[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 6 – Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium


Takki went to an aquarium in Shinagawa and met with a dolphin trainer named Tsuchiya-san. I believe “Lucky” was the name of the dolphin that he touched? At the end of the interview with Takki, Tsuchiya-san confessed that he’s been a huge fan of Takki’s since 8jidaJ!

{ Side Note }

A Takki fan who visited the aquarium said Tsuchiya-san was really yasashii~ He told her that Takki was really kakkoii and that he still cherishes that particular issue of Tokyo Walker. He also got to take a picture with Takki and that photo has become the family treasure at the Tsuchiya house lol

According to the aquarium’s website, visitors can touch the dolphins too! It’s 700 yen (not including the 1,800 yen aquarium admission fee), but unfortunately… you must be able to understand Japanese in order to participate.

{ Website } Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

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