[Akutou] Kofu National Hospital

{ Scenes from the drama }

This is the hospital that Haruka was sent to when she got beaten up by Terada. In the drama, the sign above the hospital entrance says it is the Toshima Hospital, but it is actually the National Hospital Organization Kofu National Hospital in Kofu (Yamanashi prefecture). If you thought that name was long… it’s name in Japanese is “Dokuritsu Gyousei Houjin Kokuritsu Byouin Kikou Koufu Byouin” XD

{ Side note }

According to this extras recruitment post written by the Yamanashi Film Commission company, they were looking to hire 10 people to act as hospital staff and patients. The filming was scheduled to be from 8:30 am to around 6:00 pm on October 14, 2012, which is right after the filming of another scene, which also took place in Kofu City earlier that morning.

{ Reminder }

I think it’s okay to take pictures of the hospital from the outside, but going inside the hospital is not really advised because we don’t want to be a disturbance to those who are there for more serious reasons.

{ Website } Kofu National Hospital

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  1. I vividly rmeember having geri while in Kofu and having to use a squatter only to find out there was no toilet paper. Not a pleasant memory. I’ll have to find this toilet next time I’m in Kofu.

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