JLPT3 results!!

Grammar: 95/100, Listening: 87/100, Vocab: 193/200. Total: 375/400
Slightly lesser than last year’s but I’m really really happy~ :D:D:D:D

Thanks to Tono for giving me the motivation haha~ I think the last minute mugging really helped. And although I scored a point lesser than the previous year’s for Listening, I’m happier coz this time it wasn’t by ‘luck’ haha XD Now I’m not so sure if I can take JLPT2 this year. It’s like such a huge difference between levels 3 & 2 ne. Maybe I should buy some study books or something to see how the standard is for level 2 first… then decide if I want to take it this year or not.

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  1. kkkyyyaaaa… congratS! *chu* ur scores always amaze me ne~ hahaha…

  2. mich, omedetou…knew you could do it…that’s great..go for level 2..

  3. Wow!!! you are very very good at japanese.
    It’s very high score
    Omedatou ne

  4. congrats mich. :)

  5. omedetou!!

    itsumo arigatou!!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. omedetou!!!!

    That’s wonderful, Mich! Keep going, you are on a great track. I am sure there are some books around to help you. Also there are several online study courses you might want to look into.

  8. Omedetou! You did great! Although I recently got the results too but failed, I’m happy for you. Whether you take JLPT 2 this year or not, the important thing is to keep going. Ganbate!

  9. clap clap clap Omedetou Mich!!! * D * !!
    I was sure you can pass it! yosh! ( º D º)/\(º D º )!!
    your nihongo is soo good, maybe you can take the JPFT2 this year if you don’t leave your japanese n___n!! I guess Tono is gonna help you a lot this year too xD
    ganbatte ne! BIG HUG !!

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