[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2010 in Osaka – Part 1

I’m gonna split this into parts coz it’s taking me too long to write lol~

We attended both shows at Osaka, the opening on 7/31, and the final on 8/1. Our seats for the first show were good, though the view was skewed. We were just beside the huge screen on the left of the stage, at N block. I realise later that this made a huge difference, cos we really got to see many [ero] things close-up! *hides* We were at the 9th row, so it wasn’t too far back.

It’s a pity there wasn’t any moving cart allowed in Osaka Jo Hall, apparently due to an accident which happened few years back.

For the final show, we were at the far end across the stage, at E block, high up at the 18th row (below the lights staff). And in Osaka Jo Hall, there weren’t any screens on the sides in front of the stands (unlike in Yokohama Arena). There was only one in the middle back, directly across the stage, which was useless for us. So we were using our binocs most of the time, watching the two screens on the stage, and the other two by its sides.

From our point of view, the first show was much more high than the second one.

  • Opening

On both days, the Tackey Call started while we were still messing around with our bags and stuff. After a while, the lights dimmed and on the screens showed a VTR of a Tackey Summer Airlines airplane flying above the clouds.

Then, a female doll was at the front desk of a resort hotel. She started speaking and introduced herself as Takizawa Yayoi (aka Yayoi-sama aka Takki’s mother). She introduced the resort and on the screens, there were flashes of baka-looking Takki, for eg. poking his nose with his thumbs and making funny faces *KAWAII*. Finally there was chaos as the resort started collapsing…

  • Words of Love

Then there was a mini explosion, Takki appeared way above the stage, on a raised platform, and he started singing “Words of Love”. He was in a very sparkling black attire, which had a kind of mini ‘skirt’ thing behind his pants lol.


words of love

The platform lowered slowly during the performance. And the ending of the song slowly merged into the introduction of…

  • Taste Me

Shimmers were shot out from the stage towards the audience. They had the “Tackey Summer Concert” words on it, in red. S-san gave me one roll of it while we were on the flight to Bangkok on 8/2 *lol* Arigato, S-san!

Anyway, Takki danced this on the stage level. And I love doing the furitsuke of this song. Haha~ there are songs which you don’t really like at first, but after going to a concert, you start to love it, and it’s like the atmosphere at a concert could change your view so much. “Taste me” is one of them… and “Queen of R” is another. I’ll touch on that later. I think fans who’ve been to concerts will understand what I mean.

During the last chorus, Takki walked down the middle hanamichi towards the back end stage.

taste me

  • Futari no Yoru

Kyaaaa!! Takki danced this in front of us during the 2nd show. He stood on a lifter (learnt this from the event hehe~), and it raised him up to almost the same level as us. He would not only face us, but also face the stage (opposite direction), so we got to see him dance from the back as well lol~

It’s a pity he wasn’t wearing sleeveless for this, coz usually we would be ogling at his biceps while he dances the chorus. This song was perhaps the closest performance to us during the 2nd show.

  • To be or not to be

Takki walked to the middle stage, and started performing this song. THE DANCE IS SO KAKKOII!!!!! It’s slightly different from the usual one. How should I put it… there is an additional dancing segment at the beginning… and Takki made use of the spotlight thing again (he did that in Kabuki during “Revenger” and he’ll do it again later during the Ero Ero Dance hehe~). I LOVE THE DANCE SEGMENT!!

to be or not to be

This was also the song where Mis-Snow-Man (MSM) were told during the event to “worship” him as he was lifted up… But during the actual cons, instead of MSM, the female dancers were the ones worshiping him! I was pleasantly surprised as he even made changes to the songs that were rehearsed during the event — so it wasn’t repetitive for us :)

I love doing the furitsuke for the chorus ne… and the ending of the chorus as well… To be or not to~~be~~~ kotae wa iranai~~~XD He did the furitsuke on the lifter, facing all sides of the arena.

  • Clap, Clap Battle

I’m not sure what to call this segment, but I guess this replaced the “Tackey Battle Call” from last year. In this, we were told to clap according to the music, and shout out whatever Takki’s shouting. It’s a bit like a battle as well, as we were split into two sections again.

During the first show, he shouted “Takki” to the other side, and then he continued with “Tsubasa” and “Snow Man”. Then on our side, he shouted something I couldn’t hear… he got softer and softer… but stupid me don’t understand… Then to the other side, he shouted “Inoki” and “Enoki” etc. Then he greeted us, said he’s back in Osaka after a year. And although it’s only a short few hours, he hopes everyone will enjoy until the end of the show.

On the second day, he came up with all sorts of words — Takki, Snow Man, Question, Tsubasa, Takitsuba, Yamapi, Inoki, and even Ouji, Akanishi, Osaka, Takisama, and Kamisama LOL…

The VTR came on again, with Yayoi-doll talking, and MSM taking charge of the audience and stage. I would say… these guys still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before they can be as good as ABC-Z and Kis-my-ft2 in supporting Takki. They are so young, like 10 years younger than Takki haha~ and it seemed like Takki had to take care of them instead, during these two shows at least lol.

