[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji – Show

Minna, thank you for your patience! Here is our report of the Hachioji show. It’s a long one though, so you’ve been warned~ Hope you guys enjoy ^^

Please refer to this picture every time you see citations like (*1), (*2), etc

★ Introduction

They started playing the slow piano version of Madonna in the bg. Normally the chorus of Madonna sounds intense, but in this ballad version, Takki’s voice sounded very yasashii~ As soon as the chorus ended, a loud (and slightly annoying lol) voice came on and began shouting the following in over-exaggerated English!

“Ladieeeeees aaaaaand gentlemen! Welcome to Tackey Summer Coooooncert 2012 in Hachioji! Are you happy?! Are you ready?! We’ll spread our love all over Japan. Just love, love, LOVE!! Hi~de~a~ki~ Ta~ki~zawa!!!”


As soon as the original version of Madonna began to play, a trap door below the high platform (*1) launched Takki into the air!! He didn’t jump very high though… perhaps it’s because of safety reasons as there wasn’t a lot of space between the big screen and the main stairs. Anyway, he landed safely on the high platform and continued to sing as he walked down the main stairs to the front of the main stage.

Mou~~ he was SO KAKKOII!!! We saw him in his gold military-inspired outfit at Hanabi Taikai two days prior to the concert, but we were still screaming as though we were seeing him in it for the first time!! Not to mention, Takki always looks so kakkoii with sunglasses on. I was happy he kept them on for a while before taking them off.

☆ Words of Love

Fans who went to the Yoyogi shows were raving about all the hip swinging and hip thrusts (fufufu~) that Takki did during this slightly remixed version of Words of Love. At Hachioji, MSM did it many times, but Takki didn’t do it as much? Maybe it’s because his mom and sister were there? (^_^;) Nevertheless, I think it was still one of the hottest Words of Love performances that I had ever seen!

☆ 894

I absolutely love this song, so I was really excited when I found out it was on the setlist! What made it even better was that it was a new remix of 894!! And the dance moves were SO KAKKOII!!!

At the beginning of the song, Takki yelled “Ikuzo!!!! (Let’s go!)” and silver tape was shot out over the 1st floor audience. At that moment, I felt some fangirl goosebumps go up my arms because his timing was so perfect and his voice was so otokomae!! We didn’t manage to grab any of the silver tape, but luckily, our friends on the 1st floor grabbed extras for us (minna arigatou!)

At one point during the song, Tono was playing air guitar while standing back-to-back with someone from MSM. When I saw him doing that, I wished he was really playing an actual guitar! Maybe one day ne…

I think the only thing I didn’t like about this new 894 remix was the rap part. Right when we thought the song was over, a guy from MSM started rapping. We found out later that he was actually introducing the members of MSM in the rap, but at the time, we couldn’t understand a word he was saying, so we just applauded with the rest of the crowd. lol~ But Takki is such a good sempai ne… he handed the stage over to MSM and even clapped for them. After the rap, Takki sang the 894 chorus one last time. When the song ended, Takki left the stage to change…

★ Transition time

We started yelling “Takki! Takki!” until the big screen lit up and the techno dance version of Ai Kakumei began to play in the bg. On the screen, it wrote “Okay, all together now, go kyaaa!” and so, we all went KYAAAA! It told us to do it again, so we did it again. Then it told us to kyaaa louder, so we kyaaa’d even louder. Finally, it told us to scream “Takki suki!!” hahahaha~ yappari, Takki must’ve been the mastermind behind this ne~

While we were doing this, the staff pushed a black sofa onto the middle of the stage in preparation for the next song.

☆ Crazy Girl

The muffled version of the Crazy Girl chorus began to play in the bg. Then that loud voice (that came on at the beginning of the show) was back and it said “Sexy, awesome, original new song : Craaaazy Girrrrl!”

As the intro of Crazy Girl began to play, Takki reappeared on stage wearing the same gold pants and black kirakira tank top. But he replaced the gold military jacket with a white vest (that had a fringe hem and paint splatters all over it). I noticed that on his right arm, he didn’t have a tattoo (like he did at the Yoyogi shows). He had on a dark silver arm band instead.

The furitsuke was more ERO than I expected… lol. The female dancers were wearing skimpy outfits and at one point, Takki was standing behind one of the girls and he smacked his right hand on the girl’s hip/butt as she bent over!!! At that moment, I’m sure a lot of mouths dropped open in shock inside Olympus Hall! *LOL* We had never seen him do anything like that before, so even though our eyes were following the performance, I think our minds just kept going back to that one particular scene? Like I knew it was only part of the dance routine, but I couldn’t help but think… “Omg, did he really just do that!?” buahahahaha~

Anyway, he did a lot of hip thrusting every time he sang “Crazy girl~ Crazy girl~ Crazy girl~” during the chorus. He was also dancing with a gun in his hand and at the end of each chorus, he aimed the gun at the 1st floor audience and fired (and there was really a spark).

☆ Detroit

Once Crazy Girl ended, that annoying voice came back and introduced Detroit, the other new solo song. This song is not really the type of song that Takki usually sings? It sounds very techno at the beginning and they used A LOT of auto-tuning and vocal effects throughout the song. I think it didn’t even sound like Takki until the chorus?

But I personally like Detroit a lot more than Crazy Girl. I think there’s something about the chorus that’s sounds really nice, even though I can’t really describe what it is. I want to keep listening to it, whereas I would easily get bored of all the repetition in Crazy Girl.

In terms of the performance itself, I don’t remember much about it… I only remember Takki standing on top of the sofa! I remember this because I kept thinking to myself “I’ve never seen him stand on top of a sofa before… His shoes aren’t dirty, so it’s okay. Even if they were dirty, it’d still be okay because it’s Takki.” (me being OCD and biased at the same time lol)

★ Mini MC

After Detroit ended, everyone was screaming “Takki! Takki! Takki!” as he walked to the side to take off the white vest.

