[Akutou] Club Lalah

{ Scenes from the drama }

Shuichi was walking down a busy alley when he suddenly saw Sakagami Youichi from the corner of his eye. He followed him into a cabaret club and when Sakagami noticed that Shuichi was standing in front of him, he said, “Hey. I’ve been expecting you.”

The name of the cabaret club is Club Lalah and it is located near Omiya station in Saitama. According to Google Maps, if you take the south exit from Omiya station, you’ll probably go through that “busy alley” on your way to Club Lalah. That alley is between Karaoke-kan Omiya and Pub Snack Adore.

{ Side note }

This is a picture taken from the Club Lalah website. The light pillars are quite unique, so you can immediately tell that this scene was filmed at this club.

{ Reminder }

Like we said about Night Cafe Leger, these cabaret clubs aren’t really meant for female guests, so going inside is not really advised. But there’s no problem with taking pictures from the outside.

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