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[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 2, Show Time

…cont’d from Act 1

Duration: approx. 1hr 15mins

Scene #1 – Ruins A

★ Opening

Shigin-kun walks onto the stage and introduced the next Act, which is about the future in the year 2060, Newton’s prediction of the end of the world. After talking for a while, he points up to the 2nd floor, the music changed, and *chou kawaii* hidejiji hung from a cable “flew” down from the right of the 2nd floor, to the left on the first floor stage.

hidejii flying

Hidejiji was absolutely adorable during this scene! His face always looked so kirakira~~ he’d just be looking at everyone with a rather straight face, but not a tad bit fierce lol~ in fact, his face looked younger with that old man wig on! (And I always think that, whenever he puts on that old man wig, he looks like Beckham lol!) Anyway, one of his hands held on to his walking stick, and he just kinda froze in that position while the cable turns his body around…

On 1/15, he raised his hand *slowmotion* to say hi to the audience LOL.

On 1/12, when he reached the stage and started walking towards the centre, there were some giggling from the audience near him (I couldn’t hear it), but Hidejiji suddenly said, “What are you laughing about!?” XDD

★ Letter A

The set was some rocks, pipes, and generally, ruins. Similar to last year’s. Hidejiji talked about how he had opened the box that he shouldn’t have opened. Then he found the bench~~ it still remained after all these years, that hospital bench. “I was born here, on 29th March 1982.” And he remembered there’s a letter under the bench… Hidejiji slowly felt his way under the bench, and took out the letter that his mother wrote.

★ Letter B

He held a cloth over himself, and chibi Hideaki appeared when the cloth dropped (just like in One!). Chibi Hideaki (acted by some Jr.) read out the letter from his mother. “Hideaki, I’m sorry…” When Hideaki was really really young, he had asked, “Mama, why do I not have a father?” and she just didn’t know how to answer, so she told him that “He went out to sea on a ship, and died there.”, then young Hideaki asked “Where’s his grave?” and his mother replied “That huge vast sea is your father’s grave.” “I lied to you, and laughed while I answered.” The voice of Hideaki’s mom was Mori Mitsuko’s voice.

Then Takki’s voice came on “What is my life like? I’ll only know this at the moment of death. If I were to be reborn again, what kind of life will be prepared for me… ” etc… There were photographs of chibi Takki on the background screen.


Then Hidejiji appeared and called out to chibi Hideaki. He said he’ll show him something good. He started catching red hotaru (fireflies) and putting them into a bag. Whenever he puts one into the bag, there’d be a red light inside the bag.


On 1/12:

Hidejiji slowly caught some hotaru, one by one, from all kinds of places… and chibi Hideaki said “You’re good at catching them ne”. Then Hidejiji started catching them really fast LOL!! He’s supposed to be what 80 years old!~ Hidejiji said “Sugoi naa~~ but this is tiring ne~” and started catching them even faster (from left to right and to left again)!! Then he said “There’s one more… Oh… Excuse me…” He put his hand inside chibi Hideaki’s shirt and pulled out a hotaru!

Chibi Hideaki was like “Eh? Why…?”, and Hidejiji said “You were wondering why it’s in such a place, right? Coz it’s an H*hotaru-san!” LOL! The hotaru all disppeared, and chibi Hideaki was wondering where they have gone. Hidejiji said out loud, “I wonder where did H*hotaru-san go?”

*H, or “ecchi”: dirty-minded, lewd, indecent.

On 1/15:

Chibi Hideaki said “you’re good at catching them ne~” and Hidejiji said, “yeah, they’re pretty right?” and chibi Hideaki said “it’s the first time I’ve seen red hotaru.” and Hidejiji said “yeah, they’re rare, aren’t they?”. Then, chibi Hideaki asked him, “show me other colors?”, and Hidejiji laughed and said, “that’s not possible now…”.

There was no H*hotaru-san, but he caught many hotaru really fast from the same spot over and over again, and at the same time he said “this is really tiring na~~” hahahahaha~ my brother sitting beside me was laughing at his actions :D

All the small hotaru turned into a huge hotaru then disappeared off-stage, and chibi Hideaki chased after it. Hidejiji chased for a while, then turned back, and saw a stalk of flower. He held it and gave it a wave, and many flowers dropped from the ceiling into the floor. I think they have weights attached to each one, so that they could “stand” after dropping onto the stage.

