[Akutou] Dappleback Cafe

{ Scenes from the drama }

This is the cafe across from Terada’s apartment. Shuichi always sat there while listening in on Terada and Tadokoro’s conversations. It is actually a dog cafe located within “Toutou Jardin,” which is in Kanagawa, near Haruhino Station.

{ Side note }

Shuichi always sat in the same seat by the window. That is actually the back entrance of the cafe, which overlooks the inner courtyard. Looking at the pictures on their website, it doesn’t seem like they usually have a table at that particular spot… but who knows? Maybe they’ll keep that table there ^^;

Also, according to Toutou Jardin’s landlord’s blog the filming at the cafe happened on October 18, 2012. That was a Thursday, which is the cafe’s regular day off.

{ Website } Dappleback Cafe

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