[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Goods

Finished watching my last Takizawa Kabuki 2011 show just now.

It’s already 2.30am but will make this a quick post, as I have to start packing hehe. I need to think of how to stuff everything into the luggage lol~ First off, well, this is not a “goods”, but we finally had the Takizawa Kabuki Bento Set (1,000yen)! I ate about 90% of it during the intermission of the first show, and then the remaining 10% during the intermission of the 2nd show :)

Like previous Takikomigohan Bento Sets during Takizawa Enbujou, there’s a card with the date printed behind it – which Takki fans will keep of course hehe. I was quite surprised to see that they’re selling it this time…

And then, we saw the “Shimbashi Enbujou” printed on the chopsticks paper! So these bento sets were from Shimbashi Enbujou!! Natsukashii~ I miss that theatre so much.

There’s a huge variety of food inside… I loved the rice, and the ume & ‘ikanbillis’ on it, the fried hotate, the chicken… and especially the konyaku jelly hehe!

I miss the “Kani soba salad” from Enbujou ne… I think we have another 1 more year of Kabuki at Nissay, then it’ll be moved back to Shimbashi Enbujou? Ah, I miss the hanamichi too~

Ah, sorry for digressing~ now onto the real goods.

Pamphlet (2,000yen)

Got a shock when I saw the front & back cover! In a way it reminded me of “Hikari Hitotsu” jacket C (regular edition), but I recognised immediately that it’s the same painted faces as on the recent promotional billboard.

This is the front cover…

takizawa kabuki 2011 pamphlet

The back is similar but Takki’s eyes are closed.

And the inner pages are kakkoii~~ very traditional setting, sliding doors and tatami, low tables, etc… This is just one of the pictures I love~~ There are a few very kakkoii shots with Yara too! ^^


And I LOVE this picture~~ somehow Tono biting the apple~ his curvy lips~~~~ so irresistable!!!!!


But I kyaaed the most when I turned to this page!! There’re a few pages of “Document” (rehearsal) pics!! But Takizawa zachou’s cute smile wins!! Looking at this smile below just makes me happy! XD

takizawa zachou

Clearfile (500yen)

Very relaxing feel~~ both colors and the pose. And the other side of the clearfile is the so-called “logo” this year, that appears in most of the goods. Seems like it’s half of the face or mask painting~

clear file

Okay, now onto the photosets…

Original Photosets – A, B & C (600yen per set)

I recommend A & C, if you can only buy two…

takizawa kabuki photosets

But if you can only buy one set, then definitely go for C!
First pic – Kawaii!! Rest of the pics~ Kakkoii!! KYAA~~

takizawa kabuki 2011

Ohashi set (2,000yen)

There are two pairs of chopsticks in the set. And the markings on each pair makes up the full face “paint” thing~ looks nice as a set, together with the teacups…


Yunomi (1,000yen)

The teacup has the logo on it. And even though I was told that perhaps it should come in a pair, I’ve run out of cash to buy another one LOL. So I only bought one…

tea cup

Tenugui (1,000yen)

This hand towel thing is folded so nicely that I can’t bear to take it out. I won’t know how to fold it back yo!!! But I like that there is “Takizawa Hideaki” on it hehe~


Ecobag (1,000yen)

Similar to the Kakumei one earlier this year, it’s originally in a small pouch, and you get the full bag by flipping the entire thing inside out. This bag below belongs to Bon-chan. I didn’t buy one in the end… Bought too many things during the days we didn’t have shows, and the opening show’s ticket also contributed to it lol…

I just didn’t have enough Japanese yen left so I had to prioritize LOL


Poster (800yen)

I passed the poster as well even though I brought a poster tube from Singapore!

I can’t find a pic of how the poster looks like, but it’s something like this… just that Takki is wearing the green cardigan (see photos above), and he’s leaning on the left instead of right, so his head was turned to his right…

There should be stage photos and photo album released soon, perhaps next week. If things remain like last year, the stage photos will be four normal sized (3R) photos in a set, costing 600yen per set. And photo album at 1,000yen… but if it’s like Kakumei, or DreamBoy, or One, then it’ll be 500yen per big sized (5R) photo. Let’s wait and see :)

Anyway, wow, I took an hour to write this! LOL~ better start packing! =P

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Goods

14 thoughts on “[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Goods

  1. Mich, thanks for taking the time to write this and also post the pictures. I will keep in mind what you said about the photo sets. I like the tea cup, and will definitely get it. I will pass on bag and chopsticks, I already have too many!

  2. Thank u Mich!!
    I passed the poster too this time and the clearfile .. :)
    hmm..I’m thinking about the photosets..will change my goods list I guess..hehe~

  3. Haha~ I have ordered C for the original photos~
    When I saw the cover of the pamphlet…shocked…
    I was thinking that if the poster was of the same style, and I bought it home and hung it on the wall, how would my parents react?!…haha…

  4. Can the bento be dabao? Or only can be eaten there?
    Intermission time is normally my toilet break time ha

  5. ghanima8~ thanks, have a safe trip too!

    amy~ i think the photosets are nice this time, especially C, so you can consider getting it :)

    chanmonkey~ haha, even we were shocked, let alone our parents =P

    adidaspanda~ ya, it’s all dabao wan. so u can eat it anytime, inside the theatre or even bring back to hotel also can. intermission = rush to toilet time rite? the queue so long… so on the last day, i gave up leaving my seats for both intermissions LOL

  6. Thank you for showing us!!! may I ask a stupid question? How or where could I get these things? Thank you~!

  7. nina~ these goods can only be bought at the venue, i.e. at nissay theatre in tokyo. if you know friends who are going, you can ask them to help you buy.

  8. Hi Mich,
    May i ask why didn’t u buy the poster as you brought the poster tube already? Is the poster not as good as other photos? i’m a bit confused now……..I have seen all the goods already besides the poster….

  9. @Nina: You can also order goods through this person; nyanco. She prefers ppl email her instead of going on the Takki forum. Here’s her email: nyanco101@gmail.com. You can ask her all sorts of questions, incl. S&H fees, paypal info, etc. If you have a paypal account, this would be good to deal w/her in buying goods. :)

    Hope all goes well 4 u and you can get something. I highly recommend getting the pamphlet and photosets, as well as any live venue photos from the venue. These live photos are not sold at the Jshops either. But all goods are only found at the butai itself. :) Good luck!

  10. stella~ it’s because i already had too many posters at home and no space to put them up at all, so i refrained from buying. it’s not because the picture wasn’t nice or anything. i think there is a similar picture inside the pamphlet… but slightly different angle. and to me it’s not a SUPER MUST BUY (the takki solocon ’09 poster is what i classify as a must buy~), so i thought about it for 3 days and finally decided not to buy.

  11. thanks Mich~~~that makes sense to me now~~~As i booked the poster already~~~and to me 10 Kaubuki’s poster is a must buy~~~~Ha~thanks ~

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