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[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 1

Sorry, I had to split this report into parts, coz I’m really super long winded, and this was more like writing a butai report, rather than a con report lol…


Approx. 2hr 45mins

Our Seats

1st show – 6/27 18:00: Arena B6
2nd show – 6/28 13:00: Stands N8
3rd show – 6/28 17:00: Stands W5

Here’s a lousy map of the arena which I did lol.


Our seats for the 3 shows are labelled 1, 2, & 3 :)

The orange part is where the stages and hanamichis are. The pink line from west to east stands was where Takki did fan service – in the moving cart. Just like Takkuricon 2005, the cart was in between Stand Rows 5 & 6.

The Stage


This is the only pic I managed to take, and it was from the last show. As you can see, the big screen is somewhere at the middle top of the photo. We had a really clear view of whatever the cameraman and director chose to show, but everything’s a mirror image. We were looking at these screens for the 2nd & last show. It was then that we realised how beautiful Takki’s mirror image was too. It’s like, he still looks so kakkoii when “flipped horizontal” XD

Sorry, only half the stage was captured in this pic lol… but you can see the “runway” ending with a “27” (at the far end stage). This runway starts with a “’09” on the main stage area.


On both sides of the stage, there is a “Flight Departure” screen – similar to what you would see at the airports. When we stepped into the arena on the first day, the screen was showing CMs of Nissin Milk Spa Ou, Orthros no Inu, etc… It’s as though we stepped into an airport. I’d call it a Takisama International Airport :D

The Flight Departure screens showed North and South Wing Departure details, and the airline is “TACKEY SUMMER AIRLINE (TAL)”. The flight numbers and destinations are shown on the screens. I can’t really remember exactly what, but from various fan reports, something like this was shown on the screens:


And while we were seated waiting for the con to start, usually there are announcements to say that filming and recording is prohibited etc. This time, there were some “special” announcements too :) Sorry, we were early only for the first show and it was too noisy so I couldn’t really hear them properly, but they went something like this:

#1: Imai Tsubasa-san, your (belonging) has been found. Please proceed to the… to retrieve it.
(*Imai-san must be on his way to SPAIN!)

#2: Yoshitsune-sama, Benkei-sama is waiting for you at….
(*Yoshitsune-sama is on his way to Hiraizumi)

#3: A missing child announcement. Takizawa Hideaki-kun from Hachioji, your mother Yayoi-sama is waiting for you at Oyako counter.

I think there was a Saburo announcement as well. Then we started the Takki call – TAKKI *CLAP CLAP* TAKKI *CLAP CLAP*…. until the lights dimmed… and we knew that the con was about to start….

Captain Takisama

Takki’s voiceover played.

Thank you for coming on board the TACKEY SUMMER AIRLINE KIMAGURE JET today. I am your captain, Takisama. We’ll soon be taking off. During the flight, if you are feeling unwell… do something about it yourself *LOL* And if there is any trouble (turbulence) during the flight… there’s nothing we can about it ne *LOL* Although it’s only a short flight, everyone, please enjoy yourselves. Alright then, we’ll soon be taking off.

And there was the sound of the airplane taking off. Then, the music changed, and on the screen on the stage, there was an image of an airplane (TAL 329) in midst of a storm and needing an emergency landing. Then at the same time, the stage “opened up” and a large airplane head appeared, and there were lights on the outlines of the wings. The airplane moved out slowly towards us. Then, Takki appeared on top of the airplane!

Kimagure JET


Captain Takisama was in a pink and silver tracksuit, with sunglasses on. Standing on top of the huge airplane, juniors behind, he started singing “Kimagure Jet”. After the first verse and 2nd verse, Takki & Juniors blew flying kisses to the right, left and centre according to the beat ^^ They also waved both hands to the right, left, then centre….

kimagure jet

He took off his sunglasses, and soon a large slide float “opened upwards” from the bottom of the stage, to the top of the airplane, and one by one, starting with Takki, they slid down like little boys! During the 2nd show, the slide was the smoothest! Takki raised his legs like a little kid… chou kawaii!!!

kimagure jet

During the “edited voice” part of the song, they moved their bodies in circles, with Takki in front.