After a few seconds, Takki returned to the front of the stage and said “Hello~ I’m the ouji (prince) from Hachiouji.” When everyone in the hall cheered and yelled “Ouji!!” Takki turned his head and laughed in embarrassment. So cute!

Changing the topic, he said “This year’s solo tour started from Yoyogi. It’s really been a blast at the other venues (so far), but today is… kinda extraordinary ne. But this is not your guys’ hometown right? This is my hometown… It’s different for you guys right?”

Then he asked who was actually from Hachioji and said “sukunai ne (so few of you)… ” when only a couple of people in the audience raised their hands. Someone close to the stage yelled out something and he said “Ah sou?” Then he leaned forward a little bit and said “Doko chuu? Doko chuu? (Which middle school?)”. The person said Akiruno-shi and Takki said “Ah! It’s kinda faraway ne. But that’s because Hachioji is huge ne… Thank you to those who came all the way here from far away places.”

Continuing on, he said “Finally at last… this wish of mine. For years now, I’ve been making requests to the people at my company… telling them that I wanted to hold a concert in my hometown, in one way or another. And at this year’s solocon, I was finally able to come here. Thank you very much.”

The audience cheered and a loud ojisan who was sitting in first row caught Takki’s attention. Takki looked at him and said “There’s a genki otousan in the first row. Thank you very much.” The ojisan seemed like he was a big fan because we heard him cheering and yelling “Takizawa!” many times throughout the show XD

Then, Takki said “You know, today… will be a long one yo~” and that’s when everyone went CRAZY. It’s a special show, so that could only mean one thing ne! KYAAAAA!!

As we were still kyaaaa-ing, Takki jokingly said “For those of you who have plans, please swiftly make your way out ne. Please leave while I’m not looking ne. If I see people leaving, I’ll feel pretty down. So please leave swiftly and casually ne.” XD Then he said “Anyway, (this show will be prolonged) since this is my first Hachioji performance… and it’s a precious, one-and-only show. In fact, from what I heard, the ticket requests for Hachioji were really sugoi. Do you guys like Hachioji that much?? And out of all those requests, the ones who were chosen are the ones who are here now ne!”

(You have no idea, Ouji. We were prepared to fight to the death for those Hachioji tickets! It would’ve been the Fangirl Hunger Games! lol)

Anyway, he assured us that he was feeling high-spirited and he was in “perfect physical condition” so he was ready for the long day ahead. Of course, we were howling “wooooo~ wooooo~~~” because the last time we checked through our binocs, his physical condition was indeed perfect fufufu~

Changing the topic again, Takki started talking about his new songs, but he kami’d at the end of his sentence XD He didn’t make a joke about it… just smiled and continued talking. He said Crazy Girl will be in the album, but they currently don’t have any plans to release Detroit. The audience went “EHHHHHHH!” and Takki tried to explain himself, but we just continued to boo him. lol~

Then he said “It was the same for REAL DX, right?” and we all went “Ahhhhh~” because he was making a good point… But in my mind, I was thinking “You ended up releasing REAL DX though!”

But you know Takki is really good at talking his way into our hearts ne. As his last attempt to convince us, he said “This song will be a treasure between my fans and I! A song that regular people won’t know about and won’t be able to listen to. We’ll treasure it more because it’ll be a song that can only be heard at concerts.”

ok ok fine, you won us over with your sweet-talk! hahahaha

☆ Juunigatsu no Hana

Takki said he wrote this next song for his friend’s wedding. He created the melody and his friend wrote the lyrics. Then, at the left side of the stage, one of the Jrs started playing the intro of Juunigatsu no Hana on a digital piano.

This is personally one of my favorite ballads. I dunno how he came up with the melody, but it is genius and so beautiful. However, I must admit that it was a shocking song choice. Even though we knew there would be a lot of his own self-composed songs on the setlist, I didn’t expect him to sing a winter song during a summer concert! Plus, he hasn’t performed this since his very first solocon in 2005. But I was so happy he sang this song for us at Hachioji!

Even though he probably didn’t sing it live, this song definitely sounds much better inside a concert hall (than it does on CD). Maybe it has to do with the atmosphere? Takki looked so incredibly handsome~ Blue lights were shining all over the stage and the sea of swaying penlights were really pretty as well~

☆ Fight All Night

After our applause, an upbeat tempo began to play. Takki disappeared for a while to change into another outfit. Meanwhile, the Jrs came out and did a hiphop dance. When Takki came back, he was wearing a bronze tank top, orange jacket and orange pants.

He performed the song with Sakuma from MSM. I don’t remember what the dance was like, but I remember thinking that it was kakkoii. I also liked that it was only the two of them on stage because there were less distractions. Demo ne… maybe rapping is a MSM thing? Because once again, they threw in a little bit of rap into the song. But it complimented the beat of the song, so it sounded much better than the rap that was in 894.

☆ Ai Check It!

The female dancers and the rest of MSM came out to perform with Takki.

This song was natsukashii ne… especially the “ai check it” part in the chorus that sounded more like “ai chicki” XD Since the furitsuke is quite easy, I think it came back to us naturally, but it’s been so long, it felt kinda rusty. I remember Mich turning to me and laughing. She later told me that at one point of the song, her timing during the “chicki chicki” part became quite messy! LOL!