Hidejiji said “with my power, again the flowers have bloomed…. I am Hanasaka Jiji (the old man who can make flowers blossom).”

Then he saw a skeleton.

hidejii skeleton

On 1/12:

He looked at the skeleton and said “Oh~ isn’t this skeleton… Kattun’s Nakamaru?” (Nakamaru walked past just when Act 2 started, and was sitting a few rows in front of me. I was turning my head and happened to see his face when he walked down the aisle, head bent low so as not to block the audience behind~). Hidejiji then said “Even though he’s become like that, his nose is still so big!” LOL~~~

On 1/15:

He looked at the skeleton, then said “Tsubasa!!”, and he slowly lifted up the skeleton’s left leg really high up, then let it drop down freely lol…. and said at that same time “You’ve become like this… Poor thing… Seems like something terrible has happened to you naa…” LOL!

★ Kakumei (Piano ~ Pipe Organ)

Then, Hidejiji saw an old piano, and said “so nostalgic~~ a piano! I wonder if it still can be played”. Then he started playing “Ai Kakumei” and sang the song in an “old man voice” (which I love~~~) XD There’s one high part where his voice becomes the normal young Hideaki hahaha~ After singing “…sayonara wo iwasete”, the pipe organs played the Ai Kakumei tune… Hidejiji walked towards some pipe, and pulled it along. These things are what cells? Lol~ Hideaki’s memories…

Then he pushed a stone aside and some video footage was shown on a screen on the top left (last year, it was shown on both sides, and had Majo no Jouken, Kaiki club footage, etc…). This year, it was footage from Timekeepers I think, and Hidejiji said, “that was when I was at my cutest~”, something like that…

★ In the Dark

Then some ‘zombies’ appeared, and the music for MJ’s Thriller played… A “Michael Jackson” (aka. Senga-kun) appeared and started dancing. He did a solo dance first, then ALL of them including Hidejiji danced the Thriller chorus! LOL!!!! It was hilarious, as Hidejiji used his walking stick to dance, and later held his back as though he had a backache…


Then right at the end of the song, when Senga MJ was dancing off the stage, Hidejiji called out to him, “Michael!”, but Senga MJ only kept saying the “OW~” thing. LOL!!! And I think this was also where the footage of young Takki (a private home video) at a beach, dancing towards and making funny face at the camera~? Or maybe that was shown somewhere else lol~ I can’t remember already! >.<

Sigh, I wish this can be on DVD!!

Hidejiji then said, “That period of youth, that period of my teens, and when I was 27 years old, it was the most enjoyable na~”… And Hidejiji froze at that point. The screen came down in front of him, and there’s a video of 27-year-old Hideaki that “overlayed” where Hidejiji was. Very clever idea I think~

Scene #2 – Yume Monogatari

★ Overture

Back to the year 2010! The numbers “2060” morphed into “2010” (last year, the “6” overturned to become “9”). And Takki is now on the HUGE screen… and he was HADAKA!!! XDDDD At first it was a wider shot, then after a while, it was a super close up, that you can see his teeth shining as he talked :)

hadaka takki

He talked about the people who performed in Imperial Theatre, from Shonentai to Taichi-kun to Domoto Koichi to Kattun to Kanjani8 to Hey!Say!Jump. Then he talked about the year 2010 where another big play is staged here — Mori Mitsuko’s Jinsei Kakumei.

And at this point, THEY SHOWED REHEARSAL FOOTAGE FROM JINSEI KAKUMEI!!!! OMG~~~ Tono looked sooooooo good!! He was slightly unshaven, in a white v-neck t-shirt and black jersey pants, I think… practicing the dance with Mori-san, sitting in the rickshaw etc… I remember he was smiling~ so kawaii-ly~~~ Iyaaa~ I wanna see the footage again!!! I want a DVD!!!! >.<

jinsei rehearsal

Then, on the screen again, Takki and the Jrs. were all dancing on a flight of stairs on the stage. He was wearing the gold costume with blank pants tucked in boots, while the Jrs. were all in white…. As they danced, the screen was lifted up, and we see the REAL Takki and Jrs. dancing on the stairs on the stage, together with the video. I love that effect… I think my parents and bros also commented that it was a clever idea….

