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[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2012 – Venue, Goods (and the Food…)

I’m SO sorry for the late post. By the time we were done with the bento sets etc, it was already past 2am… and we were sooo tired last night that I headed for bed halfway through the report… Anyway, here it is. First, the venue i.e. Nissay Theatre.

Noticeable difference: there are no red Nissay Theatre flags hung on the poles. But there’s the usual lighted board with the dates of Kabuki at the side.

This year, there isn’t any poster on the pillar outside the theatre entrance. But there was a poster of Takki flying, on the right side of the theatre. And a poster of the cast names on the left side of the ticket box.

Here are some signs I took with my handphone camera. In order, the ‘Opening Day’ sign, the ‘Full House’ sign, and the show schedule last night.

Inside the theatre, there are the congratulatory flowers on the side. We see flowers from FRaU, Music Station, SODA, Miwa-san, people from Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, TBS, NTV, Watari-san, Shibuki Jun (the queen in Takizawa Kakumei this year), etc

There’s a booth selling CDs and DVDs, and another small one selling Best Stage (990yen) and Sankei sports newspaper (100yen). Samples of Takki’s pages were on display.

Now onto the goods!

The theme this year seems to be red/purple/white and Masakado-ish. Perhaps the colors have something to do with the sword in the story in Act 2.

Pamphlet – 2,000yen

The cover followed by inner pages. The first part of the pamphlet were loads of pictures of Takki as Masakado. We guess that it’s the final year Masakado will be played, that’s why some spotlight is given to this character hehe~

I love some of the monochrome pics of Masakado…

But it were the pics at the end that made me kyaa…. especially when he’s wearing the white top and black coat!! *nosebleed*

Clearfiles – 500yen each

Takizawa A (top) & Takizawa B (below). I got both :)

Here are the other sides of the clearfiles.They are similar at the back.

Pass Case – 800yen each

I bought two of these. One to use, one to keep (or collect dust, whichever way you wanna put it lol~). It should be able to fit our ezlink card as well so I can use it even when I return to Singapore! Here’s the view from both sides.

Tenugui (hand towel) – 1,000yen

Kawaii ne~~ I can’t bear to open it coz I know I won’t be able to fold it back like this!

And from the back, it looks like this:

Posters (Takizawa A, Takizawa B) – 800yen each

There are 2 posters of Takki this year – A (modern Takki) and B (Masadako-sama). I only bought A (gomen, Masakado-sama…). The moment I saw it, I knew I had to buy it…. chou kakkoii!!!!! Sorry, his face looks a little distorted in the pic below, due to the way the poster is rolled lol~

I can’t find a preview of B, but it looks something like this pic from the pamphlet – Masakado was sitting down, but the background of the poster is red-ish instead of purple-ish… and Masakado-sama was looking at the camera.

Original Photosets (Takizawa A, Takizawa B, Takizawa C) – 600yen each

Grabbed all as usual :)

Each photoset has 4 photos… and here they are, in order: A the top row, followed by B, and C the bottom row. I personall LOVE A3, A4, and C3!!! (gomen, Masakado-sama… lol)

Ohashi (chopsticks) – 1,500yen each

The chopsticks this year doesn’t come in a box, but rolled in a cloth instead….

When rolled out, it looks like this!

Pretty pretty ne~ I love the transparent top part of the chopsticks :)

Iya~ that’s it for the goods! Of course, since we went for the opening two shows so far, there aren’t any stage photos/photosets yet. I think the first batch will be released later this week, and if it’s the same as last year, it’ll be in the same size and format (4 in a set), and same price as the Original photosets.

Now onto the food!! (^_^)

There are 2 bento sets on sale this year – the Japanese style (wafu) and the Western style (yofu). We tried one on each day. Both tasted really good, but if we had to choose, we’d go for the Western one :)

There is “Shimbashi Enbujo” printed on the chopsticks paper cover, so although on the cover it says “Nissay Theatre”, I think the bento was made at Shimbashi. Like all past Shimbashi bentosets, there’s a commemorative card in each set with the date printed on the back.

First, the Japanese style bento set:

And then the Western style bento set:

And the little momento cards :)

That’s about it!! Now I’m feeling hungry lol~ I’d better change up and head off for breakfast…. Today’s my last Kabuki show… Ahh, can’t wait to bring you guys a report of it. Bon & Mich will try our best to get it out ASA:P!

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2012 – Venue, Goods (and the Food…)

19 thoughts on “[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2012 – Venue, Goods (and the Food…)

  1. ohhhh dear..really wanna buy that chopstick but in malaysia that will cost rm56….so expansive…huhuhuhu

  2. did you guys get the commemorative card??
    and is the bento box sold before the show starts??

    thx for the report!! makes me super excited!!!
    so tired walking around shinjuku today… >.<

    1. i got the commemorative card. and the bento box is sold before the show started… but u can also get it during intermission i think. as long as it’s not sold out.

      it’s so tiring right!! i’m so exhausted now, but haven’t even started packing yet… ahhh… but do enjoy the show ne!!! XD

  3. oh, mich, you went to watch with Bon-chan again! Those two bento sets! I will have to try them too. Also, a quick question, you know the size of the poster? I am thinking to bring a tube with me, but don’t know what size to use. Appreciate it if you can tell me that :)
    And same here, I may pass Masakako-sama too…It’s still hard for me to accept that style…gomen

    1. ah, the poster size ne… i’m not sure and i’ve no tape/ruler with me right now, but i think a 700mm height tube shud be able to fit one… u’re watching the show too? have fun ne! i think jticket seats are quite good this time! :)

  4. Thanks for all the great photos!

    I think the pamphlet this year is much more attractive than last year’s, which I found a bit disappointing.

  5. thx u guys for all the info.. it was great help!!
    i enjoyed a great show tonight!!! the seats were great too…
    takki was.. almost right in front of me….. hohohoho!

      1. my mom and I (yes i dragged my mom to go with me..lol) were sitting at 4th row 17+18.. !! so close!!! ♥

        i was glad that he was doing a similar show like last time.. so even though we didn’t undestand 99%.. i got the main ideas.. hahhaa~

        thx u guys for all the information that i asked on facebook..!!!
        i was well prepared.. hahhaa.. seriously helpful and thankful~ and i think i was sitting this close to get me addicted.. and i am!!

        now it felt like a dream…!!

        1. omg! that’s like in the middle section!! row D deshou! hehe.. yokatta ne!! seeing takki so close up! did your mom say anything? i remember the first thing my mom told me last time was “he is so small size but very handsome” lol! XD

          1. yea row D!!! i couldn’t believe it!!
            and my mom likes the masakado poster!! so i ended up buying both the posters.. lol..
            i think my mom mentioned something close to.. “he’s not that tall..” ….lol…

  6. hello! i’m intending to go down to nissay during my trip on sat 5 may, 2nd last day of kabuki! i’m hoping to buy goods actually, since i probably won’t be able to get tickets at this point ): i know the show timings are 12pm and 5pm, do they sell the goods throughout or they close when the show’s on-going or..? please advise! thank you!

    1. hi eliz, ah, tickets ne, perhaps will still be on sale at takeshita dori (though for a high price~~). as for goods, i think they open it during the show, for people without tickets to enter to purchase. that’s what i heard but i’ve never actually done it myself so i’m not 100% sure.

        1. for original photosets, there are only takizawa A, B & C. but for stage photosets, i’m sure there are jr. ones, just not sure if it’s jr. A or not

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