  • Ai Kakumei Yankee Version

Yayoi-sama said that this concert is about “If Takizawa Hideaki is a XX”. And so, on the screen were the words, “What if he’s a Yankee who values love…”, and Takizawa Souchou appeared at the back end stage.

This time, his long coat was GOLD!!! And his hair was GOLD!! Wahahaha~~ CHOU KAKKOII! I love this more than the black coat which we’ve been seeing since last year.

yankee takki

He held a mist gun and sprayed on the Jrs., then they walked down the right hanamichi to the middle, through the middle stage, and then from the left hanamichi back to the stage.

Similar to last year, his voice over for the dialogue was hilarious!!

During the first show, Souchou asked if we were all psyched up for the concert, and put his hand to his ear, signalling for us to scream… There were screams from the audience… but Souchou laughed (BWAHAHA~ the way he laughed was so funny and cute~), and said “Thank you for your half-assed reaction.” Haha~ then he said there were many pretty girls around, like “you”, and “you”, and “you at the 2nd row” (he was pointing randomly)… and he asked them to go to his hotel tonight bwahaha~

During the second show, he asked us all to repeat “Osaka~” ten times, and said “Ready, Go!” and puts his hands to his ears… Some people said “Osaka~ Osaka~ Osaka~” and we all started laughing already coz it was so messy. I was only mumbling… Souchou got “angry” and said “There’s nothing (I can’t hear anything) yo!” and scolded us “baka jin” or something LOL!!!

Obviously, all the dialogue was pre-recorded and the words were on the screens. The real Takki wasn’t even talking. He was just making funny faces along with the voice over.

Then, they started doing the chicken dance… *pokes to right twice*, *pokes to left twice*, then with the entire series of Wooo LOVE!s lol~~~

chicken dance lol

When the Ai Kakumei verse started, Takki held out his hands and moved left, and right… while singing. The Jrs. behind him did the same. When we first saw it, we couldn’t stop laughing.

And finally the chorus of Ai Kakumei was also in Yankee style.

ai kakumei yankee version

  • Ai Sekai

Tono took off his gold coat and wig, and put on a red jacket. He sang “Ai Sekai” on stage, and I remember the part where it goes “Ame~ Ame~” and Tono was raising his hands as though there was rain haha…

  • Diamond

Takki took off the red jacket and OMGGG!!! Underneath it was…. KYAAA! A skin-colored top with some prints on it. HONTO KAKKOII!! My favourite costume of the entire concert (I also like the Ero Ero dance one, but that isn’t really a ‘costume’ haha~)! And the entire set was REALLY KAKKOII!!!!! FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, FIREEEEE!!!!!! KYAAAAA!! It was so cool! Too bad there are so few pictures of this, and none of the WS or NHK showed the fire from Diamond at all! >.<


I think this is the most kakkoii “Diamond” performance I’ve EVER seen!!! It was RED HOT FIERY! Takki was performing this as fire shot up from both sides of the stage. There were moving platforms on each side, shooting up fire throughout the song. During the first show, we were just awed by it all. We could feel the heat! Actually, even at the very far end of the hall during the last show, we could also feel the heat yo! PLUS, the entire front line of the stage was shooting up fire!

And this was the song where… during the event, the two Jrs. dancing behind Takki had to win the race to win their spots lol. During the event, the other members of MSM had to stand below and hold red cloths which represented fire hahaha~ that was quite funny. I remember one of them had a very tiny red cloth which looked like a skirt haha~

Just a side note, during the first show, I think we saw his left chikubi during this song LOL. He wasn’t wearing the vest for this song in Osaka (definitely in the first show, he wasn’t), but I think in Yokohama, he wore the vest for both Diamond and Kareha no Kage.


  • Kareha no Kage

On the screen were words which said something like “It was such a cool performance, but at the very end, (he) loses his balance…”

And the very familiar intro for “Kareha no Kage” played. We screamed!! I love this song since Kakumei, but never really liked the costume Takki was wearing then. Now that he’s dancing in this cool outfit, I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE TO BITS!!!! KYAAA~~~

kareha no kage

The song was arranged in a slightly different way from the usual. There was additional background music added to parts of the song – during the verses as well as the middle dancing sequence. Although I love Kisumai’s background singing (which was absent for this con), I prefer the music of this solocon version, compared to the Kakumei or Shounen Club one. I really liked the little bits of added beats (<- sorry, this sounds weird lol~).

kareha no kage end

At the end of this song, Takki tripped and fell, just a split second before the lights went out. During the first show, we screamed with shock! We thought it was an accident… until the next day before our final show, when A-san told us about the words, that we realised it was part of the plan… it was like a “what if a cool performance was ruined at the end” kind of thing lol~