The only thing they didn’t notice (and I didn’t too, coz I was only focussing on Tono, but Kat noticed and told me~) that some of the Jrs on the screen didn’t match the real ones (coz ABC-Z took turns to perform lol~) :)

hideaki and jrs on stairs

★ Rally

Nikki said “This is Hideaki who has gone back to the enjoyable days of 2010”. Takki and Jrs started dancing, and he did this ‘curvy’ moves with his legs lol~ I always had to use my binocs to look! It was cute coz of the pants he’s wearing haha~ I always feel that the pants look funny haha, but N-san loves it! hehe~

Hime came out to sing and dance with Hideaki~ She was wearing a ballerina pink dress or something. And they danced on the steps of the stage… Very kirakira~~ Then they ran down the steps to the stage, and continued dancing there.

And I think they danced up to the steps again…. Another song played, and a sexy one. Hideaki moved his body sexily *woooah* I had my binocs fixed on his… erm… interesting pants! Hehe~ Then Nikki continued the song, while Hideaki and Hime ran off stage….

Nikki did this rather “drunk” move~~ coz the music was kinda jazzy… After a while, all the Jrs came out, and all of them were singing and dancing “Baby, love you, can you feel my heartbeat…” etc… “Love is a miracle… Love is forever… ” And as it was similar to last year’s, I knew that Takki was getting ready for the bunjee, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the stage….

nikki and jrs

★ Kakumei Bunjee

I looked up, and RIGHT ABOVE ME (or, right above the girl on my right) on 1/12 was the bunjee equipment! Takki was already in his yellow suit (so happy they kept the same one as last year! I think it’s the nicest bunjee suit so far!!). He stood on the ‘swing’ thingie, and was lowered… My eyes were fixed on him, and I was resting my head on the seat rest (coz I had to look up, straining for my neck lol)… And… I could see his pants from underneath LOL!!!!!

takki bunjee

When Nikki, Jrs, etc finished their song, the stage blacked out, and a very beautiful music played…. Takki was standing and swinging. Then when the music changed, he started flipping front and back, bouncing up and down. This year there was still the back flip, but no “downward dive, head first” thing. There were some extra moves this year, where he hung sideways… but the front & back flips remained the same…

And I can say, from an ex-gymnast’s point of view, that he flips really gracefully~~ If you compare his first bunjee performance in Dream Boy to what he’s doing now, you can see the difference ne… in the position of his legs, arms, and the shape of his body while he flips…

Last year it was a trance version of “Ai Kakumei” (or Chopin’s Love Revolution). This year it was a different music.

takki bunjee

And my favourite part was this really beautiful slow music, and Takki was just sitting on the swing, swinging like a little boy~~~ *DIES* I LOVE THIS PART!! I want to see it on DVD… >.<

As the music picked up its pace again, Tono started front flipping, back flipping, again and again!!! When I was sitting below him, although I can’t physically feel any “Hidejiru”, my mother (who was sitting somewhere on the right of the 1st floor) said she could see Hidejiru splattering out from Takki! And I was just below him, I MUST have caught some! haha~ Maybe on my hair, or my body, or clothes, or skin, but I just wasn’t able to feel it… (coz I was too engrossed looking at him? hahahahaha~)

Btw, without realising, I had my hands clasped together (like praying? Lol~) throughout the bunjee, similar to the 2 girls beside me LOL! I felt really *dokidoki* when Takki “flew” downwards during the back flip for eg… He looked like he was going to touch us, so close…

And on 1/15, when I watched it from the back… HE ALMOST HIT HIS HEAD!! I dunno what happened, the staff up there were slow in pulling up the “swing bar”, and when Takki “bounced” upwards, his head ALMOST hit the swing bar!!! And it was so obvious that even my brother saw and remembered it after the show.

Scene #3 – Ruins B

★ Time Capsule

The Jrs came out and sang this song, like last year. This year, it was sung LIVE. I remember Kawai-kun singing solo live, and also Kitayama-kun. I LOVE this song! But I don’t know what’s the name lol~ Time capsule? Hmm, Fujigaya’s voice is very nice hehehehe~~~ I remember enjoying this song last year as well!


The 2 Jrs did the “slow motion globe-running” thing again, like last year. And it goes really well with the song.

Nikki then appeared as an old man. Let’s call him Nikkijiji :) He said that “What is important is the heart. It’s important to always have the heart of a young person…” something like that.. And Hidejiji was back in 2060 as an old man too. He took out the letter that his mother wrote, and handed it to Nikkijiji.

