[Akutou] Haruka’s Apartment

{ Scenes from the drama }

This is the apartment where Haruka lived. In the drama, Shuichi went there at least three times. The apartment building is located in Yokohama, near Fujigaoka Station.

{ Side note }

It looks like the scene in the second screenshot was filmed on the top floor? And although the name plate next to Shuichi’s head says it’s room 503, I’m not really sure if it’s real or edited.

Also, at around 2 AM on October 16, 2012, a guy tweeted that there was a Takki drama shoot going on at his apartment and it involved an ambulance, making the place look like a murder scene.

Then a few hours later, another person (who lives at the same apartment) tweeted, “My apartment building has been used a lot in films, but it’s been a while since such an important figure has been here, so all my neighbors gathered outside to watch. And as you’d expect from someone who does stage shows, I could hear his voice loud and clear. Takki’s voice was echoing throughout the neighborhood that evening.”

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