☆ Takizawa Souchou Graduation Mini Drama

When Ai Check It ended, everything went dark and Takki disappeared off stage. I think for a second, the hall was actually quiet? hahaha~ Then we heard the sound of school bells and they began playing the mini drama on the big screen! It was Souchou time! This is what happened in the mini drama :

MSM were dressed as students and they were chilling out inside a classroom. Then one of the guys ran into room and said “Crap! Crap you guys! They’re saying that Takizawa Souchou is graduating!!!” The others didn’t seem that surprised and said things like “Oh, I heard about it too” and “It’s probably a lie. You know how that guy loves to trick people. Just like that one time…”

Then they played a flashback of the very first Dokkiri episode of TakiChannel where MSM cried like babies after Takki’s wig prank! fufufu~

At the end of the flashback, we heard the sound of slow and heavy footsteps. Someone wearing black boots was walking down the school corridor…

Back inside the classroom, Abe from MSM suddenly appeared dressed as a reporter. He took a picture of the students and said “If you guys have this kind of free time to think about these kind of things, how about using it to study instead?” But the students ignored him and just continued their gossiping lol

Then, back to the person walking down the corridor… the camera zoomed out and it was Takizawa Souchou! His presence scared everyone in his path (even the teachers lol). But while he was being all scary and badass, he suddenly heard a girly voice that said “Sempai?”

Standing in front of him was a girl who was wearing a schoolgirl uniform. Souchou turned away and silently squealed to himself “She’s so cute!!” In his head, he was telling himself “No, I’m Takizawa Souchou. No matter how cute the girl is, I can’t…” but his train of thought was interrupted when the girl said “Sempai, is it true that you’re graduating? Sempai! Didn’t you promise that you would always protect Hachioji?”

Souchou looked away and said “It’s… It’s none of your business.” The girl started tearing up and said “I… I… would hate it if sempai graduated!!” as she ran over and hugged him. The chorus of Heartful Voice began playing in the bg as Souchou slowly raised his hands and hugged the girl back. Then he pulled back, closed his eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss her.

Now, the camera was from the girl’s point of view and Souchou was smooching his lips at the camera!! KYAAAAA!! Souchou’s eyes peaked open a little bit… but then his eyes widened and he started screaming “AHHHHHH!!!”

The camera turned to Souchou’s point of view and it was Fukazawa of MSM, dressed in the same schoolgirl outfit, with red lipstick and a big mole above his lips!! He had his eyes closed and was smooching his lips at Souchou!! LOLLL!!!

When Souchou started screaming, Fukazawa started screaming too! Souchou paused for a second before he looked into the camera and started screaming again. The both of them did this back & forth several more times. hahahahaha~

At the end of the mini drama, it showed a flashback of an old interview that Takki did, where he said “I said it before ne. When a Hachioji show has been decided, I will graduate from being Takizawa Souchou.”

☆ Takizawa Souchou Graduation Press Conference

After the mini drama ended, the annoying voice came on and started yelling some nonsense… All of the sudden, the real Takizawa Souchou came marching in from the exit door on the right side (our right) of the 1st floor!! Behind him was MSM and they were dressed as reporters and cameramen. Everyone sitting near that exit was reaching over their chairs (and even their friends) in attempt to touch him XD

Souchou walked over to the side of the center block, but I can’t remember exactly which row it was… He did a “scoot aside!” kind of gesture with his hands and began forcing his way down a row of seats in the middle of the center block! After he made his way through (from the right side to the left), he walked down the aisle towards the 3rd row of the center block. Then, he forced his way down the 3rd row (this time, from the left side to the right)!

A friend of ours was sitting in one of those rows and she said she got to touch Souchou’s hand three times!!! Sooo lucky!!!

Once he made his way down, he stood on the mini steps (*2) that led to the right side of the stage. He stood there staring at the audience for a while, trying to decide whether or not he should go down into the audience again. But eventually, he decided to go back up onto the main stage.

Souchou stood at the middle of the stage with his arms crossed. MSM surrounded him and began the “press conference” interviews. (for reference: 記者=reporters, 総長=Souchou)

記者 : Is it true that Takizawa Souchou will be graduating because of this tour?
総長 : Betsuni. (Not particularly.)

(This was so funny because he was mimicking Sawajiri Erika’s famous “betsuni” comment! LOL!)

記者 : Is there anything that you’d like to say to your mother, Yayoi-sama?
総長 : Betsuni.

The reporter asked him a few more questions, but Souchou only replied with silence. Every time Souchou didn’t reply, the reporters cringed in fear XD

記者 : This is your Hachioji hometown performance and I heard that your friend(s) are here?
総長 : … Common out!

Everyone in the audience was looking around for the “special guest(s)” when all of the sudden, we heard kyaaa’s coming from the 1F. That’s when we noticed four guys standing in the middle section of the 1F center seats. The special guest was 4U!!! Yayyyyy!! They stood up, waved at the crowd and went up on stage.

They introduced themselves individually. The first one was Koshioka, who said the four of them took the train to Hachioji from Shibuya and it cost them 1,000 yen. hahaha~ Matsuzaki was funny as always~ He had a strand of silver tape (from 894) tied around his head. When he introduced himself, he was too loud and the microphone screeched! XD Souchou turned around and we could see his shoulders shaking in laughter.

Then Tatsumi was making fun of Matsuzaki, saying that he was so excited to see Souchou that his hair was more “gelled up” than it was during yesterday’s Playzone senshuraku. In response, Matsuzaki said “I was fired up!” but then Souchou looked at Matsuzaki’s clothes and said “If that’s the case, then you should’ve done something about those clothes of yours!” LOL! (Matsuzaki was wearing a plain striped T-shirt and sweatpants… clearly not stage appropriate clothes! hahaha)

☆ Ai Kakumei & WITH LOVE

4U stayed on stage and performed the next two songs with Souchou.

After singing the chorus of Ai Kakumei (the delinquent version), everyone surrounded Souchou as he stood at the front of the stage. It was time for Souchou to finally graduate and the music was replaced with the sound of a nervous heartbeat. Souchou placed his hands on the side of his head… when he attempted to lift the wig off his head, everyone screamed! But he dropped his hands and shook his head as though he was saying “I can’t do it!”

