[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 2

Okay, the event itself…

It started at about 10 or 15 minutes past 4pm. I think there were too many people so they had to push back the time. We had Row 6 seats in the West stands, directly facing the stage but far back and high up there. But in a good way, it has a full and clear view of the entire thing.

We were barely seated when the drums started beating and some musical instruments played randomly. Live music of Yume Monogatari intro, more random drum beats and notes hitting… and it felt like we were in a rehearsal. The jrs. gathered on the stage in yellow t-shirts and track pants, in the dark. We weren’t sure who were these people at first, and one of them looked like Takki from the back… well, not really, his pants only – coz one side was rolled up lol.

After some time, the Jrs. started calling for Takki to come on the stage. But he didn’t appear. And the Jrs. were saying things like “Takizawa-kun?”, “He was here just now, right?”, “Takizawa-kun, please come on the stage.”, “Takizawa-kun…” etc etc…

And suddenly, Takki’s voice shouted “Ittekimasuuuuu!!!” and he appeared in a cart in between the arena and stands. Ahhhhh!!!! PINK!!! I think he was wearing sunglasses, a shocking pink jacket on the outside, and a lighter pink t-shirt inside, checked pants below, and pink shoes… I vaguely remember him fiddling around while removing the jacket, and he removed his sunglasses soon as well~ (My memory is failing! Tasukete, Takiranger!) And his hair! HIS HAIR!!! It was short and light colored (blonde)! OMG~~ KYON!! KYAAAAAA!!! We went crazy! :D

It was ‘Kimagure Jet’ and he went round touching the hands of the fans in the first row of the stands! OMG~~~~~ the lucky fans who got to touch him!! And then he came the closest to us when he passed by just 5 rows down. He stopped for a while somewhere in the middle directly facing the stage. I’m not sure if this was the part where the song changed to “Home Party!” or not, coz my memory is really failing… but that figure of him – pretty face, fair skin, light spiked up hair, wearing pink&white huge earphones – is still stuck in my head now.

He looked so young ne. At that very moment, I re-confirmed once again that he is the best looking guy I’ve seen in my life! hehehehehe~ And also, this was perhaps the best and youngest looking I’ve seen of him live, in person (since making that first trip to kuricon in 2006 lol~). And I feel that he looks more handsome in casual wear than in costumes, and definitely in person than on pictures.

The pink t-shirt that Takki was wearing had a “Tackey Summer Concert 2010” logo on it. The Jrs. wore similar yellow t-shirts as well. I’m guessing that this would be the concert goods. I want the pink one! Takki’s checked pants had one side rolled up as usual, and the pants costs US$20! lol~ He said later in the event that he bought it “at a sale” in Las Vegas. And his “marshmallow” earphones – the usual ones he wore were totally white ne, but this time, the top part of the earphones were pink. The “Tackey Shoes” he was wearing was mostly pink with a bit of white, of plastic glossy material. KAWAII~~♥

Anyway, after the touching session, he greeted the audience. Today, it’ll be an open rehearsal for the concerts that’ll start at the end of the month, he said. And he’ll do a real concert rehearsal now, something that we usually won’t get to see! And there won’t be a time limit as it’s a rehearsal *KYAAA* He teased us more, and said he’s just sang some songs, so he won’t be singing anymore later *EHHHH* coz during rehearsals, they only confirm the positions and choreographies; they don’t sing lol. With that, he introduced the Jrs (Mis-Snow-Man) and the band (Question). And he told us to sit down as well, so that the people behind can see.

Then they started rehearsing the moves and positions for the concert.. “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8… 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8…” etc etc. *lol* I can’t write about the songs he sang or the sequence they’re in, as Takki told us not to spoil it for concert-goers. But he did the rehearsal for 4 songs. And he also told the Jrs. things like “If you do this (move) here, the audience will go “KYA!” etc…”

Takki teased Abe-kun from Snowman, making him stand alone doing the moves, singling him out from the rest. Later on, he also imitated Abe-kun’s running. This part was really cute but hard to describe. Takki ran with very small steps, and very quickly. He was cuter than Abe-kun lol :) During a dance-intensive song (I LOVE THIS SONG!! Can’t wait to see it during the concert!), he also made some funny sound along with a particular move. He did and said many things that made us laugh. From the rehearsals, I learnt new terms like “lifter” hehe~

There was also a scene in a particular song where Takki was surrounded by the Jrs, and the image that he wanted was for them to worship him, like he’s a great person or person of high status (偉い人) lol~ And when they actually practiced it, he was like “hey, worship more~ more~” lol~

Takki then told us the concept of the concert: Last year, we took the Tackey Summer Jet (during the 2009 summer concert), and it takes a year to reach the Tackey Summer Resort in 2010 *lol* So, the concert will have the image of a hotel (he said that the set isn’t fully completed yet). And there will be many many guests arriving at the hotel. “And the various guests will be played by Takizawa Hideaki alone!” lol~ and so the concept is like “If Takizawa Hideaki is a xxx…”. Ahhh… so this is where the cosplay comes into play ne!

