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Ashiato Meguri

“Ashiato Meguri” means to retrace someone’s footsteps

Whenever we go to Japan, we like to do something called “Takki no ashiato meguri,” which basically involves going to places that he has been to and doing all the things that he has done. It’s an excellent way to explore Japan and it makes us feel a little bit closer to Takki ^^ However, there’s always a lot of researching to do before the an ashiato meguri trip! There has never been a one-stop website that we can go to for all that information. So we thought… why not make our own?

So here it is! We hope this list will be helpful to those of you who are planning a trip to Takkiland! And we’ll continue adding more locations later on, so tanoshimi ni~

Dramas :

Magazines :

* indicates the locations that we have visited before.

8 thoughts on “Ashiato Meguri

  1. For some reason, my earlier comment has disappeared. So here it is again.

    I think it is a good idea to go to those places.

    Did you notice that Tono’s tabi are very similar to those worn by the rickshaw pullers he talks about? I have seen those, btw, at Kaminarimon, but have never tried one.

    Azuki has had a post on her blog where she spoke of visiting Takki places [from his dramas] like the park and the intersection from Taiyou no Kisetsu.

  2. To meet the 329 deadline, we only had time to do Tokyo Walker locations. But we’re planning to add a lot more locations to the list, including ones from dramas and pamphlet photo shoots.

  3. I would love to continue to see more places added to this list as well. When the time comes for me to visit again some day in the future, I’d surely love to see many of these places w/my family.

    Thanks so much, everyone, for contributing the info and making a place such as this for fan-goers to try.

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