[Report] Takizawa Kakumei 2012 – Act 2

Continued from our Act 1 report.

2 – 1 : Again, the Forest of Kumano

Act 2 Overture

The lights dimmed, music played in the background, and the water curtain showed the words “Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei Act 2”. One of the Jrs (Otsuka-kun) walked out and talked about Newton’s prediction of the end of the world, same as previous years.


The music changed and the spotlight shone on Hideji who was hanging from a wire near the far right corner of the 2nd floor, just like previous years. We sat on the 1st floor on the 27th so we actually saw his shadow on the screen before seeing the real Hideji. But we were laughing like crazy coz we could see the shadows of the many little Hidezos that were hanging from his walking stick!

Sou, he attached countless pink Hidezos to his cane! It was so cute!! Many fans waved to Hideji and he slowly waved back. When he came near us, we also waved at him haha. When he reached the stage and the man in black was helping him down, Hideji turned and waved to the man too lol!

On the 28th, we were sitting at the right side of the 2nd floor, near the place where Hideji was hung from. So the moment we could hear the cable move, I looked back to watch Takki in the dark. Many fans were turning their heads to look at him instead of listening to Otsuka-kun haha. When Hideji flew above us (we could see up his pants from below lol!), we waved our little hidezos at him like crazy haha! His reaction was so cute~~ He was basically imitating all of us and the way we waved at him! At that moment, I felt we were lucky to be seated there :)

Letter A

Hideji walked towards the center of the stage. He said that it’s all thanks to ‘that baka’ (Yuma) for opening the box that he’s become such an old man now. He was almost about to hit 30…. and then because of that, he went past 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and now he’s 88! fufu~

As he continued walking, he noticed a piano (on a platform) in the middle of the stage. “Ah… a piano. I used to write songs on this piano. Oh, this piano is actually a gift from Hattori Ryoichi-sensei. I wonder if it’s still working…” Then he climbed up the platform slowly and sat on the chair, with his back facing us. He started playing the piano and sang in an old man voice “A~o~i~ sammbyaaaku~~~” but after this line, he started humming “la li la li la li la li laaaa~~” to the tune (as though he had forgotten the lyrics) LOL!!!

He said there were many good songs that originated from this piano. He saw a bench to his left and went “Ah, this bench…” before he climbed down the platform and moved slowly towards the other platform that the bench was on.

Letter B

He sat down and said he was born here on 29th March 1982. Same as last year, he found the letter, held a huge blanket up, a chibi Hideaki appeared in his place and read the letter. Hideji reappeared on the right side of the stage on top of some stone steps and called out to chibi Hideaki. He said “Ah, I immediately knew it was you, Hideaki… I could tell from your good looks.” lol~

Then Hideji said “Here, let me show you something cool!” and led chibi Hideaki over to the right of the stage where some metal pipe worm was (still don’t know what those things are, even after all these years lol). Hideji whacked the metal thing with his walking stick and it moved after being hit. Then he passed the stick over to chibi Hideaki so that he could try.

On the 27th show, one of the Hidezos fell off from the cane. Hidejiji nonchalantly picked it up and stuffed it in his right pocket before continuing. And on the 28th show, chibi Hideaki said “There are more key holders than before!” and Hideji nodded with a bitter smile, “That’s right”…

Next, Hideji showed something even more cool to chibi Hideaki, and started catching many red “fireflies” and putting them into a paper bag. This year, his actions were even faster than previous years, so nimble – left, down, right, down – numerous times at a super fast speed LOL! Definitely not what an 88-year-old man can do haha~ The sound effect made the whole scene so funny.

Hideji let out all the fireflies and told chibi Hideaki to jump higher to catch them. Chasing after the fireflies, chibi Hideaki ran off the stage and Hideji commented that he was so innocent back then. He talked about the time when Yuma first started walking; they used to catch fireflies together too. He climbed back onto the platform and sat on the piano chair, with his back facing us again. He wished that he could go back to that time…

Takizawa Kumikyoku (Musical Suite)

This was a 15-min interpretive dance performance, made up of 5 different themes, all of which were composed by Takki. I really wish this was recorded on DVD!! I wanna see it again :'(

Takizawa Kumikyoku 1 “Tranquility”

Hideji started ‘playing’ a very beautiful piece of music on the piano… But suddenly, the piano started floating in midair (in a 4D way, as though we are looking at it from the top). Smoke filled the area and the piano rotated to the back… When the smoke cleared, Hideji had already changed back to present day Hideaki!! He was wearing a new deep V-cut red top. He continued playing the piano for a few seconds before he stood up and wrote something down by the piano (as though he was in the middle of composing a song).