Like, “If Takizawa Hideaki is Takiranger….” etc… and for today, he will do “If Takizawa Hideaki is a yankee…”, and that’s when he did the rehearsal for the Souchou segment. He said he wanted the audience to show their “scared faces” when he’s around. But when he actually got near the audience, they were kyaaaaing lol :D Takki wasn’t satisfied, I think he felt weird so he needed his costumes to get into character lol~ so he told the staff to “Stop!” midway through the music, and asked them to bring him his costumes… And we saw him wearing on the elvis-style gold hair wig (LOL), sunglasses and that black gangster coat LOL. We could see him walking down the stage to the staff, and then waiting *standby* for the music to play before walking up the stage again, as we were seated above that area.

Once he put that wig on, he immediately got into character (never smiled). And when it came to the dialogue part, Takizawa Souchou shouted “Stop!” again, and “scolded” the Jrs, that they have to be expressive in front of the cameras etc. And what Takki said during the dialogue part was rather H (お前が乗れないのなら 今夜は俺がお前に乗ってやる) hahaha~ And this was followed by some really silly furitsuke moves!! *ROFL* We were laughing when we first saw the moves.

And so they started teaching us the furtisuke of this Ai Kakumei Yankee Version. He made Abe-kun stand right in the middle of the arena, to teach us. It was really funny haha~ And then we did the furitsuke together with the music. Souchou and gang were facing the left side of the arena at first. Then they did it once more facing the right side of the arena, making the audience stand up. It was a rather rock version of Ai Kakumei. But after that, he called it an end, and didn’t do it once more facing us yo~ I was whining “What about us?” lol~

Then for the next song, he needed two Jrs. to do certain roles. To decide, the Jrs. started doing Janken (scissors-paper-stone). But after they’ve come up with a winner, Takki told them that Janken isn’t the way to decide wahahaha… So he made them run, and the fastest two would get it. And so the Jrs sprinted down the sides of the hanamichi at Takki’s cue, and back to the stage through the middle. And oh boy~~ they were exhausted! They were panting like crazy… on the floor… and as all of them had mics attached to their heads, we could hear all the panting… All at once! It was so noisy! LOL! After a while, Takki couldn’t take it, and he shouted “URUSAI” (Shut up!) *LMAO* The Jrs. then held up their mics so that their breathing sounds wouldn’t be heard haha~

Takki said that the opening song hasn’t been decided yet for this concert. So we can decide it here… and he asked the audience for their opinions. But the Jrs. responded instead… And he asked the audience again, and some song titles came out, but I feel that most Takki fans are quiet, while the Jr fans were really noisy. Some of them were rather disrespectful. My opinion, of course. During this particular part of the event when Takki was asking for opening song title suggestions, one KY Jr fan even shouted a Jr. song title. And Takki scolded jokingly, “bakayarou!” and “AHO ka!” LOL~ This is for a Takizawa Hideaki solo concert yo~ what were they thinking about? And throughout the event, there were Jr fans shouting their favourite Jr’s names while Takki was talking. It was rude. I wish they could show more respect. I was slightly pissed but amused as well…

I feel that, even if there seem to be many screams for the Jrs, it’s not that there were lesser Takki fans. It’s rather obvious that Jr fans are mostly teenage girls, while Takki fans are more mature, from maybe 25 years old, all the way to 70 or something (I saw a few old ladies in the arena hehe~). I told myself that if I go for concerts, I must bring a Takki uchiwa at least. If I don’t dare to shout, at least I can wave an uchiwa with Tono’s face on it lol~

Anyway, back to the event… I think actually the opening song has already been decided. Un, and so they did the rehearsal for that song a few times. It was quite funny, the way Takki made the Jrs do a certain thing… like a few times over… Ah, anyway, please look forward to the concert. And PLEASE REQUEST FOR DVD!!

And then, Takki introduced his friends who’re here today – Kis-my-ft2. They walked in from below our seats… and there were many Jr fans screaming like mad (more than for Snowman). Lol~ I was only looking for Kitayama, who was wearing black framed specs, and was even shorter than Tono (sorry I didn’t really noticed that during Enbujo). I almost couldnt recognise him, but he was well-mannered and more quiet, while Fujigaya talked a lot lol.

