[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 1

ただいま!☆ タッキーリゾート建築中見学会行ってきました!★

Iya, it was a last minute decision, and we bought our air tickets to Japan only a few days before the event. It’s such a short trip yo~ I really miss Takki so much now!!! I’ll talk about the event venue and goods first ne, and then the event itself in another post… coz I need time to recap haha…

It took us a long time to get inside the arena, as the queue went round the outside of the arena to the back of the building, and then to the 2nd level and back to the entrance where we could get our tickets. It was a torture queuing under the hot sun. And by the time we got inside the arena, we had to rush to our seats.

We were handed a Tackey Resort towel each at the entrance. It has the Tackey Summer Concert 2010 logo in the middle and loads of Takiranger helmets printed as a background in pink. At first I was wondering if this would also be sold at the concert as goods, but when I saw the “建設中” words printed below the logo, I think this is only for the event! o(^.^)v

The towel is quite thick and big. You can compare the size to the kachuusha (hairband). And btw, I tested my stamina (and failed badly lol~) when we ran through two streets at night because big-head-prawn me left my towel and kachuusha at the restaurant. I’m really dame at running, but I think I ran quite a lot more than I usually could. All for this dear towel mwahahaha~

Back to the arena, there is a “Tacky’s Costume Collection” LOL… Quite amazing how they can always get the “Tackey” spelt wrongly! >.< But I know that some fans have already written in to the concert office to inform them of this. I hope it’ll be fixed before the actual concerts!

As you can see, they are costumes worn during concerts over the years. I couldn’t get good shots at all with the heads in front and everyone squeezing to take pics. I didn’t have time to squeeze to the front, so I just held up my phone high and took random shots lol.

To be continued…

[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 1

13 thoughts on “[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 1

  1. Ano~,sorry to bother you dear Michelle ,but the content of this post is still invisible even after i logged in the site here,or you mean i had to log in other place instead? O_o

    if it’s normal then please forgive my unintentional disturbance *shy*, i just want to let you know in case there any problem ;)

    Have a lovely day dear,and thank you so much always for your hard work & for everything ♥ ^___^

  2. ahh, i’m so sorry, i forgot to check the settings again. it happens everytime i create a new category. gomen ne… now it should be showing up!

  3. Thank you. Look forward to receiving reports from the concert … Well some fun for all of us who can not go to a concert )))

  4. Lucky you to escape to Japan for this! Ah, the advantage of not living as far from Japan as the US east coast…I am looking forward to your report on the event.

    Takki must have a really impressive collection of costumes. Must have been fun getting a glimpse of them.

    The towel seems a nice gift, and while you endured queuing in the sun, at least you didn’t have another queue for it.

  5. Mich, おかえりなさ~い!
    It seems that you had a wonderful time there. I am happy for you!
    It’s upsetting that they cannot spell “Tackey” correctly after all these years.
    And what a collection of costumes! Not too many men can wear these without looking totally ridiculous. I think he looks best in white costumes, though he seems to like pink a lot these days!

  6. Wooaaaa…you’re so lucky can go to Japan.. I wish I could go there..
    Have fun michelle…^^ I’m looking forward your report about the concert.
    I wonder if all that costumes will be on sale or as a gift?? Hahaha…
    Thank u michelle…^__^

  7. I was actually initially reluctant to open the towel to use until he said what he wanted us to do.
    The entire audience looked really nice with the overall effect!
    Can’t wait to see it! Soon! :)

  8. wow. i’m envious that you were able to go there. saw a post about an extra ticket, but couldn’t grab the chance due to the 11-hour trip and work.

    and nice meeting you, too, mich. i enjoyed watching the butai back in april.

  9. mich, you wow-ed me again. You made it to the event?!

    And, how could you forget the precious towel in the restaurant??… but you got some exciting running exercise late at night.

    Thinking about the real concert in less than 10 days.

  10. I love reading your reports! Thank you for spending so much time writing about your adventures for those of us who can’t get there. Can’t wait to hear the rest …

  11. Thanks 4 sharing a report back on his concert! Wow, lucky you to have gone & seen this on such short notice! ♥♥ @,@ Poor thing, you miss seeing Tono so much…I understand perfectly how you must feel. I wouldn’t wanna come back home either if I ever went. lol I’d probably wanna stay 4ever…hehe~ *blush*

    Wow, such an impressive collection of costumes he’s accumulated over the years with all the concerts he’s done so far. *.*

    Wish I could auction for some of them since there is no such thing. lol If there was such a thing though, I’d be the first buyer to make a bid for them. :P Then I’d build a small Takki-museum at my house and showcase them all, not to mention sharing all my concert/butai goods I’ve accumulated over the years as well. hahahaha

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