He tried again, but failed. Then all of the sudden, the sound of the heartbeat stopped and we heard a loud ringing sound, like a cell phone ringtone. We all went “ehh?” and the ringing went on for a few seconds until Souchou reached down, pulled a keitai out of his pant pocket and answered it! XD Then in a soft and nerdy voice (totally different from his manly and badass Souchou voice), he said “Ah, moshi moshi? I’ll send you the bill in a little bit…” and with a *beep* he ended the call! LOL!!! wtf that was so random!!

The nervous heartbeat started again and… he finally took off his wig!!

As soon as it was off his head, WITH LOVE (short version) began to play.

At the end of WITH LOVE, Takki looked at the pile of “Souchou goods” (the Souchou wig, jacket and sunglasses) with a sad and regretful look on his face as he jogged to the side of the stage to change.


Takki threw on a red plaid shirt before he returned to the front of the main stage. Nothing particularly special happened during this performance. We were just having fun waving to the music~

☆ Yamanotesen Sotomawari

Takki’s flying kiss was so cute!! We returned a flying kiss to him during the “chu chu chu chu” part in the chorus, so it was like an exchange of chu~s XD

Then during the middle of this song, Takki did the “choo choo train” move! MSM and the others lined up behind him and began doing it as well~ Then Takki led the “choo choo train” around the stage and at one point, he even led them into the left backstage wing!! They disappeared for a few seconds before they choo choo train’d their way back onto the main stage! so cute!!

★ MC

After the song ended, Takki went straight to MC. At this point, everyone’s a little tired and dying to sit down, but like dogs, we obediently waited for Tono’s command first before sitting. lol~ However, the first thing he said was, “If you’d like, please continue to stand.” We ehhhh’d him and he said “Eh? You want to sit? Okay, it’s fine if you sit” XD This Ouji of ours is so ドS…

Takki started off saying that he was really born in Hachioji… in fact, he was born on a bench at a nearby hospital. He used to hang out around Hachioji station and eat at the nearby ramen shops. It’s been a while since he’s been to the South Exit (of Hachioji Station) so he was surprised to see how much it had changed. But he thinks it has really developed into a nice place.

As he looked around the hall, he said “The energy at Hachioji is really sugoi ne! This is what concerts should be like ne~” But then he said “Our fans really like using binoculars… It’s really sugoi yo. The minute the show starts, everyone is like this (Takki pretends to hold a pair of binocs to his eyes). Am I a little bird or something?” XD

Anyway, he said he was really happy to be back. When everyone cheered, he asked “Is the 3rd floor genki?” 3rd floor cheered. “Such high-pitched voices ne~ How about 2nd floor?” We cheered. “Ah, also high-pitched na~ Is the 1st floor genki?” 1st floor cheered. “It’s really pink ne” (referring to all the pink pompoms).

After that, the genki otousan (who he mentioned in the mini MC) caught his attention again. “You’re really genki ne. Thank you very much. This otousan has been cheering loudly since the beginning. That makes me really happy. Ah btw, are you from Hachioji? (The otousan yelled Koshigaya) Koshigaya?! But you look like you’re from Hachioji yo!”

Next, he invited MSM to come out and join him on stage. I like MSM, but I would’ve really preferred to have a Takki-only MC!! Being the kind sempai that he is, it’s so like him to share the spotlight with his kouhais… to give them more exposure… but it’s the Hachioji show after all and I was hoping he would tell us more about his childhood or memories at Hachioji!! demo shouganai ne.

Anyway, MSM came out and Takki gave each of them an opportunity to appeal to the audience. At this point, I had already whipped out my binocs to focus on Takki (^_^;) I saw one of the guys handing Takki his in-ear monitor that he had taken off before the MC. As Takki was talking to MSM, he was putting on his earphones and clipping the receiver (the little black box) to the back of his belt. He was having some trouble with it or something, so for a second, he lifted up his red plaid shirt and we could see the waistband of his black underwear! kyaaaaa~~

Ahem, back to MSM. When it was Sakuma’s turn to appeal to the audience, he seemed really shy and nervous, so Takki was like “Sakuma is the type that shouldn’t talk too much ne”. But when Hikaru spoke, he was quite good with the use of his words. But maybe he was too good so Takki said “It’s not good when Iwamoto speaks either.” lol~

When it was Watanabe’s turn, he said “I pay a lot of attention to my smile. Takizawa-kun once said to me… You can act cool when you become an adult. But while you’re still young, it’s probably better to show your smile and genki side. Being plain (and uninspiring) is what Takizawa-kun—” and before he could even finish, everyone started laughing because in Japanese, it sounded as though he was saying Takki is plain and uninspiring! LOL! Takki immediately turned to him and said “It’s better that you don’t talk either.” XD

Next, it was Fukazawa’s turn and he talked about having an amusing face. But in the middle of the conversation, he suddenly turned to Takki and asked if he could tell the audience about MSM’s Bakarea movie. Takki was like “That was really out of the blue…” but made a deal with him, saying that if he did something interesting (with his amusing face) to make the audience laugh, then Takki would give them some air time. Fukazawa decided to do a face impression (kaomane) of Shimizu Michiko-san and he even told the camera to zoom in on his face but…. it wasn’t funny at all? In fact, we couldn’t even tell that he was doing a kaomane! HAHA!!

Fukazawa blamed it on his hair and asked for a second chance. He did it a second time, but even with his front bangs pulled back, we still couldn’t tell the difference between his regular expression and his kaomane! HAHAHA! So in the end, Takki decided to only give them 5 seconds of air time. Watanabe spoke on behalf of MSM, but he kami’d at the end! And regardless of whether Watanabe was done or not, all the lights on stage were turned off after 5 seconds! When the lights came back on, Watanabe was on his knees, looking disappointed in himself for messing up. But of course, Takki was just joking and gave them more time to properly promote their movie.