During that final show, Takki made a comical “aiya!” sound while he tripped. I think he did this so as not to give fans like us too much shock. This day, we laughed when he fell XD

  • Baby Hide-chan

Takki’s mom’s real voice was played, along with a VTR showing baby pictures of Takki. She said that when she sees her Hideaki on stage in front of the fans, she feels at ease. The things that she couldn’t do, the staff and fans filled in for her. And it’s not her but everyone who made Takki who he is today. She thanked everyone, and she said that in her heart, her Hideaki is still very much a child. She still remembers how he was when he was a baby. If her wish can come true, she hopes to meet baby Hideaki again.

baby takki

When we first heard this, we were kyaaaing like mad wahahaha~ Then on the screen were the words “If Takizawa Hideaki returns to a baby…”….. Then it changed to a (live feed) close up of Takki wearing a baby’s hat, rubbing his eyes crying… along with the sound of a baby crying. KYAAAAA!! CHOU KAWAIIII!!!!!!

  • Yakusoku ~ Last ~ Baby Version

Hide-chan crawled out onto the stage, and he was dressed in a baby suit! Hahahahaha…. And the song they used was “Yakusoku ~ Last”, but they changed the “Bye, bye, bye” to “Hai, hai, hai” LOLL!!! (Note: hai hai = baby way of crawling)

Hide-chan sat on one of the Jrs’ body and did some actions while singing the song. During the first show, as we were too close to the huge screen showing live footage, I didn’t notice that the middle screens on the stage were playing another VTR until halfway through the song. And that VTR was sooooooo cute!!! It’s entirely on Baby Hideaki! XDDDD

During the second show, I focused on that VTR, yet I wanna watch what the real Takki is doing at that moment!! It’s so hard to concentrate on both yo!!!! LOL~~ I’m sure fans who went to the shows had the same problem! LOL!

The VTR was really kawaii~~~ Last year, it was Takiranger VTR which made us laugh like mad. This year, this baby VTR made us kyaaaa and giggle lol… I remember a scene where Baby Hideaki drank from a milk bottle… and he got sleepy while drinking and slowly dozed off…. chou kawaii yo!! That really reminded me of my youngest bro when he was young. Babies like to doze off while sucking the milk bottle ne~

And towards the end of the VTR, Baby Hideaki crawled (fast forward motion) towards a mat on the grass. And he covered himself with a blanket and fell asleep, with his four limbs spread out wahahaha… If only I can see this VTR again!!! >.< Why isn’t there a DVD? Avex!!!!!!!!!!

After the song ended, two of MSM asked Hide-chan to get up and that it’s time to change his clothes or something… But Takki was sooo cute, he acted like a pampered baby… and whined in a baby voice, like “iyada~~~” and his voice was so cute!! Hahahaha~~

During the first show, MSM tried to coax baby Hide-chan… but whenever they move near him, Hide-chan crawled away from them ahahahaha… He also laid down on his back and refused to get up… but after some more coaxing from MSM, Hide-chan suddenly stood up and said (in his real voice) “wakatta!” *LOL*

Anyway, I’ll stop here for Part 1 :) Sorry, this took so long. I’m not sure how long more the 2nd part will take, coz I haven’t even started, and it’s been exactly a month since the shows~ my memory is fading wahahahahaha…

[Report] Tackey Summer Concert 2010 in Osaka – Part 1

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  1. Thanks 4 your hard-efforts in writing this report, much less trying to remember all of it too…sugoiii ne~♥ Gambatte w/Part 2 soon! XDD

    My fav. parts in reading this con were the beginning (blk outfit in the beginning…so kakkoii~), Diamond (*kyaaa*…love this outfit alot!), Karahe no Kage (love this song to death @,@), and the Baby Hide-chan/Yakusoku~Last Baby Vers. lol Kawaii Hide baby-chan like that!!! :P I don’t know how he can pull off being so serious one segment, then comical in the next. Such an outstanding and magnificent performer he is! ♥♥

    I loved reading every bit of it. Thanks once again…made me feel like I was really there. ^.^

  2. Thanks Mich! Your report is great- sounds like that Diamond was amazing! hope you can continue, you really have a great way of describing it all!

  3. Thank you mich,

    You have unbelievable memories.

    From your report I know that I missed to notice manything, but some part of your report also remind me many thing too.

    I’m looking forward to read part II.

  4. Thank u so much, mich….

    Your report is really great.. I love it.. XD
    And the way you describing everything is really amazing.. ;)

    Can’t wait to read part 2.. ;D

  5. Indeed you have a good memory! I love your report!
    I loved Diamond~Kareha no Kage performance, and Ai Kakumei- Souchou dance, and Baby Hideaki VTR was so cute!!

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