kimagure jet

Takki was supposed to move slowly, and ABC-Z behind him followed so that they form a spiral thing. But naughty Takki would suddenly change his move! During the first show, he suddenly started moving so fast, round and round, that the Jrs found it hard to keep up haha…

And during the last show, he suddenly stopped doing the circle thing, and faced his left, stepped front and back really fast lol!!! It was hilarious, coz all the juniors were just following him behind and they looked like dancing robots lol…

Ai Kakumei

They moved back to the main stage, and we could see Takki taking off his ‘spacesuit’. When the music for Ai Kakumei played, everyone screamed. Takki changed into a red suit. He sang the intro live, and said the famous lines of course…. When the music beat kicked in, there were “fireworks” on the stage too. It was quite spectacular.

ai kakumei


Next was Shalala. Well, this was fun! Seems like the furitsuke’s a little complicated? Kat hit me once with her penlight lol. I think I watched too much of Shalala, doing subs and all that, that’s why I knew the moves pretty alright. Every time the chorus came, the lights would come on so we could see everybody doing the furitsuke.


Home Party!!

Takki started walking along the hanamichi, from Arena F onwards… As we were sitting at Arena B during the first show, we went a bit crazy coz he was coming our side lol. And he would do funny and *blur* expressions (like scratching his head!) just before the “ma~i~ka!” part! And we would all scream “hey hey hey” and “yeah” too LOL… and for the part where there were many “Hey!”s, Takki would raise his both arms (and a leg!) at the same time and do the “Wah” expression according to each “Hey!” ~ chou kawaii!

Battle Call

Instead of TAKKI vs TSUBASA, this time it’s the right vs left side of arena. All of us would be screaming “TAKKI!”, battling to win his “AIR HUG” lol… and I think, Takki already had in mind one side to “hug” and another side to “show the disgusted face” LOL… and we were ALWAYS unlucky!!! We always got his “disgusted look” after our scream LOL. But we already tried very hard yo!!! For the 3 shows, we were sitting in this order – right, left, and right. And Takki chose to “hug” the left, right, and left :S

Let’s call it the “good side” vs “lousy side”…. When the “good side” screams “TAKKI!”, he would HUG/caress himself, molesting himself repeatedly lol, and smiling so sweetly… then he would mouth the words “chotto matte ne”, smiling and asking them to wait patiently, and then SUDDENLY turned towards the “lousy side”, and his face would be a 180∘change!!! His smile disappeared immediately and he squinted his eyes at us. This expression alone made us laugh! Then, after we, the “lousy side”, screamed “TAKKI!”, he’d give a “Duh!? You call that loud?” kind of disgusted face! LOOOLLLL it was so funny!!! We also couldn’t believe our luck!

Usually he’d move his hand near his ears, which was a cue for us to scream, eg. if he moved his hand on the right, the right side will scream. During the 2nd show, midway through this battle call, he suddenly switched randomly… like the “TA-” would be on the right, and suddenly for the “-KI”, he switched to the left. It was so random that BOTH SIDES got confused! :D

During the 3rd show, he “couldn’t decide” which side to hug at first… so he made both sides scream his name a few times, and finally decided to hug the other side…. we were screaming “iyaadaaaaaa” LOLLL… And a few ppl from our side (including Kat) purposely screamed his name first before he moved his hand… And his reaction was so cute! He was ‘scolding’ us, like telling us that “you should wait for my hand signal first before screaming!”… but some of us still called his name before he raised his hand, and he gave a pissed look LOL… This show’s battle call was the longest I think. And he FINALLY HUGGED US!!! Just ONCE!!!! *jumps for joy* *KYAA!* Then he turned to the other side and pointed to us, like telling them “See! This side is screaming so loudly, you guys have to do the same too!” kind of thing… Maa, this segment was so fun ne!!! Sorry, it’s hard to describe what actually happened. I wanna see that “Duh!” face again!! Hahaha!

Mini MC

Sorry, my translation sucks, so these aren’t 100% accurate, but they are rough summaries for the mini MCs of each show.

