The Chef


Drama Info:

  • Title: ザシェフ
  • Title in Romaji: Za Shefu
  • Title in English: The Chef
  • TV Station: NTV
  • Air Date: 21st Oct to 16th Dec, 1995
  • No. of Episodes: 9
  • Theme Song: “Chase The Chance” by Amuro Namie


  • Higashiyama Noriyuki as Ajisawa Takumi
  • Sendo Akiho as Izumi
  • Kokubun Taichi as Taichi
  • Morita Go (guest)
  • Miyake Ken (guest)
  • Mori Mitsuko (guest)
  • Takizawa Hideaki (guest)

Storyline (from J!-Ent):

A resourceful freelance chef produces his fantastic fare under entertainingly unpredictable circumstances in the most unusual places. A drama about a phantom Chef who works for the right price and a corrupted business that will do what they can to have them work for them. Unfortunately, the Chef seems to be a person with no caring emotion until an apprentice cook and a reporter enter his life.

Video Clip:
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Takki only appeared in Episode 9, the last episode, in one scene, for only a few seconds lol~ This is the clip I’ve extracted from the VCD.


Download here (2.70MB)

Just two more, since it’s such a short scene :)



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