Many vertical tall planks were brought onto the stage, and Hideaki started a solo dance.

deep V-cut costume #2… :) 

The music began as a tranquil melody that was played solely by piano but it gradually grew into a richer tune with the addition of violins, drums, and other instruments. The tune was really nice yo! At first, it’s hard to remember the melody because it was so complex! But as you continue listening, it begins to stick. Personally, I think it’s just really amazing how Takki can come up with such beautiful pieces of music. The way his mind works… it’s really fascinating ne ^^;

Later on, Yuma entered the stage from the left. He was wearing a similar top as Hideaki, just that it was blue in color. They were both wearing the matching necklaces!

They danced together, and one part I really liked was towards the end of this segment where it was just the sound of drum beats, echoing throughout the theatre… Yuma was on the left and Hideaki on the right; They were facing each other, with spotlights on the both of them. Their hands moved and paused with each beat… and finally, on the last beat, their heads turned and looked towards the back of the stage.

Takizawa Kumikyoku 2 “Turbulence”

The music changed as a chibi Hideaki and a chibi Yuma joined them on stage. During this, Hideaki put on a long red jacket (as seen in the picture below). There was a Hideaki vs chibi Yuma dance, followed by a Yuma vs chibi Hideaki dance. They took turns appearing and disappearing behind the planks or props at the middle of the stage. I can’t really remember what happened exactly, but I know there was a part where all four of them danced together: Hideaki, chibi Hideaki, Yuma and chibi Yuma.

Then, Tottsu and Haruka came on stage. I remember Tottsu was wearing a green skirt thing lol~ and perhaps Haruka was in green as well. These 2 pairs of siblings danced together. This segment perhaps represented the discord between siblings… each pair had their own conflicts.

Takizawa Kumikyoku 3 “Reunion”

The music changed again, with piano as the main instrument. Yuma danced slowly around the dancers towards the front left of the stage where the piano was. The Queen appeared and her voice played in the background, “Yuma, this is the truth. You’ve been living amidst false history…” and Yuma’s voiceover went “My mother is the Queen… It would have been better if I had never known the truth…”

His ballet-like solo dance seemed to express the anguish he felt upon learning the truth. This tune sounded so sad… especially with the addition of the violins…

Takizawa Kumikyoku 4 “Escape”

The beat changed to a fast one, and it was a rather rock-like song. Tottsu was in the centre and the Jrs came onto the stage as his backdancers. They did a kind of ‘boxing’ or ‘kungfu’ like dance. This was quite a cool dance! As I was watching the performance, I thought it was very thoughtful of Takki… to give Tottsu so many “solo” opportunities in this year’s show.

Anyway, halfway through, female dancers appeared in the middle and Hideaki appeared in his red mask-changing cloak. The music changed to a rock variation of “SHOW”! He did many quick face changes according to the music before he removed the final layer of mask along with his headgear to reveal his face!

Everyone dispersed and Nikki-san appeared on stage.

Takizawa Kumikyoku 5 “Passion”

The music changed to a slow and beautiful tune. Nikki-san danced with the female dancers, and soon Hideaki came on stage from the left and started dancing with Nikki-san. He wore a kirakira jacket over the red top.

Soon, Nikki-san left the stage, and Yuma and Tottsu joined the dance. They each had their own group of dancers! Hideaki was in the middle with female dancers behind him. Yuma was on the left, and Tottsu on the right – both had Jrs as backdancers I think. Hideaki was the only one with female dancers lol~

The music started to pick up pace and became more and more dramatic! The title ‘Passion’ really suits this tune ne! The ending is my favourite of the entire Takizawa Kumikyoku! The three groups danced the same moves, but with different colors – Hideaki in red, Yuma in blue, Tottsu in green.

