Happy New Year!!


It’s already 2011 ne, and I would like to wish all Takki fans a very happy new year!

1st January also means opening day for Takizawa Kakumei! Although Tono would not like to hear this, I wanna say to him “ganbare!!”. I hope that the butai will be a success, that every show will proceed smoothly, and that Takki will be safe and healthy throughout the run. I can’t wait to see how the Kakumei goods look like later today!

2010 did start off well, and I had the best moment of my life during Takizawa Kakumei, and had a blast with my bf (then) during Takizawa Kabuki, but things weren’t so nice after that. Of course, the butai accidents in January and April were early signs. But soon after that Kabuki trip, my fairytale job ended, and that kinda coincided with the end of our fairytale streak as well. 3 solo singles, 2 butais, 1 solocon and 1 drama series in a year (2009) just seemed too good to be true, ne. And the year right after fairytale year, they gave us 0 singles and 0 dramas. I’m always reminded that 2010 was the first ever year in Takki’s 15-year showbiz life where he didn’t have a drama.

As for my personal life, the good thing is, I got married. So preparations for ROM took my mind off nasty things for a while. I found a new job too, and even though it’s like 10 times more stressful than the previous one, I’ve managed to hang in there for more than 3 months now. A good way to look at it, I was too busy to feel sad about whatever that’s going on in the fandom. I don’t know how long more I can take it, but I will try my best.

It’s funny how my career and fandom seem to suffer the same fate lol.

I hope that 2011 will be a better year, that Takizawa Kakumei and Takizawa Kabuki will be successful, that Takki will act in a renzoku drama (or a drama SP, or movie!), that he will release his first ever solo album, that nasty people stay far away from him, that good opportunities come his way… but most importantly, I hope that he will be safe and healthy. Please continue to support him.

We will try our best here too, so for 2011 as well, yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

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  1. mich and minna, Happy New Year! Wish everyone a safe, happy and wonderful year ahead!

  2. Yes 2010 was far from perfect. For a Takki fan, aside of the butais and cons, it was a very arid year. Amazing there wasn’t even a single.

    I am happy your life improved for the end of the year, and I hope it is steadily up from now on.

    Of course I join you in your wishes for Takki! Tono and Micchan, “ganbare!”

  3. Minna san, Happy New Year!!!

    Hope this will be the very cute rabbit year for Takki and all fans ne.

  4. Minna san, wishing all a happy and fruitful 2011.

  5. Happy New Year, minna-san!!! ^^
    Irasshaimase 2011.. ^^
    Best wishes for all of u and of course for Takki.. XD

  6. Happy New Year to everyone of you, may it be full of joy and happiness!!!

  7. Happy New Year Mich!!!!
    I wish a full of happy moments 2011 º D º

  8. hi, r u from sg? r u able to get takki ai kakumei concert disc? i jus notice this site today and was so excited.. i like takki a lot wonder wher can get the concert for last yr..

  9. ocha~ hi, yes, i’m from sg. sorry i just arrived back in sg this early morning. do u mean the takizawa kakumei stage play dvd? or the ai kakumei single cd? or if u mean the solo concerts that takki held for 2009 and 2010, they are not on dvd at all :(

  10. I’m so happy in sg also got pp also like takki. Wow, u really did so much. How did u find all the news on him. It’s so hard to understand the jap text. Can I msn u? Is there anything takki will do during April? Cos I ‘ll be at Tokyo for holiday

  11. hi ocha~ i seldom use msn, but u can email me :) in april, we aren’t sure yet but hopefully there will be takizawa kabuki, which to me is the priority for any takki show~ if u can, i would recommend that you go for it!

  12. Wat ur email?

  13. ocha~ I’ve sent you an email :)

  14. I just came back fronm tokyo watching Takizawa Kakumei too!
    It was great. I happened to find your website and was excited to know you are from SG too!
    Did you get to meet him in person?
    Wao you are so updated! I liked him for 10 years but didn’t really follow up on his news or attend any of his japan concerts before. This is my first time!

  15. oh, hi adidaspanda! great to know u’re from SG too :)

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