Takirev’10: Day 8 (Tokyo – Singapore)

*Phew* The last post for my Jan 2010 trip :)


After checking out of the hotel, we left our luggage at the lobby, and explored the area around our hotel. We had breakfast at Sunshine City's Macdonalds.

They ran out of our favourite megasausage (hotdogs)!!! Arrghh… So I had McGriddles, and tasted again their yucky coffee. Haha… We also walked a few floors of Tokyu Hands next to Sunshine City, and was playing around with some of their interesting toys lol…

Then we went back to the hotel to grab our luggages, and leave for Metropolitan hotel. Dragging our luggages across the streets with a map in my hand… It was quite an experience. I usually take another route which has lesser people, but this time as we were staying in a different hotel, we had to walk past one of the entrances of the station…

Finally we reached the hotel and we all waited at the hotel lobby sofas for the airport limo to arrive. Bored, I took a picture of my Kakumei bag LOL

takirev shopping bag

We got to Narita Airport in about 2 hours. I think I fell asleep on the bus.

After checking in, we searched for lunch. And found a Food Court. All the food we ordered were delicious EXCEPT the hotdog bun that Dad ordered. It was soooo lousy, the bread was cold, the sausage was a normal hotdog which wasn't juicy, and you had to put the mustard and tomato sauce on your own. The hotdog of Macdonalds breakfast is still DA BEST! XD

Mine was Curry Rice. Really delicious. Probably the best one then.

kare raisu

And this was the plane we took back to Singapore.


And dinner they served on board. Oishiikatta ^^


We touched down in Singapore past midnight.

As we took the travellator towards the Arrival clearance, guess what, we saw on one of the TV screens, the Man U (live) match! It was still on! So we hurried out of the travellator, walked back a bit and stood in front of the glass panel to watch the remaining minutes of the match (without audio). And although it was already injury time… MAN U SCORED!!!!! Yahahahaha~~

That was the icing on the cake :)

I think my family enjoyed themselves. My bro told me later that he was glad we decided to go F&E instead of booking a tour, coz we could experience the everyday life by taking the trains on our own, and finding food on our own, rather than sitting in a tour bus and not knowing where exactly we were (like our Korea trip 4 years back lol). I think, Mich as tour guide: mission accomplished *victory sign*

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  1. I think you did the right thing with your family, given you know a lot of Japanese, and you have been in the country before. And it seems you were quite successful.

    If it is a strange country where you don’t know the language, a tour is easier. That’s what I did for Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. But in France or Italy, I would just as soon plan my own.

    There is also the intermediate solution, as I had on my last visit to Japan, where I wanted to visit certain places, but my travel agent there put together an itinerary and booked hotels for me. They also got me a Railpass, but I reserved my seats and chose my schedule.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your family trip. You make an excellent tour guide!

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