Then they all came together with Hideaki in the front centre, Yuma on his right and Tottsu on his left… I think this was when the music suddenly changed to a triple beat, and more instruments came in… The music was fast paced by now, very emotional. It’s different just watching this on the WS clip. To fully appreciate the suite, I think you have to watch through all 5 themes~ and I think the ending was perfect! That moment when they all raised their hands up in the air~~ sugoi naa!

Three Jijiis

When the lights when out and everyone disappeared off stage, the background music (instrumental of ‘Time Capsule’) started to play as Nikkiji walked in from the right aisle. He talked about how much time has past since Yuma opened the box. But what’s important is to stay young at heart. He walked up the stage to where Hideji was.

There was a little bit of adlib here from Nikkiji. Hideji was being serious because he was trying to think of a way to go back in time, but he couldn’t come up with any ideas. Nikkiji said they would probably have to continue living this way for the rest of their lives. Hideji sighed and said “It’s all Yuma’s fault… that guy was really a baka…”

Kamisama Adlib

Yuma walked in from the back innocently just when they mentioned ‘baka’ lol. He walked to the front and faced the audience, then suddenly shouted “Ah~~Kamisama (God)! Please forgive me! It’s not my fault yo, someone said that if I opened the box, I can forget everything and start afresh. But even so, Tousan and Aniki kept saying ‘It’s your fault! All your fault!'”

When he didn’t get a response from Nikkiji and Hideji, he continued “What, Kamisama? You’ll forgive Yuma? Really, Kamisama? That’s great!!!” lol~ In the end, both Hideji and Nikkiji concluded that Yuma is indeed baka! LOL!

Jijii ga DANCE

Same as last year, but I remember Nikkiji using his walking stick to whack Tottsu-baasan, and there was the whacking sound effect which made me laugh.

After the song, the three of them laid on the ground. Hideji and Yumaji got up and tried to wake Nikkiji up, yelling “Tousan! Tousan!”. Nikkiji choked before waking up and said something like “Ah… gave me a shock! I almost forgot to breathe… That was dangerous!” lol~ Then he told his two sons in ENGLISH “Why don’t you sit down…” lol…

Nikkiji: Don’t tell me we have to remain as jijis forever…
Yumaji (faces audience): AH! Kamisama!! What should I do? Eh? For the time being, I’ll just have to apologise? OK, got it! Tousan! Aniki! GOMEN!
Nikkiji & Hideji: There’s no way we’ll forgive you!
Yumaji (faces audience): …Kamisama! I was forgiven!

Usually it’s something like the above. But on the 28th day show, Nikkiji had something to say. “Yuma. There was a pause after we said “No way we’ll forgive you!”, so now it’s not funny anymore. Let’s do it one more time.” lol… He added “It’s best if you say ‘Kamisama! I was forgiven!’ immediately after we say ‘There’s no way we’ll forgive you!'”.

And so they did the scene once again lol.

Yumaji: Tousan! Aniki! GOMEN!
Nikkiji & Hideji: There’s no way we’ll forgive you!
Yumaji (faces audience): Kamisama! I was forgiven!
Audience: *laughs*
Yumaji: They broke out laughing!
Nikkiji: That’s how it is.

Then, Yumaji took off his hat and bowed to Nikkiji and Hidejii! I never knew Yumaji’s hat could be removed! I had always thought it’s glued to the head hahaha~

Yumaji said “Rather than that, about me stabbing Aniki…” but Hideji said that Yuma was just confused and blinded at the time, so he told him not to take it to heart. Yuma continued, “It’s my fault… that Aniki’s dream was broken.” With the “Boku no Kakera” melody playing in the background, Nikkiji said that it was his fault that brought about their sadness. He had to be blamed for the death of Hideaki’s mother… but he didn’t want Yuma to grow up under that cruel woman’s care so he brought him along to the forest. He asked Yuma to forgive him…

Hideji said, “Yuma, no matter what happens, you’ll always be my one and only younger brother. This hasn’t and won’t ever change.” and Yuma said, “Aniki. I’m sorry… Does your wound still hurt?”. But Hideji said he had already forgotten about it. Then he took out the blue necklace from his pocket and passed it to Yumaji, who wore it immediately around his neck.