6/27, 18:00 show:

It’s been 4 yrs since he last did a solocon. This year he started with the butai Kakumei. “Who came to watch during the New Year? (*RAISES HAND*). Everyone, let’s have fun together. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu…” He didn’t know what to do for the con at first, coz it’s been a long time since he did a solocon. But there will be many characters and corners during the show, so he told us to have fun… And while saying that, he kamikami-ed!!! LOLLL!! We laughed of coz~ and he was trying to explain that “it’s been a long time” since he did a con… and even pointed to his mouth “it’s been a long time for my mouth too”. Kawaii~~!!

Then he asked if we bought the uchiwa~ (YES!), and the T-shirt too? (YES!) “You guys didn’t buy, did you?” LOL… We laughed, and Takki said “Oi!” LOL… Only a few of us were wearing the t-shirt ne, maybe because it was the first show. But coz we were in a group, it was easier for us. And we decided that we’d all wear it. As Snuffles put it so well, if you don’t wear it now, when are you going to wear it? XDDD

6/28, 13:00 show:

It’s been a while since the last solocon, and there’ll be many corners for the show today, etc… Then Takki said that “midway we’ll lose the concert (the concert will seem like it’s not a concert)” LOL~ He also talked about “Ai Kakumei”, that suddenly he was made to TALK! Lol~ At first it was only just singing. But later on, he grew to like the song a lot (including the talking). And then talked about his 2nd single “Shalala” too. He said that many songs have been prepared for us today… then someone shouted “New song too!”, and Takki said “(Yeah,) new song too”. We went “Eh?” immediately, and I turned to Loracyn, “Is he referring to TAKIRANGER song?” LOL~

He also asked if we went for Enbujo’09. There were many memories from there – good and tough ones. It has become a piece of work which he really loves a lot now. Next year, it’ll be held at a different venue…

6/28, 17:00 show:

Long while since he did a solocon… This year, he’s been doing butais. He thought about many things. He wanted to do things that make him happy too, so he hopes to have a fun time with everyone today. He wants to do more shows too, but due to the schedule of the drama filming, he can only do a few shows in 3 venues for now. But after the drama ends, if there is time, he wants to do more shows at more venues. He’s appealing to the staff now (?) and really wants to do a solotour ne!!!!!

In January next year, there’ll be Takizawa Kakumei at Imperial Theatre etc. And today he wants to have a fun time with everyone. Then he did a check again if the stand, arena, center, and box (lol~~) are genki!!! haha~ Today there will be many songs and corners, and halfway through, there’ll be something called “TAKIRANGER” too… a ranger show LOL “Even if you go ‘eh~’, you’ve got no choice ne” And he’ll perform a new song, the theme song for “Orthros no Inu”.

In Spring this year, there was Enbujo. Next yr, it’ll be at a different venue. 90% of the ppl here worked with him on Enbujo as well, and he feels really fortunate. He had many memories of Enbujo, and there’ll be a corner later where we can all look back at it. “But before that, pls listen to “Ki.se.ki”.”


I love this slow piano version~ :) Takki sang the whole song on the main stage. I think he can try playing the piano and singing this song live next time? XD

Enbujo Mask VTR

The screen was black with Takki’s face in the middle, just like in the Enbujo mask segment. And the same Enbujo music started to play. We all went “WOAH” and I thought he was going to do a mask changing segment after this LOL… Then like in Enbujo, he started moving his eyes to the right, then left, and started talking in his deep voice… and “mask-like” colors/lines started forming on his face (CG). I then thought it was going to morph into the LOVE mask LOL.

Then suddenly, we heard and saw the words “すみません” (sumimasen) flying across the screen! ROFL!!! The camera zoomed out. And director!Kawai was shouting “hai, CUT!” :) Apparently, they were “filming” the VTR, and actor!Takki had forgotten his lines, so director!Kawai reminded Takki of the lines (Takki repeated after Kawai), and asked if he can do it, Takki said he can. Then they got ready for Take 2.