At the end, Takki asked if Fukazawa wanted to say anything else, but he said “Ah no it’s okay, my presence is enough to amuse people.” But Takki said “Tsuka-chan is the one who is amusing just by his very presence.” This brought them to the topic of the “Daisuki” videos and Takki said he wanted to watch Tsuka-chan’s!! The decided to play it again on the big screen and Takki’s reaction was so cute!! His mic wasn’t close to his mouth, so we couldn’t hear his adorable cackling laugh, but we saw him bending forward and going “HAHAHAHA!!” Then Takki said he actually lied to Tsuka-chan when he told him he would only use the “kakkoii” parts of his recording XD

☆ Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai

Soon, it was time for the corner that everyone was waiting for!! MSM left the stage and the female dancers (dressed in white dresses) brought out a big white lottery box and a chair.

Takki stuck his hand in the box and pulled out a piece of paper… On the piece of paper was a seat number and whoever was sitting in that seat would’ve been invited to go up to the stage to meet Takki!!! Not only that, but Takki would sing a love song to that person and in the end, they would get a hug from him too!!!

That’s like THE LOTTERY OF THE CENTURY so needless to say, everyone in the audience was feeling anxious as Takki unfolded the piece of paper. When he said “1st floor…” we heard screams of excitement coming from the 1st floor and sighs of disappointment from the 2nd and 3rd floors XD Then he said “10th row….. Seat number 10!”

Everyone was gasping, whispering, and kyaaaing, but we couldn’t see who it was until the person stood up…. and to everyone’s surprise (including Takki)…. IT WAS A GUY! WAHAHAHAHA!!!

As the guy walked up to the stage, Takki paused before he said “Umm… usually, it’s a female fan… and I would sing a love song to her.” XD We all teased him, going “Wooooo~ Woooooo~” Then Takki jokingly said “I believe the subject of tomorrow’s headlines has already been decided ne.”

The guy sat down in the chair and Takki said :
(for reference: 滝=Takki, タ=the guy and 皆=the audience)

滝 : What’s your name?
タ : Takumi.
滝 : Takumi-chan? How old are you?
タ : Fifteen.
皆 : EHHHHHH~~~
滝 : 15!?! Wait a second, stand up, stand up…

Takumi-kun stood up and he was like a head taller than Takki!!! LOLLL!!

滝 : 15 (and so much taller)?!? You’re half my age!!
皆 : hahahaha!!
滝 : *cleverly changing the topic* So who did you come with today?
タ : My mother.
滝 : You came with your mom because you love her?
タ : Yes.
滝 : Btw, is today your first time coming to one of my concerts?
タ : Ah, not really…
滝 : That makes me happy~ Thank you~
皆 : *applause*
滝 : Is it okay if I switch to another song??
滝 : It’s embarrassing ne! But I guess it can’t be helped ne…
皆 : hahahaha!!
滝 : *tries hard not to laugh* So this will be for Takumi and Takumi only…
皆 : wooooooo~~~
滝 : I would like to sing “Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai” (“I will never love anyone else but you”)

Here is an audio clip of this “Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai” performance~

We all tried to quiet down during the intro, but we just couldn’t help but laugh when Takki started singing “Kimi ga isshun demo~”. Unable to keep a straight face any longer, Takki held out his hand and said “Chotto matte (Wait a minute)! Chotto STOP!!”

We started howling “woooooo~~~” and Takki was like “I dunno what you guys are implying (with the howling). Ano, there’s nothing to get excited about. Just pretend you guys are not here.” XD Then he tried to prepare himself for another try. A lot of people were still giggling when he started to sing… I was ready to burst out laughing but I was also half hypnotized by his yasashii voice! It sounded so nice! Not to mention this is one of my favorite Kinki Kids ballads. It’s refreshing to hear him sing someone else’s song for once ne~

Anyway, Takki managed to keep somewhat of a straight face until in the middle of the song, when he placed his hand on Takumi’s shoulder and then he petted his head!! We were all howling and even Takki almost let out a little laugh. But what made it even more hilarious was the fact that Takumi-kun remained completely emotionless throughout the entire thing!!

At the end of the song, he ad-libbed Takumi-kun’s name into the lyrics (Mou Takumi igai aisenai)! We all kyaaaa’d and applauded as he and Takumi-kun walked to the back of the stage. Bright lights were shining behind them, so we could only see their silhouettes. They politely bowed to each other, shook hands, and then hugged each other!!!

Then the stage went dark and they disappeared backstage. At that moment, I think a lot of us were glad that he picked Takumi-kun instead of some girl. A serenade topped with a hug from Takki would make anyone jealous ne!

☆ Mis Snow Man corner

We took this opportunity to sit down and rest our poor legs (and also fangirl about the whole Takumi thing XD), so we weren’t paying much attention to the performance (gomen ne, MSM!)

☆ Kimagure Jet

MSM left the stage and a single spotlight followed Takki as he appeared holding a silver suitcase. He walked over to the left side of the stage (our left) and placed the suitcase on top of a stand. As he unlocked it, the special effects person played a loud “click” sound (the sound of a lock being opened) in the bg. But then, there was a creaky “opening a suitcase” sound before Takki even opened the suitcase! It was so funny when Takki looked up and made a “HA?! WTF!” face! LOL!

So they tried again. Takki opened the suitcase and this time, the sound effect came right on cue. He looked inside and paused for a second before he pulled out the pink Aloha T-shirt from the con goods! He put on the T-shirt and pulled out two pink pom poms that were also inside the suitcase! Btw, we didn’t notice this until we saw the con pictures, but the big pink Hibiscus flower from the hair clip was actually pinned to the collar of his Aloha T-shirt.

Takki walked over to the center of the stage and looked straight at 4U. Only when he saw that they had their pompoms ready did he yell “Ittekimasu!!!”

The performance was (of course) cute, but not as funny as the very first pompom skit he did with Matsuzaki and Tatsumi (4U) in 2011. He also didn’t say “boi boi boi boi boi boi ba pi!” during the pompom flings… yappari, it’s not the same without 4U!