Pandora’s Box

All of the sudden, Hideji said “Tousan! Let’s open the box again (mata)!” but in Japanese, “mata” can also mean groin… so Nikkiji asked “Use the groin (mata) to open the box?” LOL! They were hoping that by opening the box again, they could reverse everything and return to the past. Hideji walked over to the bench to retrieve the box (meanwhile, Nikkiji was asking why he kept it there lol~).

Upon opening the box…

On the 27th: Nikkiji pulled out a large PINK HIDEZO from the box!! It was similar to our little keyholders but a BIG version!! We were all kyaaing~~~ Nikkiji explained that it was a “premium” version! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

On the 28th: Nikkiji looked into the box and it was a scroll with some words on it. At the beginning of the month, it was only a small scroll, but over time it just got bigger and bigger… and this time, it was approx 2m in length! Hideji and Yumaji each took one end of the scroll and held it up. It showed the words “oohazure” which means “big miss” LOL!

Then Nikkiji joked about the increasing length of the scroll… that it might be even longer tomorrow because it’s senshuraku. “Tomorrow, you might not be able to see Yuma and Hideaki because they’ll have to back up all the way into the backstage wings (in order to hold up the entire scroll). I’m making the staff waste so much cloth.” XD

After that, they had to stuff the scroll back into the box, before they could make a 2nd attempt. But yappari, Yumaji had to be the one to open the box, as he was the one who did so back then. When he opened it, loads of smoke flooded out and filled the stage. I saw Yuma run off with the box while Hideji and Nikkiji laid on the bench “struggling” like dying insects LOL!! The bench rotated and disappeared from our view.

2 – 2 : Hideaki’s World

100 Years Romance

The stage went dark and the intro for “100 years romance” played, and Yuma was standing on the top left side. He walked in the air across the face of the stage like last year, to the right platform, while singing the slow part of this song. I love this song~~ very beautiful tune, and beautiful voice. He took out the cables from behind him while singing the last part of the first verse “monogatari wa itsumade mo tsuzuku…”

Then the stage lit up, and Tottsu took over the vocals this year for the 2nd verse. There were many Jrs on stage, and soon Haruka joined too. Yuma appeared from the right to sing his part. Then they all sang and danced the last chorus together. I really love this song ne~ especially the last part when the chibis join in.

Meanwhile, I knew Takki would be on standby for the bunjee, because this was the same sequence as last year. So I was looking up and could see his feet hanging from the top… and slowly he was lowered down. It was hard for me as I wanted to see BOTH the stage AND Takki’s feet!! LOL!

Let Me Be (Takizawa Bungee)

It was the same as last year, but this year the one singing with Nikki-san was Haruka. Watching the bunjee live was always nerve wrecking.

On the 27th, he was just above us. And we could see his facial expressions so clearly. I’ve watched him do bunjee several times since 2007’s Enbujou… but this is the FIRST TIME EVER that I saw him grimace while doing it. It was as though he was in pain… or about to lose his strength. I don’t know what went wrong that day, or if he was feeling sick or something, but it pained us to see that.

2 – 3 : Queen of Kii

Next was the exchange between Tottsu and the evil green team. But we were so busy looking at Takki that we didn’t really pay attention to anything that was going on at center stage lol. Our eyes were stuck to our binoculars, which were stuck on Takki as he was being lifted back up to the ceiling… our eyes followed him until he disappeared through a side door on the left XD

After the Jrs left, Haruka ran onto the stage calling for her brother (Oh, she’s alive lol~!). She urged her brother to stop all the fighting, but Tottsu said that the one who started the battle wasn’t the Queen but Hideaki. Haruka suggested returning to their hometown but Tottsu said there was no place they can return to.

The Queen appeared at the back of the stage, and Tottsu reported to her that Haruka is now well. The Queen then said she had intentions to make use of the fact that Yuma had a thing for Haruka; in other words, she wanted to use Haruka to lure Yuma back to their side. Haruka ran off the stage without responding to the Queen’s request. Tottsu promised the Queen that he’ll definitely kill Hideaki this time.