Take 2: *READY… GO!*

Black background with Takki’s face appeared on the screen again. But this time, he didn’t talk at all… His eyes were closed, and the letters “z z z” appeared on the screen slowly lol. We were already laughing like mad when the next set of “z z z” appeared with Takki’s LOUD SNORING SOUND! LMAOO!!!!

enbujo vtr - zzz

Kawai’s “CUT!” came on again, and the camera zoomed out again to show Kawai hitting Takki’s face with his yellow cone! haha~ He asked him why he’s sleeping, and Takki said he was tired from the filming of the drama lol.

Kawai said there are many others who can do this, “shall I get Tsubasa to do it instead?” LOL… But Takki immediately replied “I’ll do it!”. hahahaha…

enbujo vtr

So they got ready for Take 3.

Take 3: *KACHIN*

Black background, but this time it’s Kawai’s face LOL! He said “Music… START!”

Here I Am

The music played brought me back to Hatachi DVD. But Takki came out in a white suit. Kakkoii~ XD The dance for this was kakkoii too. They danced from the main stage to the middle stage, where chairs have been set up. When I saw the chairs, and Takki wore a black hat, I knew what song will be next =P

Black Butterfly

The dance was slightly different from Kuricon’06’s. The chairs were initially in a circle, then as they danced, and moved the chairs, there came a point where the chairs were lined up in a column, and they were dancing in between the chairs. Takki was standing in the middle of the column. There were female dancers too. Takki ended the song at the far end stage (in between Arenas B & C), then ran off stage from there.

black butterfly

Takizawa Rengou Souchou

A really cool yankee VTR of Takki with GOLD HAIR played on the screens. I think it was a black & white video. And Takki was like a gangster. I remember one of the scenes that got us laughing was him sitting on the motorbike, looking at the side mirror and “setting his hair” LOL! And he’d shout fiercely at the camera haha.

On one side of his coat were the words “天下無敵” XD And at the back of it was “Takizawa Rengou” and “The First Generation Souchou” LOL… There were words from the “Ai Kakumei” lines on one side too :D

The real Takki came out onto the hanamichi from the far end stage. He was on the motorbike, dressed as the gang leader, in that huge gold hair wig LOL. There were juniors acting as ‘policemen’ trying to stop him… He rode the bike along the hanamichi to the middle of Arena A & B, then got off his bike, and went to where the “oyako seats” (parents and children) seats were.

takiren souchou

During the first show, he went to a little girl (who was afraid? coz Takki never smiled! LOL!). He would stare fiercely at his “victim” LOL. The 2nd show’s victim was a father. Both of their heads touched, and they were face-to-face, having a silent battle. This father did quite well LOL!

During the 3rd show, it was a small boy. The boy stared back at Takki at first, but coz Takki stared too long (not smiling at all, and probably not blinking either? lol~), the boy got a little uneasy and was looking here and there hahahaha…. When Takki left the seat area, he ruffled the boy’s hair ~ awww~ although his facial expression was still so cool ~XD

On the way back to his bike, souchou would also push away anyone in his way… like cameramen or policemen holding “STOP” signs, etc etc…

souchou pushing police and cameramen

Then he rode the bike up to the stage, down along the other hanamichi (Arena E to C), then to the middle stage, made a circle around the middle stage, and then to the main stage, where his ‘followers’ (juniors wearing white coats and sunglasses) were, waiting for him.

Ai Kakumei – Yankee Style!

Takki’s voice was played, reciting the “Ai Kakumei – Yankee style” lines, while the real Takki just stared at the camera fiercely (the juniors were behind him wearing sunglasses and looking upwards cool-ly LOL). The words would be shown on the screen, over the video feed.

ai kakumei - yankee souchou

Every show’s lines were different, and I caught these only with the help of some fan reports etc. For the first show, there were some words I couldn’t catch, gomen.

