Takirev’10: Day 5 (Harajuku)


I decided to continue writing about the trip first, before going back to the shows reports coz god knows how long I’ll take to get Act 2 up, and then there’s still Jinsei Kakumei report lol.

Actually, for Day 5, I spent it only at 3 places. After breakfast, we took a train to Harajuku. And first thing I did was to check out the Johnnys shop. As it was a weekday, there wasn’t a queue at the overhead bridge. But the shop itself was packed. Both upstairs and downstairs. I left my family waiting outside, thinking it wouldn’t take long. And I took down the numbers of Takki’s Hikari Hitotsu photos WHILE queueing up to pay lol.

There were about 8 more people in the queue when I decided I should tell my family to go walk walk first. So I took out my keitai and started texting, but before I could send, Younger Bro & Mom came down to find me (I was in the basement). I told them to walk to where the Takeshita Dori entrance was (I showed them the place on the first day ne~), and said I’ll go there and find them later.

I zenbu-ed the Takki photos – from ‘Hikari Hitotsu’ and ‘Johnnys Sports Day 2009’. As a result, I parted with close to 10,000yen when I left the shop. Then, I hurried over to Takeshita Dori to find my family, who were only 2 shops down by then. It was 11.30am then, and I had a show to catch at 1pm (Jinsei Kakumei), so I told them to wander around on their own… have lunch at Lotteria or Macs or anywhere they want. We were thinking of where to meet after the show, and I told them I’d be done at about 4.30pm. I think I suggested coming back here to find them, but Mom said she doesn’t think they can spend 5 hours here shopping in Harajuku. So, we agreed to meet back in the hotel at 4.30pm!

I zoomed off to the shop to find Kat’s show tickets. And ended up buying about 10 Takisamacon photos from the shop, while waiting for Kat to call back. And after purchasing her tickets, I rushed to the station, and took the train towards Yurakucho.

On the way there, I received a call from N-san. She said she’s already at the theatre! Ah, I told her in my broken Japanese that I’d be late, but she said she’ll wait for me. When I finally reached the theatre, it was already about 15 mins to the show. I rushed to the toilet, put all my stuff in the locker, and then we talked for a while before entering the theatre. Her seat was on the first floor, mine was on the 2nd floor. And it was our first time watching Jinsei. Anyway, I’ll talk about the show in a separate post — hopefully :)

The show ended at slightly before 4pm. And I took a train back to Ikebukuro, and went back to the hotel. When I reached the room (the key was with my brothers), I knocked on the door a few times. Actually even before knocking, I already had a strange feeling, coz there was no noise coming from the rooms (usually we can hear TV sound, or people talking etc)… Hmm, there was no response, and then I knew I had to check my handphone. And tada~~~ message from bro: “Hey we still in harajuku shopping…” I almost flipped! LOL! Still shopping? I thought someone said it’s not possible for them to spend 5 hrs there?

I called him back immediately, and we agreed that I’ll take a train down again to Harajuku! LOL! When they finally came to look for me at Macdonalds, my brothers were carrying huge bags! They have bought a pair of shoes, a bag each, jeans and jacket. Apparently, they walked from Takeshita Dori, to Omotesando, and back… and they told me they haven’t shopped enough. LOL.

We decided to walk towards Omotesando again, and I took the chance to enter another of the unofficial shops there, and got myself some chibi Takki photos + FC bulletin Vol. 32 :)

Then I brought them to Jonathan’s for dinner. The food was really delicious!! Bro pressed the bell several times without knowing that he was calling for the staff. It was quite funny. Not much pictures above ne~ so here are some food glorious food haha~ starting from my omu-hash rice thing. This I think was the best. It was the most expensive too, 1100yen if I’m not wrong.

dinner at jonathans

This is Dad’s chicken thing…

dinner at jonathans

Youngest Bro’s hamburg plus chicken thing…

dinner at jonathans

And both Mom & Bro had this light hamburg bacon egg thing.