Takki then announced that he’ll create a new website outside of Johnnys Net, called “Taki-Chan-neru” (Taki Channel). Because his boss calls him “Taki-chan”. And the website will be opened on August 6th. Ah, now we know the reason for this event ne. At first we thought that “Takki Channel” will be a Takki website that he’ll be creating but it seems like the focus will be on the Jrs instead. Ehhh!!! From a Takki fan’s point of view, I hope he’ll talk more about himself on the website… and of course care more about himself, than about others (whether it’s his kouhais or doukis… you get what I mean).

Anyway, back to the event (sorry I keep digressing~). The filming of the opening video for the website would be done today, and this was when the towel came into play! We were told to wave our towels to “Hitomi wo Tojite” (kyaa~~ my favourite Jr song!!!). I love this song yo~~~ and then the song played, and we were swirling the towels around like crazy. The effect was REALLY NICE!!! Very WOW~~!! It was such a magnificent sight seeing little pink & white balls twirling around (although it was quite hard to twirl~)!!! Can’t wait to see the final video!

After the song ended, Takki asked the staff to check the video. Of course the staff was talking to Takki via his earphones, so we couldn’t hear the staff. We could only hear Takki talking to seemingly nobody. And Takki would be talking to the staff through the mic, so everyone could hear. It was so cute, like “Ah, ah… okay, I got it.” lol~ things like that :)

Takki said that Senga-kun came up with some hand actions thing for Taki Channel (something like the “8jida J” — and I was just watching 8jidaJ the day before leaving for Japan!). And he asked Senga-kun to demonstrate it. It’s quite a cute move. You should be able to see it in the FC video that will be uploaded on J-net on 30 July haha.

Next, we would have to record our voices, shouting “Takichannel” as well (something like the “Johnnys Entertainment” <- the way Takki imitated it was so cute! — shown at the end of some commercials). For this, Takki demonstrated that after shouting “Taki Channel”, we have to keep quiet, and Takki does the *zips-mouth* action. At first, we did it separately – center, arena, and stage – as a test. He was speaking to the staff at the same time again… like “Let’s start with the people in the center first… (to staff) oh, everyone together?… (to fans) ok, everyone together!” lol~ And we shouted it three times.

Takki used his raw voice and shouted “se-no!” (ready, go!) without the mic, to cue us for each shout. Iya~~ it’s so rare that we can hear his raw voice :) And after each shout, there is a few seconds of total silence… that silence made me *dokidoki*. This is the first time in this arena that I experienced silence (when there are 10,000 people around) hahaha. Takki said, and I felt the same too, that there was an air of tension around (緊張感) after each shout.

Takki talked to the staff again, and after the staff checked the audio, he said let’s do it one more time. He was so cute when he was talking to the staff and then realised that we could hear what he was saying… “(to staff) Oh, everyone together… (to audience) oh, now I’m talking to the staff ne~ (to staff) from here, it’s the front, and from here, it’s the back… oh ok ok…” lol… This time he split the audience into two. Takki stood right in the middle of the arena, and stretched out his hands towards each side of the arena seats… directing the people to their respective sides. He was so funny, and said stuff like “You, over there! No! No! Over there! No! A bit more! You!” LOLLL he was so cute!! XD

We belonged to the back half, and so after the front half shouted “Takichaneru” 3 times, we also did so 3 times. Takki thanked everyone after that, and made Tamamori-kun shout it with his raw voice. He also made another Jr. shout it out. Then he checked with the staff again, and the staff said that the check was successful.

Next up is the filming of the FC video. This video will be shown on 30 July on J-net and at the Shibuya Family Club. It was Takki, Kis-my-ft2 and Mis-snowman in the VTR (on stage, audience in the background). He chatted with Kisumai on what they would be talking about. Takki, about the solocons, and Kisumai about their show with ABC-Z, and then Takki again about the opening of Taki Channel. Then at the end of it, Takki and the Jrs would all do the “Taki Channel” hand sign. And the filming started and all of us were seated. We kept quiet throughout.

After the first take, the staff were checking the video, and Takki suddenly started mumbling again. Fujigaya (I think) said something like “Don’t mind him, he’s talking to the staff” lol… and we could hear Takki saying “Oh… really? oh… oh… I got it… I see…” and then he told Kisumai etc “Shall we do it one more time?”. They practiced the handsigns thing, and then went for Take Two. This time, Takki asked Snowman to talk in the VTR as well, and he told us all to stand up. There was also a moment of silence after the take, that sense of tension again, and I held my breath haha.