But Nikkijiji read it out sideways, so he was muttering weird words lol… After Hidejiji corrected him, Nikkijiji read “Hideaki, I’m sorry…”. Mori-san’s voiceover was played again, as his mother. After reading the letter, Hidejiji told Nikkijiji, “You are still alive. You are the father that Mom was referring to in this letter, right?”

Nikkijiji said that it’s for Hideaki’s sake that his mother lied to him… Hidejiji seemed to forgive him, and called him “Tousan” (Father). And he asked Nikkijiji to sit on the bench with him. But Nikkijiji couldn’t seem to climb up the steps to the bench LOL… And Hidejiji helped him up. They talked on the bench for some time (and I know my Dad was falling asleep here coz he didn’t understand a word haha~)

nikki and takki

After a while, they played “Catchball”. And that’s where Nikkijiji made a joke out of “catchball” and “Shinjuku catchbar” (on 1/12)… I don’t really know what it is but… he also made dirty jokes about the ball and his *beep*. Hidejiji was saying “it’s at the wrong place” lol… And when Nikkijiji finally wanted to throw the ball towards his son, he ended up throwing it backwards. But Hidejiji said “Oh, it was so fast that I couldn’t see it!”.

They moved back to the bench (on 1/15, Nikki kinda forgot to be an old man, and he climbed up the steps to the bench easily lol~). Hidejiji then started smoking. Same as last year, Takki really took out a cigarette, lighted it and made a few puffs. Then Nikkijiji wanted a puff too, so he kept signalling to Hidejiji… and as it was the last cigarette, Hidejiji gave his cigarette to him for a puff. On 1/15, Nikkijiji asked why people say ‘suimasen’ (don’t smoke) when they say sorry or excuse me… something like that.

Nikkijiji took the cigarette and put the hot end into his mouth, burning himself. He also smoked with his ear or nose? Or was that from last year? Haha~ I forgot. Nikkijiji then ‘accidentally’ dropped the cigarette on the floor… and finally said that smoking is no good for the body.

Then Nikkijiji explained to his son how he loved his mother. He said something like this, “I loved your mother from my heart. And then you were born…” then he said “…I left your mother, and went off with another woman… and had a daughter with her.”

But on 1/15, Nikkijiji kamikami-ed!!!! He said “…I left your mother, and went off with another man….” LOLLLL!!! The audience around me were all “EH?” LOLLL and it took me about 1s to realise that he said “betsu no OTOKO” wahahahahahaha…. We were laughing, and Hidejiji Takki too! Hahahaha~ He was trying hard not to laugh out!!! Nikkijiji immediately said… “iya, betsu no ONNA (no, i mean, another woman!)”

But everyone was still laughing, that I had to explain to my brother what just happened :) My brother said he saw Takki shaking with laughter, and bent his body over (to hide his face)… As we didn’t stop laughing, Nikkijijij explained, “I don’t have such an inclination…” XDDD

Then, Hidejiji went to the piano, asked his father “Dad, do you remember this song?”, and started playing the piano…

★ We’re all alone

I love this song!!! So happy they kept it from last year. Nikki’s voice is really nice~~

Outside the rain begins,
and it may never end.
So cry no more.
On the shore a dream
will take us out to sea…

Hidejiji joined in the singing towards the end.

★ Ai・Kakumei Ending Ver.

Hidejiji said, he finally met his dad at such an age… and said he had a request. About him and Yukihime being half-siblings, he wanted Nikkijiji to keep it from her. Nikkijiji said he’ll do so, and will keep his promise. Hidejiji said “Thank you, Dad… I’m really very happy to be able to live until this age. Finally, I can go to that world…”

The heartbeat of Hidejiji became weaker and weaker… and finally Hidejiji collapsed… “It’s not possible anymore… I can’t do it anymore… Touuuuusannn!”

And Hidejiji died.

Nikkijiji confessed that all this while, he’s been keeping a secret from him… That Yukihime actually already knew that Hideaki was her brother. And I think she also was pregnant with Taisuke’s child (?) Anyway, Yukihime walked out slowly towards them… and called out to her brother “Oni-san. No way, you can’t go to the other world…” and finally she said she’ll give her life to him. “Thank you, Oni-san.”

And everything went dark for a few seconds, like last year.