But there was a really adorable part where Takki got down onto the stage floor, laid on his stomach, propped himself up on his elbows, rested his chin on the pink pompoms and kicked his legs back and forth (like he was some teenage girl)! Then MSM and the female dancers got down next to him and they all did the same pose!

☆ Ai wa Takaramono

Takki didn’t let go of his pompoms, so neither did we! It was actually fun doing the furitsuke with the pompoms and I loved hearing the Takki solo version of this song!

☆ Ho! Summer

A summer concert wouldn’t be complete without HoSummer ne! But at the beginning, I couldn’t help but laugh because even after all these years, I still sing “Hadaka~~ Hadaka~~” instead of “ha ha ha~ ha ha ha~” XD

Anyway, it was really cute when Takki and the others all lined up next to each other at the end of the song. Then with their backs facing the audience, they wiggled their butts!!

☆ Yume Monogatari

I think Takki had already ditched his pompoms by now? But we held onto ours until the end of the concert. And it was fun yelling “Takki!” at the end of each line. We were really yelling as loud as we could. Yappari, solo ga ichiban tanoshii!!

☆ One Day One Dream

There’s not much to say about One Day One Dream performances because they’re practically the same at every concert? lol But it’s always fun to do the furitsuke!


There were a few odd things about this REAL DX performance. Usually, it’s done with some kakkoii kirakira outfit, but Takki was still wearing his pink Aloha T-shirt? So it was almost like a casual summer version of REAL DX? XD Also, Takki usually points his index finger to his right at the end of the “tobi konde oide yo koko he~” line, but I noticed that he didn’t do it this time. Nevertheless, it was still a great performance!

☆ Shalala

I think this was the only “serious” performance of one of his solo singles (Ai Kakumei and WITH LOVE didn’t really count because it was part of the Souchou skit). He performed Hikari Hitotsu at the Yoyogi show, but for some reason, they took it off the setlist? I wonder why they decided to do that…

Anyway, at the end of Shalala, Takki took off the Aloha shirt and threw it to Sakuma (MSM).

☆ Kiseki

Takki made one last speech before the finale song. He said “Today was really extraordinary” and that he was really happy to finally be able to perform in Hachioji. He thanked us for creating such a wonderful memory for him. Then he said he wanted to end the night with Kiseki, a song that’s very dear to his heart.

Takki stood at the front of the stage as white smoke flooded over the stage floor. He looked so amazing with just a white tank top and white pants… Also, it’s been a while since we’ve last seen him perform the original version of Kiseki, so it was quite a special moment and a great way to end the main show!

When the song ended, he thanked and waved at everyone on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors before leaving the stage.


☆ Ai no Senshi Takiranger

Of course, an encore is always expected, so as soon as Takki left the stage, we started to do the “Takki! *clap clap* Takki! *clap clap*” call. But once again, the Takki call was slightly off sync between the three floors, so we had to stop and re-sync! sigh~ gomen ne Takki~

A few seconds later, the bg of Takiranger began to play. Takki came out on stage wearing the same white pants, his pink Takiranger helmet and an orange T-shirt. The words “俺命” were written on the front of his shirt. It means “my life” and it was a play on the kanji for Kakumei. When MSM came out, they were also wearing similar orange shirts, but their’s had “滝沢命” (Takizawa Life) written on the front!

☆ Mini Ero Ero Dance

When Takiranger ended, we heard a drum/taiko beat… one that reminded me of the taiko scene in Kabuki. Takki took off the Takiranger helmet and put on a white fedora hat (with a pink feather on the side and a big plaque that had the words “LOVE” written on it). Then the stage turned dark and individual spotlights were shining on Takki and MSM as they each took turns doing a mini ero ero dance!

In recent years, the ero ero dance has become more of a joke than a sexy performance. So I was kinda surprised that this ero ero dance was done in a serious manner and it was actually sexy! XD But yappari… there was a joke behind it afterall! Fukazawa (MSM) was standing at the left side of the stage and when it was his turn to do his mini ero dance, every time his foot tapped against the stage floor, the special effects guy played the sound of a “sexy female moan” in the bg! Realizing this, Fukazawa stopped dancing and Takki turned to look at Fukazawa with a “wtf?” look on his face. Fukazawa tried tapping his foot again and there was another “moan” sound! hahahaha

Takki walked over and tried tapping his foot against the floor, but all we heard was a normal *THUD* sound! So Takki took off one of his boots and tried on Fukazawa’s pink sneaker… he tapped his foot (the one in the pink sneaker) against the floor again and this time, there was a “moan”! LOL!! Then when Takki took off the pink sneaker and dropped it on the floor, we heard another moan! XD

Takki put his boot back on (we watched as he quickly stuffed the bottom of his pant leg back into the boot) and returned to the middle of the stage. The taiko beat came on again (accompanied by the moans from Fukazawa sneaker lol) and it was finally Takki’s turn to do his mini ero dance! KYAAAAA!! The hip swinging was so HOT!!! There was also a moment where he lifted up the hem of his shirt and we could see a little bit of skin and the waistband of his underwear! woooooo~~~

☆ Hito Natsu No…

Hito Natsu No began as soon as the taiko beat ended. The rest of MSM came out and one of them passed a single green pompom to Takki. I don’t know why it was green instead of pink… but anyway, for some reason, Takki didn’t do his usual high jumps during the chorus (at the end of “Wanna be free” and “Wanna be cool”). I was slightly disappointed because I love it when Takki bounces around on stage!

☆ Hitomi wo Tojite

We felt that sense of “一体感” again when everyone in the audience waved their pompoms back and forth during the chorus. It was really sugoi ne~ At the end, Takki gave a shout out to all the Johnny’s Jrs, female dancers and MSM (he gave each of member of MSM a high-five as he called out their names). Then he thanked us before leaving the stage.