Then Takki, Kisumai and Snowman did Real DX – all of them in their casual wear. It was quite a sight! After the song, they talked about the checked pants that Takki was wearing. And about the Kisumai song that Takki likes, called “Inori” — but I think Takki said the wrong song title at first lol~ Then, I think he said something (I can’t remember what, something about doing the furitsukes for the chorus? Sorry, I can’t listen well…) and Kitayama was like “You said it!” and Takki pretended that his mic had a problem.

And then came the best part of the show. For us LOL!! Takki made Kisumai talk while he went back stage and started changing. But it was a LIVE CHANGING SESSION!! Kitayama was like “Suge! Suge! Live changing session!”. And we could see Takki’s silhouette changing his clothes!!! KYAAA!! Kitayama also stuck his head in to peep at Takki! Lucky guy~~XD

I saw him taking off his shoes, and then his pants (KYAAA!!), and then he knelt down (japanese style, like in the pic above) and folded the pants properly on the floor… Then he took off his socks, and as he had to balance on one feet, he was hopping around~~ *KAWAII!!* Then I remember he sat down on the floor, and took off his socks, and after succeeding, he did a super *H* pose (hands behind his back on the floor, head tilted upwards~~). OMG~~ KYAAAAA~~~~ That was the best point to me, of the whole event! Hahahahaha! Mich also *H* lol~

He wore another pants, socks, shoes, belt, and put on a vest, jacket, etc… And when he finally appeared, OMG, his costume was SO SPARKLING. This one really screams KAKKOII!! He had changed from kawaii to kakkoii~~ and the process of changing made us all so high! :D

Then they did the entire run of 4 songs that they just rehearsed, plus a final song which we all did the furitsuke and sang along as well. Takki then gave an ending speech, introduced each member of Question and Snowman, and went backstage.

We all did the Takki call shouting for encore, and he came out and did Ho! Summer, and Hito Natsu no… I always love how he jumps during Hito Natsu no… He also threw autographed discs to the audience. If I didn’t remember wrongly, there were 3 altogether, of different colors (blue, yellow, pink). And towards the end, while the music for Hito Natsu no… was playing, Takki shook his butt left and right, left and right, left and right according to the music, back facing us… Like last year’s Takisama Concert!

Then he waved bye bye to us, and said that he’ll see us at the concerts! That’s it for the event ne~ It ended at about 6.15pm, so it was about 2 hours long. And it’s just 9 more days to the opening show at Osaka! Tanoshimi!!! XDDDDDD

(All images used in this post were taken from Y!A Japan)

[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 2

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  1. OMG…I’m so excited to read it… \^__^/. Your report made me like I was in that event too.
    Thank u for the report.. ;D
    Can’t wait to see your next report about the concert..

  2. Thanks so much for the detailed report and the photos! Really fun to read. And I love him in that sparkly outfit.

    So Takki is back to the Kyon look, at least for the summer. About Kisumai, Kitayama is indeed shorter than Takki, while Fujigaya is 1m75. They have come up in the world now that they too give concerts.

  3. Thank you so much mich,

    Really good that you can join this event and report it to all of us.

    It must be very bad feeling for him about junior’s fan, but this kind of situation must happen again if takki’s fan never show their emotion, eventhough we are not teenage but we still can shout back when takki need our voice.

  4. Thank you for being there and making this report possible. I didn’t know that a rehearsal event can be so fun.
    And his blond hair is a refreshing change from the usual darker colours. Can’t watch to see more of him!

  5. Ky jr fans were really rude and i think what they did may have bad effect on their idols .
    maybe Tono’s fans should shout more?
    When i first know Tono i saw some fans said when there were bad words about Tono they just ignore it , i wondered why at that time,but a year later,I did the same way.haha
    thanks for repo,mich!
    i like the pink one,waiting for con lists!

  6. Mich, thank you very much for this thorough report! I agree with you 100 % that Takki looks better in person.

  7. mich, thank you so much for your detailed report. Yes, Takki look so much younger with his new hairstyle….KYON….

  8. thanks for sharing with us , your amazing and fun report about takki,, actually this my first time to read your report,, and first time write but im an avid fan of takki , even before,, hes my number 1 idol,, kakkoii ne ,, ,, i realy want to see the concert, but i dont have company to go with,, ,, anyway just waiting or looking forward to your doki doki report ,, ,, thanks …

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