A Takizawa Hideaki Fan Site



Magazine Scans
Pages from magazines throughout the years (1995 ~ present), including essays.

100×100 display pics which you can use for LiveJournal, MSN, Adium, etc. Please credit takki.us if taking. All icons are made by Mich unless otherwise stated.

For your desktops. Made by Mich unless otherwise stated. Available in 1024×768 screen resolution, and some in the increasing popular 1280×800 (widescreen) resolution.

Newspaper Scans
Articles and reports from various newspapers, not limited to the Japanese media. Also include Hong kong newspapers. A small section due to limited sources.

Screen Captures
Drama and Movie freeze frames. Most are captured from my raw DVD. Some, especially the older ones or those which aren’t released as DVDs, are in low resolution. Includes opening and ending video screen shots.

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