced when she talks!! Apart from that (and of her looking slightly too big for Takki), she was alright :)

Takki as Romeo = And we all know that’s the name we also use to refer to his *beep* :D He was the only reason why I watched this of course. Though I couldn’t stand the ‘act cute’-ness of the female lead, there are some scenes which are quite cute and funny~ like the ‘sitting’ and ‘standing’ thing, the miso vs shio (I vote for shio though) ramen, etc.

Romeo = He’s rather Takki-rashi~~ And I kinda feel that his anger towards his father in the drama came from the real Takki himself.


The imagery. BEAUTIFUL~~~ The row of trees with yellow leaves, and the church. A very “autumn” feel~~ Whether it’s in the day, or at night, that place is so, so, so pretty and romantic~!! I wanna go there!!!!!! And the Music is really nice too. There’s a theme that keeps repeating throughout the drama, it’s really soothing and beautiful. I love the ending music too, when the credits appear…


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3 Replies to “Romeo and Juliet”

  1. when first time i watched +-2 month ago, i think it’s good drama ^-^ but for a complicated romeo & juliet story,not enough just in 1DVD. Love is short… XD
    Takki is really takki =w= (*perhaps he forgot how to acting besides taiga lol) anyhow seems happy

  2. I found Nagasawa Masami rather irritating. She acts too “cute”. I also have some reservations about the direction. When they first meet, he really doesn’t have to be rude. He could show simply indifference. But,in fact,a little interest would make more sense. And when they rejoin one another after racing around, thanks to the gingko leaves, you would think they would not stand 3 meters apart but get together, even if they realize right away they will have to part.
    The basic story is good, the setting beautiful, and the music just right.

  3. i bought this dvd because of takki xD
    this drama is actually not bad…
    i also find masami a bit annoying, her pitch like a bit too high…
    but takki is very cutee!! i like the part when takki went to masami’s house and talked to her from below… that scene very romantic..

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