☆ Love Spiral

We started our Takki call before the voice of the female announcer even came on. After a minute or two, Takki came out again. He thanked us for making this such a spectacular time for him and that he would love to come back and hold another concert in Hachioji someday.

Takki was looking around the audience and suddenly noticed a guy on the 2nd floor. “Oh, it’s the guy who always attends my shows! Thank you! I remember you yo~ Please come and see me again!” When we looked, we saw that the guy was a big middle aged man (with a beer belly lol).

Then he thanked the audience again for the billionth time that day XD When he turned to leave the stage, we all “EHHHHHH”d him. He stood there staring at us as we all started chanting “Mou ikkai! Mou ikkai!” (one more time! one more time!).

He put his hands on his hips and whined “Nandayo~” but we ignored him and kept chanting. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it was a small hall… but we were REALLY LOUD!! lol~ A few seconds later, MSM came out with their pink pompoms and Love Spiral started to play.

During the song, 4U also went up on stage and joined in on the fun. I can’t remember exactly when this happened, but Takki stood on the center middle steps (*3) at the front of the stage and with his back facing the audience, he tapped the green pompom against his hip and wiggled his butt. kawaii~

At the end of the song, Takki left through the opening in the wall (*4) but he turned around and peeked his head out from behind the curtains, giving us one more look before he shut them close XD


When Takki left the stage, we did our Takki call again. Within about a minute, Takki came out. He made a “I’m hungry~” gesture and then he pointed at the non-existent watch on his wrist and said “I have a reservation at 7 yo”. We ehhhhh’d him and he said “You think that just because it’s a Hachioji show that there will be a special encore?” and we were all thinking “Umm… DUH!!!” hahaha

He tried to talk his way out of it by saying “I’m only treating this as a regular show” and “I’ve already worked really hard today” but we refused to hear any of it and started our “mou ikkai!” chant. In the middle of our chant, Takki said “Yarimasen!” (I won’t do it!) but that only caused us to chant louder. He said “Yarimasen!” again and we got even louder! It was probably the LOUDEST mou ikkai call that I had ever heard!! He tried saying “Yarimasen!” in a louder and more stern voice, but yappari, it was no use.

Then out of nowhere, MSM marched onto the stage and they were chanting “mou ikkai!” as well! LOL!

Takki and MSM huddled together to discuss what song they should do. Then two of the guys went to the backstage wing and came back with sunglasses and the Souchou wig!!

☆ Ai Kakumei~ the delinquent version~

Takki took off the white fedora hat and put on the wig and sunglasses. Ano, whatever happened to “graduating” from Souchou?! XD Anyway, Souchou put his hands on his hips and said…

総長 : You guys ready to get it on?
私達 : YEA!!!
総長 : This venue sure is beautiful.
私達 : Yea!!
総長 : I sure am beautiful.
私達 : KYAAAA YEA!!!
総長 : Snowman also have beautiful faces.
私達 : Yea!!!
総長 : Everyone here is also beautiful (Souchou held back a giggle when he said this)
私達 : KYAAAA!!!
総長 : Ready to get it on?
私達 : YEA!!!
総長 : You ready to get it on?!
私達 : YEA!!!

It was so fun, but I would’ve never expected him to perform this during an encore. But this is Hachioji after all ne! Anyway, once the song was over, he took off the wig and put on his fedora hat again. MSM began to leave the stage when Takki turned to them and said “Wait, wait.” MSM were like “What?” and Takki said “I don’t want to go home yet.” KYAAAAAAA!! I don’t think we’ve ever heard him say that at a concert!

When MSM said “But we’ve already done a lot today,” Takki went “Yadaaaaa~~” in a whiny voice (kawaii!!). MSM said it was getting late and Takki literally pointed his thumb down and started booing at MSM!! Everyone in the audience joined in on the booing and poor MSM were like “This audience is so scary!” LOL!

But they huddled together again to figure out which song to perform. Takki whispered the name of the song into Sakuma’s ear. Then Sakuma whispered it to Watanabe and they continued to pass the message down the line until it reached Iwamoto, who was at the end. But before Iwamoto even got to hear the message, Takki yelled “Ittekimasu!!!” and the poor guy was looking around all confused when Kimagure Jet began to play buahahaha~

☆ Kimagure Jet

Yappari, Kimagure Jet is not as fun without 4U, so we all cheered when 4U joined in. And this time, EVERYONE (including the audience) did the “boi boi boi boi boi boi ba pi!”

Uwahhh~ it was really soooo much fun!!!


When the song ended, the whole hall started chanting “mou ikkai” again. Everyone except Takki left the stage. By then, it was already around 7 pm, so three full hours had passed since the start of the con.

Takki laughed at how greedy and persistent we were, but he said it made him happy that we were so eager to see him (He looked shy when he said “Demo ureshii desu yo. Ureshi~” and it was so cute and sweet!!!).

He tried to convince us that it was indeed getting late and that he had a dinner reservation, but we weren’t gonna let him go that easily! After all, HE was the one who said that it would be a “long day”! XD

We kept begging and he finally gave in and said :

滝 : What should we do…. Jya, you guys decide.
皆 : ehhh~
滝 : Option #1. Sing and dance to another song.
皆 : *murmuring*
滝 : #2. I’ll send you guys off.
皆 : KYAAAA!!
滝 : OR you guys can send me off.
皆 : hahahaha!! yada (we don’t want that)!!
滝 : What do you mean yada!! So which one?
皆 : #2!!
滝 : #2? You guys want me to send you off?

The entire time, Mich and I (and the Takki fans behind us) were yelling “HUG!!!”