6/27, 18:00 show:


6/28, 13:00 show:


6/28, 17:00 show:


Then the music for Ai Kakumei played “I love you shake…” and instead of SINGING “ai koso kakumei”, he READ OUT the lines instead – in a cool and deep voice (like a gangster)!!! LOLLLL!! We were laughing like lunatics!!! He did that for the entire chorus, and for the very last “KA-KU-ME-I”, all of them SQUATTED DOWN and shouted it out! Like a gang cry! LOL! Soooo farrrnyyy~~~~~

ai kakumei - yankee souchou

Fight All Night

Takki took off his coat (and wig lol~), and was in this sleeveless silver top, black vest and black pants. HONTO NI KAKKOOIII!!!! BICEPSSS!!! This is my FAVOURITE DANCE of the whole concert. It’s SO COOL!!! There was FIRE being shot up from time to time. And there was *deep breathing* at the start of the song… *FAINTS* Everything was magnificent!! Takki can really dance well yo!!! *^^* I LOVE TAKKI’S DANCING YO!!~~ *^^* Mou… I wanna see this again na…

Words of Love

Like “Fight All Night”, the dance for this was different from what we saw in the Takkuricon 2005 DVD. All I remember was being shocked that Takki did a backflip!! On the train to our hotel the previous day, Kat & I were just thinking if he would do a backflip. I even said that maybe he’s too old for it *whacks self*, coz he hasn’t done one in a long while. But Takki proved me wrong, in the centre of a row of juniors, Takki (together with the juniors) BACKFLIPPED at the same time :D

fight all night, words of love

Okay, guess I’ll stop here for Part 1…

The not-so-concert-like stuff comes right after this, although the last bit up there is already so un-concert-like fufufu~ so I should leave all of those for Part 2! In any case, I’m exhausted just from writing this part *bitter laughter*

[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 1

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  1. Mich, you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed reading your repo! You made me laugh all the way through, esp. during the battle call, while you gals were sitting at right, left, right, and Takki did his hugs to the opposite!

    Now I really really really want a DVD. Avex, you better hear it!

  2. mich, thanks for your detailed report and i really enjoy reading your report every time, you can bring out the whole concert ‘live’ when i read it…..haha maybe you can apply to be a reporter for his butais and concerts ne…thanks again

  3. Mich, a fantastic, clear, detailed report! I loved reading it. Btw, I am glad he did that Fight All Night. I have always liked it. Oh, it would be so wonderful to get a Dvd of this concert!

    Truly wonderful how he did something new and original, and very funny at times. The born performer!

  4. Michelle, thank you for sharing this all with us! You really make it come alive with your descriptions and all the pics! I would have loved to see that backflip…and everything else

  5. Thanks very much!!! For this report about the Tackey concert solo!!! You’re lucky go to concert!! I’ll be wainting to next report 2!! I’ll hope ave@ realize Tackey solo concert09 DVD!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. Your report is so funny. Better be a DVD. I LOVE my Takkuricon DVD. All Takki all the time!

  7. XDDD You finally post it up! Ah! I love your report so much! I think these concert are the happiest time of my life. I had never laughed so much for a total of 2hr45min! XDDD And thanks to you, I finally know what he said during the MC! *chu* thanks so much ne! This is a SUPER important memory!

  8. PS: I dun mind shouting his name (not at the time he wanted) and letting him showing me his pissed face and stamping his feet on the ground again during the battle call.. so kawaii~~ ah.. I wanna see again!!!

  9. thanks for the report. It helped me understood what was being said at the concert. When he said it, lots people laughed I felt like an idiot because I wished I understood it. I have to take my Japanese lesson seriously now.

  10. thank you so much for ur report! i can totally imagine everything u described as though i was there.. and how i wish i was there! looking forward to part 2!!!! :D

  11. Awesome!!!
    So many people there to support Tackey!!!
    Tackey wa, kawaii ne~
    Hope that there will be DVDs for sale…
    Better save money from now~
    Why don’t you use Japanese instesd of English for the names of the songs and also the people?…

  12. aahhh…KAKKOII na!! Thank you as always for your genuinely fantastic and very funny report. lol

    Like cat, I nearly died laughing and chuckling the whole way while reading. Takisama is sooo funny!! No need words to describe him because he’s just ‘Da Mastah of Funneh’. *fufufufu*

    Nywhoo, thanks again for sharing and esp. the screenies to go along with it.

    On a sidenote, do you happen to have a screencap of ‘Fight All Night’? Just was curious as I’d like to see the dancing portion to this song. Thanks!

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