Hatachi (Tackey and Tsubasa)

(Debut Mini-album)
Release Date: September 11, 2002

Tackey and Tsubasa Hatachi Album (Bag Version) Tackey and Tsubasa Hatachi Album (Regular Version) Tackey and Tsubasa Hatachi Album (Box Version)

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The album title “Hatachi” means “20 years old” and it was released when both Takki and Tsubasa were 20, a year after the fateful terrorist attack on the World trade center in America. The track “The World will never forget” was dedicated to the September 11th victims. And the Tackey solo “Ki.se.ki” was the theme song to the TBS drama “Taiyou no Kisetsu” starring Takki.

This album comes in the regular version, bag version and box version. Both the bags and the boxes has poster lyrics and colored printed photos (5 large ones for the bag type and 10 smaller ones for the box type).

Track List:

  1. True Heart
  2. キ・セ・キ (Ki.Se.Ki) (Takki)
  3. Get Down (Tsubasa)
  4. The World Will Never Forget…
  5. 願い (Negai) (Takki)
  6. 行カナイデ (Ikanaide) (Tsubasa)
  7. 空のスクリーン ~rainbow in my soul~ (Sora no Screen ~Rainbow in my soul~)
  8. Epilogue
  9. True Heart ~International version~

My favourite songs from this album: ‘Epilogue’, ‘Negai’ and ‘Kiseki’.

‘The World will never forget’ is nice too, haha, seems like everything is nice lol.. ‘Sora no Screen’~ at first I only liked the intro and chorus, but it’s the kind of song that grows on you, especially more so after watching the towel-swinging performances!! And for ‘Get Down’, I didn’t really like it until after watching Takki do his rendition in the solocon’05.

I guess the song I dislike the most in this album is ‘True Heart ~International version~’ lol. It’s as bad as the ‘Venus’ Chinese version *LMAO*! Oh, this album is probably called a “mini-album” due to the number of tracks. But I personally treat it as a full album.

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