[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 2 – Ebisuya Rickshaw

Korette Shinsen Desu Ne Vol 2 Rickshaw

Takki had never been on a rickshaw before, so he met up with a rickshaw puller named Suzuki Ryohei-san near Kaminarimon in Asakusa. Suzuki-san worked for Ebisuya, which is a famous rickshaw company with branches all over Japan… but unfortunately, I don’t think he works there anymore ne. Takki also tried to be on the pulling end of the rickshaw and he was surprised by how light and stable it was, despite it being so huge.

{ Side note }

In 2009, we walked by this street after visiting the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. We took a picture just for the heck of it… completely unaware of the fact that Takki had actually been there before! But just recently, I was looking through past photo albums and noticed that familiar white “TONKATSU” sign. It was only then did I realize… lol

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  1. I have seen those rickshaw pullers at Kaminarimon. I have to say I have never tried one. [For the same reason I have never taken a horse drawn carriage anywhere: it always seems just too “touristy” a thing to do. Lol]

    Some time back, Azuki had posted pictures of “Takki places” in Tokyo: the park and intersection of Taiyou no Kisetsu, for instance.

    It is indeed a good idea to visit all those places. I urge you two to go to Hiraizumi and see the Yoshitsune shrine and other places. Also of course Kurama dera very near Kyoto.

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