2 -4 : Eve of Decisive Battle

The screen came down, and I knew they were preparing for the final stage set behind it. On both sides of the stage, there were members of the green team shouting at each other and talking amongst themselves. Two juniors did the ‘walking on the globe’ thing.

After the Jrs finished their lines, the lights went out and a spotlight focused on Tottsu, who was standing near the upper far right side of the stage. A piano version of One Night was playing in the bg and Tottsu began to sing… but the lyrics were noticeably different. It went something like “This is my life, my way. Chikara makase ni (With all of one’s strength). This is my life, no other way. Ikiteiku shikanai, kono mama (I have no choice but to continue living this way).”

2 – 5 : Final Battle

When One Night ended, the spotlight on Tottsu went off. The screen lifted and the main stage lit up, revealing the waterfall. The Ai Kakumei melody (slow version) began playing in the background.

It was only Nikki-san and the Queen standing on stage. She blamed all the bloodshed on Hideaki, but Nikki-san stood by his son, saying that Hideaki was only fighting for justice (to avenge this mother’s death and to restore the harmony in the seas). But the Queen argued back that justice is not one-sided and that she was fighting for her own justice too. This whole tragedy would’ve never happened had Nikki-san not rejected her love in the past. Although she was fighting for her son to be the king of the seas, her hatred was directed towards Nikki-san and she said “The man I once loved no longer lives in this world.”

The two drew out their swords and the fight began. This year, the Queen’s swordfighting was really cool. The way she stood and held the sword was kakkoii~ And the way she talked was very ‘forceful’, we could tell she was very experienced in stage acting.

In the middle of the fight, the Queen took hold of Nikki-san’s sword and said “You’ve gotten rusty, haven’t you?” By then, the evil green team started to surround the stage. The Queen walked a few steps back and said to her followers, “I’ll leave the rest to you guys.”

Nikki-san battled with the evil green team for a few seconds until… Hideaki and Yuma came running in along the two main aisles on the first floor!!! We were seated beside the left aisle on the 27th, so we knew Hideaki was going to run by us… but we didn’t know he would be so fast! We just heard a quick thumpthumpthump, felt a breeze, and when we looked, Hideaki was already at row G! *lol* Yuma ran in from the right aisle, and both of them were wearing bandanas this year. CHOU KAKKOI!!!

Tottsu also appeared on stage. Moments before the last battle started, Nikki-san said “Yuma, your mother is…” but Yuma replied “I only have one mother!” Hearing this, Hideaki said “Yuma…” There was a moment of complete silence before Hideaki shouted “Let’s do this!!” (kakkoiiii~~~) and the final battle began.

During the battle, Yuma had his face slammed into the water on the ground, which by that point, he had let go of his sword and it was picked up by an enemy. Hideaki shouted “Yuma!” then rushed over and snatched the sword back from the enemy. He then fought holding two swords for some time (kakkoii~), before handing one back to Yuma.

This year loads of water came on at one time, and Hideaki also did the slide down the waterfall rocks. Even though we didn’t think it was possible, he somehow looked even more kakkoii when he did it this year? XD Perhaps it’s due to the bandana on his head? The bandana just made him look like a real warrior in battle! lol

Anyway, it was raining from the water curtains, and Hideaki and Tottsu had a scene there as well – water pouring down mercilessly on the both of them. (I wonder how they can see with all that water? lol)

Emotional End

Then suddenly after loads of fighting (of which the sequence I’ve long forgotten lol), the Queen stabbed her sword into Hideaki while he was exchanging blows with her and Tottsu. After being stabbed, Hideaki slashed at Tottsu with the last of his strength before he collapsed on his knee.

The Queen said, “It’s over now, Hideaki.” Then Yuma and Haruka both ran in from the left, calling “Aniki!” and “Hideaki!”

Then everything happened so fast. I’m not sure of the exact sequence but I think it went something like this: Tottsu was going to finish Hideaki. To stop him, Haruka ran in and took the blow for Hideaki. Then Tottsu was going to slash at Yuma, but the Queen took the blow for Yuma, and slashed back at Tottsu. Tottsu asked Haruka why she did so, and all she could do was apologise. Then the Queen ran towards Tottsu to give him the finishing blow (for trying to injure her precious son), Haruka stood in the way, took the blow for him, and died in her brother’s arms.