When the lights came back, Hideaki shouted “Yuki!”, and there he was, standing beside Yukihime’s body. He had become the 2010 him, 27-year-old Hideaki, while Yukihime had turned into an old woman… lying on the ground, dead. Hideaki held her in his arms, and started singing a very sad version of Ai Kakumei…

yukihime dead

“Saigo ni mou ichido, dakishimete iikai…” (Can I hold you for the last time?…). He was prepared to carry her away, but Nikki stopped him, saying he doesn’t belong to that world… Old lady Yukihime was carried off by the Jrs. who appeared during the ‘bodies switch’.

A sad version of Ai Kakumei played, while Hideaki walked to our left saying the lines of Ai Kakumei. Someone hooked a cable on him, and he flew up slowly towards the 2nd floor right while singing the chorus of Ai Kakumei (slow version)…

ai kakumei ending

Hehe, on 1/12, I was underneath him when he flew past~ he was so near us… that we could see from under his pants too. Ah, that seat on 1/12 was quite a good seat with a good view of the stage :)

★ Kakumei Finale (Curtain Call)

There’s a large airplane on the stage, and there was the sound of the engine starting… A faint woman’s voice said in English, “We’ll soon arrive at Narita Airport. Please fasten your seatbelts…” I think… and Nikki came out on stage, to thank everyone and introduce the members who’ve created the first history of the year.

And one by one, the Jrs. climbed up the ladder beside the airplane, and down again, then go to the front of the stage and bowed to the audience. We clapped along with the music (which is a much happier version of Ai Kakumei~) while applauding them as well. After the Jrs, dancers, stuntmen, etc, it was Nanako-san (Yukihime), followed by Takki.

After he bowed to the audience, he pointed towards the left of the stage to introduce Nikki. Then all of them bowed to our right, to our left, to the centre, and the curtains came down.

curtain down


We continued to clap in the dark, until the music started, and the curtain raised. Btw, this music seemed to be the opening music of last year’s Act 1 :)

★ Hikari Hitotsu

Then, there was some static sound, and the intro of Hikari Hitotsu played, and the water curtain fell… I remember there was video footage played ON the water curtain!! And it was colored footage!!! I remember seeing Takki from Harucon… it was kind of a mixed footage, and we can only vaguely see him coz it was shown on water, but I think it’s cool! haha~

As Takki walked to the front, the curtains opened, so that he would not be drenched. And I remember the mirror-cracking part was really sugoi~ there was footage of a mirror cracking as well, a bit like Takisamacon, but this was in a small theatre, so the effect was really good.

hikari hitotsu

I love this song!! XDDD

★ Warui Otoko

The intro for Warui Otoko played. Takki took off his white jacket, to reveal a white vest outside a black shirt. He put on a hat, and held a machine-gun… Then started shooting at the audience, from our right to our left.

I LOVE THIS DANCE!! I love all the “Jin-Jin” parts where they all move their right hands – shaped like guns. They did it in front of them, and when they moved their hands, their chests also moved. Then I think it was an up-down movement somewhere lower, and I think Takki did it quite low down compared to the juniors, so it was rather near his *ahem*. There was also a move over the left shoulders, and one more above their heads…


Kakkoii~~~!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD


But my favourite part of the dance – apart from the Jin-Jins – was the “~sa~ma~yo~u” part where all of them moved sexily, holding their hats… I don’t know how to describe, but I want to see this performance again!!!! It’s my favourite Takki dance so far yo~~! I want it on DVDDDD >>.<<

★ Kamen Butoukai

Nikki came on stage, and Takki & Nikki did Kamen Butoukai! I always liked this song, ever since last year’s senshuuraku (with Koichi and the original Shonentai – found in the Takizawa Kakumei DVD Limited Edition). That performance was so special, I don’t even know why~!

kamen butoukai

And this year’s costume is much nicer! At the end of the song, Takki would mouth out the “Johnnys Entertainment” along with the chibi voice hahahaha! On 1/15 he was slightly slower, but on 1/12, he was soooo cute that it made everyone laugh! Ahhh… I want to see this on DVD too… >.<

★ Shalala

This is where we can see Takki SMILING so much!! He was in the middle of a circle of Jrs, and all of them were doing the furitsukes… I saw Takki pointing and smiling at… was it Kitayama and Fujigaya… during the chorus. And during the bridge, there’s one part where all of them shouted “HEY!” in unison! Haha, I was shocked at first, but I really like that effect! XD


And for the final chorus, ALL of them moved to the front of the stage, close to the edge, doing the furitsuke together!! It was so “WOW”, especially on 1/12 when I was sitting within 10 rows from the stage!! Even on 1/15, when we were sitting at the back, my youngest bro said he liked that part XD

★ Epilogue

Then the intro for Epilogue played, and Takki introduced Nikki, before running off stage. Nikki sang the 1st verse and chorus of the song. Then he introduced his “very close friend, Takki!” ^^ Takki came out onto the stage again from our right. He was now dressed in the ending kirakira black suit. He sang the 2nd verse, then gave his closing speech.


