[Tokyo Walker] Vol. 70 – Hantei


After visiting SCAI THE BATTHOUSE, Takki was strolling through the Yanesen neighborhoods when he came across a kushiage restaurant in Nezu with a very traditional Japanese exterior. The building itself was built during the Meiji period and it used to be a “tsumakawa” shop (a shop that makes protective covers for Japanese sandals), but it’s been operating as a kushiage restaurant for over 30 years now.

{ Side Note }

Kushiage are deep-fried skewers of meat and vegetables. According to its website, every guest at Hantei is served with what’s called a “Ichinozen” or first serving that’s composed of six kushiage, two appetizers, fresh vegetables and dipping sauces. Takki also had this when he was there.

The price starts at 2,835 yen, but once you’re done with the first serving they will continue to bring out more servings until you tell them that you’re full. So remember to stop the order after the first serving if you don’t want to pay more than the starting price.

{ Website } Hantei

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