dinner at jonathans

And after dinner, guess what we did… Shopping! Again! lol~

We went to the huge ZARA. They were having a sale. And I got myself a skirt (which I wore for CNY lol~). Bro got himself a pair of shoes, and I can’t remember what else they got, but the guys were taking such a long time upstairs, trying out many stuff. And I was so bored haha… I don’t really like shopping (or rather… I can’t afford to spend my money on clothes and accessories~). After spending what seemed like 2 hrs in ZARA, I brought them to the Meijijingumae subway station… And I took a pic of the subway map on the wall lol.

subway map

Just before the train stopped at the platform, I took a pic of this advertisement for my bro. He couldn’t get his cam out in time, while I had mine with me. Just posting it here coz there’s not much pictures to post for this day lol. Anyway, it’s quite an interesting advert.

train ad

Then, back to Ikebukuro, to the combini… and I found Takara Can Chu-hi LEMON flavour!!! XDDD Like FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD

Takara Can Chu-hi Lemon

And back in the hotel, I took some photos of the photos bought earlier that day~~ first is a “group shot” of the Johnnys shop photos! You might not be able to tell from this pic, but the Hikari Hitotsu photos are really gorgeous!! While the Hikari Hitotsu ones are KAKKOII, the Jsports 2009 ones are KAWAII!! ♥

johnnys shop photos

And here are the 10 unofficial photos that I bought. Takisama!!!! Kyaa~~ so much skin hehe… The large photo was Takki at P’s solocon :)

dafuya photos

Un, I think that’s all for this day :)

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  1. すごいと思って、私も日本へ行きたいです、頑張ります~~~~

  2. So your brothers are shoppers! Most guys hate shopping…at least the western ones have to be dragged to it.

    I really only like doing it In France/Italy or Japan, because things are more interesting and different. Plus, being small, clothes there are more likely to fit me…lol

    Unfortunate you had to ride all the way to Ikebukuro and all the way back to Harajuku again!

    I do look forward to your show reports. I know it is time consuming to write detailed ones like yours.

  3. タッキーかっこいいされ、これらの非公式の写真でセクシーな彼の’09 Takisama soloconから。Omg, those unofficial pics of yours from his solocon, you’re VERY LUCKY. @____@

    And that jiji-spec one of him from Pi’s solocon, he looks really good too. ^_^

    As for those Jshops…*runs to my friend & order them for me* lol

    Thanks 4 sharing!

  4. After reading your report.
    And of course all that by google translate.

    It makes me want to go Japan,too. Thank for good story.

    Every day I came here, I have read reports about Takki.
    I would like to talk with everyone, but one of my problems is language.

    So sorry,I just do that every time a visitor only.

    And I hope everyone here will not hate me.

  5. Thanks for the tickets. *chu*
    Your omu-rice looks delicious, I’ve tried another omu-rice shop with the girls at Ikebukuro. Oiishii~~ Let’s go there tog next x. ^^
    Ur photos remind me of the heartache when the JE shop staffs got me the wrong photo and I end up without No. 10 of Sports Day. >.< And I sh stop talking abt the damn queue. XDD
    And speaking about the Takara Can Chu-hi LEMON, how’s the apple one? XDD, I was so happy when I found the lemon too, in the family mart the 1st day I reach. I kept telling RR that we could’t find any during our last trip. LOL.

  6. lizze~ i hope u’ll go to japan soon too. ganbare!

    simone~ they’re not really shoppers ne. i dunno why they were like that that day too… but i know my youngest bro love the fashion in japan. and ginza (the previous day) was too ex, probably that’s why…

    reiko~ there are new shop photos. i think 4 unit ones, and 14 takki ones from countdown!

    jiwelly~ dun worry abt your english ne. we’re not pros too. and we definite’y will not hate someone for such a thing, daijobu!! i’m glad that you left a comment here even though english might not be your first language. thank you! ^^

    kat~ i haven’t tried the apple one. it’s still in my fridge… too heaty these days since CNY! and also a bit bu she de drink haha…

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