He thanked everyone for coming to Takizawa Kakumei. Thanks to everyone, he could stage this show again. He talked about co-acting with Mori-san in the afternoon Jinsei Kakumei. He said that he’s learning a lot from that and it’s an enjoyable show. It’s still a long way to go, so he’ll do his best.


He thanked everyone for coming to Takizawa Kakumei. He’s really happy to be able to stand on this stage again this year (and he kamikami-ed on the word “stand” lol~~). He said that they’re just a bit more to the halfway stage now, and this year he also had the chance to co-star with Mori-san, after 10 years, in Jinsei Kakumei in the afternoons. He’s enjoying it, and learning a lot from it.

Then he continued singing the bridge… and he sounded tired, and a bit out of breath… especially on 1/12, he couldn’t hold the high note for very long.

Nikki joined in for the last chorus. And when the song was ending, Takki passed his mic to Kitayama, and had the cable hooked on him… Then he turned to his right, and started running into the water… Time for Hidejiru!!!

hidejiru time

He was splattering Hidejiru all over the place… but I didn’t catch any haha! I don’t mind ne, actually it was quite exciting, not knowing whether or not it’ll reach me LOL. Again, I saw the girls beside me all clasping their hands together (I was doing that too!) hahahaha~~ like “please reach me! please reach me!”, but of coz it didn’t. I think the best spot to catch Hidejiru is Rows D-G :)

Landing back on the stage, he was caught by Kitayama this year (I think, can’t remember lol). He said a short thank you, everyone bowed and the curtains came down. All this while, we were clapping, from the moment he flew into the water, to the end…

On 1/12, I saw one girl on the right standing up, so I stood up too. I didn’t bother about whether other people stood up or not. And it turned out that there were only two of us on the first floor standing up (from what I can see lol). It was a good show for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thinking back now, I’m so glad I did that!! XD


Overall, this year’s show is better than last year’s. The rain scene of the first act brought out Hideaki’s confusion well, and some of the long fighting and dying scenes were cut short. The free fall was dangerous in the rain, but it was spectacular at the same time. However, I miss the chinese lion dance (hatsu uta), the seahorse-3D flying of the ryugojo… and I also miss the opening 3D flying of last year’s.

I really love this year’s “DEEP” segment where Takki always had this small ‘play’ behind the ‘main performance’ lol. But I think I prefer last year’s Yuki-hime. Although she’s not as pretty as this year’s, I think her build suits Takki’s more.

And most importantly, this year’s SHOW TIME ROCKS!!! It’s much better than last year’s IMHO!! The Hikari Hitotsu performance was really cool with all the water effects. Warui Otoko… ROCKS!!! And Shalala… ROCKS TOO! Hahahaha~ In one butai, Takki sang all 3 of his solo singles! That’s why mich was so so happy~ ♥

As for my family… immediate after Act 1, Mom told me that the show was “very nice lei”, and Takki looked small in build (hehe~ that, I know~). At the end of the show, Dad said that Takki was “really goodlooking and has a powerful voice”. He said that when Takki spoke, his voice seemed to drown out the rest. Dad also noticed that Takki changed clothes really fast. My youngest bro said that Show Time was the best! He said “the jin-jin song’s dance was very sleek and neat”. LOL~ Jin-jin = Warui Otoko of coz! And he also mentioned that the “Shalala” part where ALL of them came to the front of the stage to do the moves… He thought it was cool and “WOW” :)


Phew, I’ve finished this report… like finally!!

Now I just have to wait patiently for my Takizawa Kakumei DVDs to arrive… I have Shuduck’s DVD sitting here in front of me but I can’t open it coz it’s not mine… It’s agonizing lol. But I’ll be patient… coz good things are worth waiting for! XD

[Report] Takizawa Kakumei ’10 – Act 2, Show Time

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