皆 : *someone in the audience screamed “akushu” (handshake)
滝 : Or handshake.
皆 : yayyy!!
滝 : But it’s not like me to do handshakes. How about hoppechon?
滝 : Anyone here who doesn’t know what a hoppechon is?
皆 : *a few people raised their hands*
滝 : That’s not cool. You don’t know what a hoppechon is??
皆 : *murmuring*
滝 : It’s popular lately. It’s me cupping your face with my hands.
滝 : That or iiko iiko (petting everyone’s heads)
皆 : yada!!
滝 : Yada?! I won’t do anything then.
皆 : no no no!!
滝 : Then which one, which one (do you guys want)?

We were yelling “ZENBU!” (everything!) but I don’t think he heard us XD

滝 : ok, for those who want #1… to sing another song.
皆 : ….. *murmurs*
滝 : None. Okay, #2. Me sending you guys off.
皆 : *only a couple people actually clapped *
滝 : Uwah, sabishii!!! (that’s so sad!!!)
滝 : You guys were so excited about it a minute ago! Women are scary!!!!
滝 : You guys sending me off.
皆 : …..
滝 : *laughed through his nose*
皆 : *murmuring*
滝 : Hoppechon.
皆 : Wooooooooooo!!
滝 : Iiko iiko.
皆 : Woooo!!

When the crowd quieted down a little bit, we yelled “HUG! HUGGGGG!!!” really loud…

滝 : Ok~ I got it. Hugs!
滝 : You can’t squeeze me though. I’ll be the one doing the squeezing.
滝 : You guys really want hugs?
皆 : YESSSS!!!
滝 : How much time do we have? You guys are okay with the time?
皆 : YESSSS!!!
滝 : Eh, you guys seriously want a hug?
滝 : Okay. I got it.

Mich and I were so happy, excited and emotional, we turned and hugged each other XD

滝 : You guys are REALLY okay with it?
滝 : Jya, okay. Let’s do hugs.

When he said that, we were really so happy, we felt like crying. At last, after all these years, our ultimate fangirl dream will finally come true!!!! But that moment of pure happiness only lasted about 5 seconds because the backstage staff starting telling Takki that doing hugs wasn’t a good idea. They told him to do hoppechons or handshakes instead, but Takki completely objected to the idea of doing a normal handshaking event (and so did we). The audience was starting to get slightly upset, so Takki tried to ease the tension by joking : “The staff are saying that I might do some inappropriate touching, so we shouldn’t do hugs…”

We started chanting “HUG! HUG! HUG!” but all of the sudden, Tsuko-san (the head of the fanclub) came walking out onto stage with a microphone in her hand. We were surprised that Takki actually said her name when he greeted her! Usually, we just know her as the “FC lady”.

Anyway, Tsuko-san said it was impossible to do a hug event because it would take too long and they had to return the venue at a certain time. But if we did hoppechons, then they might be able to make it on time. Takki tried to negotiate with her, but sorta failed because Tsuko-san kept saying no. He sat down on the center middle steps (*3) as Tsuko-san went on about why a hug event was not a good idea. We kept going “ehhhhhhh” and booing over her, but she continued to say that the concert itself, from start to finish, already lasted 3 full hours. “Adding hugs on top of that is unheard of! Takizawa, you are too nice.”

We ehhhhhhh’d her for that comment, but what happened next really touched us and for a minute, we forgot how frustrated we were about the whole situation. When Tsuko-san repeated that there wasn’t enough time for hugs, Takki stood up, turned to Tsuko-san, took off his hat, and bowed down to her (at a 90 degree angle) as he said “Please let us do hugs!

I think that we were all really shocked and touched when he did that… he actually bowed down to that woman… for US!! HE FOUGHT FOR US!!!! (T v T)

But before we even had time to really appreciate what Takki did, Tsuko-san said “If you are all okay with the hug event stopping half way through due to the lack of time, then we can do it.” The way she said it really pissed me off… In my mind, I thought “We get it. You don’t have to say it in such a roundabout, passive aggressive way…

Sensing the audience’s frustration, Takki stepped in to clear the air and jokingly said “Then, how about Tsuko-san and I sing a song together?” The audience laughed and Takki continued to say “Okay okay~ Today, let’s listen to what they’re saying. We are all adults here. Let’s do hoppechons! See you guys in a little bit! I’ll be waiting~” before he ran off to prepare for the event.

So hoppechon it was~ But only because Takki said so. We only listen to Takki ne!!

A part of me was still disappointed because we were SO CLOSE to getting that hug! But the other part of me was getting really excited for the hoppechon because any close physical contact with Takki is a miracle and blessing ne! In fact, this was Mich’s first time touching Takki, so she was probably on cloud nine regardless of what kind of physical contact it was! hahahaha!

But it’s really the thought that counts. We were already so happy and grateful that he was on our side and that he tried his hardest to give us what we wanted. Takki is really so yasashii!! We are so lucky to be his fans~~ TAKKI DAISUKI!!!

Anyway, we stayed in our seats as we waited for our section to be called. Meanwhile, we prepared for the event by gathering up our stuff and fixing our makeup! LOL! I’m not kidding! The minute Takki left, everyone (including ourselves) whipped out their foundations/oil blotting sheets and started patting away (^_^;)

Well, this is the end of our show report. We hope you enjoyed reading it~ We’ll write about the hoppechon event in another post, so please stay tuned!

[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2012 in Hachioji – Show

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  1. Uwaaaa this brings back so many good memories!! This concert was awesome <3
    And reading these reports, I really think you were the girl seating next to me since I also had 1st balcony 3rd row tickets with J-int =D

  2. Thanks so much! It’s such a lovely and detailed report especially on those MC! Loving Takki the ways he interact with fans, dancers and staff!

    Thanks again… CHEERS

  3. You’re welcome! And thank you all for reading my report!!

    I dunno how many times I kyaaa’d and smiled to myself while writing this report. I really hope they release a DVD of the tour so that we can relive the experience!! One show is really now enough ne…

    1. Decided to read this and the last bit really brought back fond memories! ^ ^ So glad I got to be a part of it!!! =)

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