Tottsu held his sister in his arms, and cried out “What were we…. What were we to you?!” (and Mich already started tearing here…)

Yuma ran towards the injured Hideaki and shouted “Aniki!”… The Queen called out lovingly, “Yuma… Yuma, why do you stand against your mother? Everything I did was for you, everything I did was…” but before she could finish, Yuma ran towards her shouting, with his sword high, wanting to slash at her. At that moment, Hideaki shouted out, “Yuma! STOP IT!!… That person is your… your mother!!”

Yuma was in tears as he shouted to the Queen, “It’s you! It’s you who destroyed everything!!!” The Queen tried to explain, “Everything was done for you… for the sake of making you King of this country! –” but Yuma cried out “The one who was supposed to be king was Aniki, not me!” The Queen kept trying to explain “No, you are the rightful heir to the seas–” but Yuma yelled “SHUT UP!!!” and all the Queen could do was cry “Yuma!!”

On the 27th, this scene was so emotional, and Yuma’s exchange with the Queen was so natural. His acting was so good, particularly in this scene this year. As he cried like nobody’s business, Mich was crying too lol.

After he calmed down, he said “My mother… is the one who brought me up. I have only one mother! One mother only!” The Queen fell to her knees, crying “Yuma… is this how it’s going to end?” as she was forced to face the hatred that was coming from a son whom she loved and lived for. As she was about to stab herself, Nikki-san stopped her, saying that ending her life wasn’t the way. She had to live, to witness Yuma and Hideaki as they rebuild the country.

But she cried, and said softly, “Hideaki… Anata… please take care of Yuma!” and she slit her neck and died. Yuma froze in his path, shocked and speechless. He went over to hold his mother and called out “Haha-ue” for the first and last time.

Boku no Kakera 

They stood in front of the water curtain, which was shooting water upwards…

The stage behind the water curtain was cleared and when the water came down, Hideaki took out the sacred sword and held it to Yuma.

Hideaki: Yuma, take this.
Yuma: This is… the King’s Seal!
Hideaki: You become the new King.
Yuma: What did you say?
Hideaki: You are the right person to become the king of this country. I am going on a journey. I want to see all the various seas in the world. When you were little, you often said with the King’s Seal in your hands, that you would become King when you grew up. Yuma, this is the time now.

Yuma went down on his knees and accepted the sword.

Hideaki: My job ends here. I’ll rush here any time you need me, alright?!

With that, Hideaki fell to the ground clutching his stomach. Both Nikki-san and Yuma ran over and held him… then the intro for “Boku no Kakera” began to play in the bg. I LOVE THIS SONG…. sobs. Hideaki’s voice was just so beautiful!!

The only difference this year is, instead of going to the right to sing the second verse, Yuma went to the left. And at the end just before Hideaki died, instead of ‘Kii no kuni…’, Yuma said ‘Kumano no umi…’

They sang the last verse together before Hideaki broke off and left Yuma to sing the last two lines on his own… Hideaki died in Nikki-san’s arms and Yuma went down on his knees, shouting “Aniki!”

Boku no Kakera (Requiem)

Nikki-san instructed the guys to carry Hideaki’s body high up, so that he can watch over the whole Kumano no Umi… while the sad version of Boku no Kakera music played in the background. Yuma called out “Aniki” as the guys carried Hideaki up the waterfall rocks…

I’ve watched this scene last year too, but it was only this year on the 28th when I realized that it was actually Takki’s double who was being carried up, not the actual Takki? I’m not sure if it was the same last year, but it was so funny when I was looking through my binocs and saw the “ugly and scary looking Takki mask” that the double was wearing. We had a good laugh about it on the 28th :D

Yuma said, “Aniki lived for our sake… and he gave his life for the sake of the country he loved!”

Kakumei (Ending Version)

Then the music for Ai Kakumei played and Hideaki appeared on the left of the stage, in his white feathery coat and started flying towards the 2nd floor.

He flew so near us during both shows, especially on the 28th. We applauded and kept staring at his handsome face while he flew over us hahaha! But he was so serious in this scene that I think nobody waved at him (unlike for Hidejiji~)

Curtain Call

Ai・Kakumei (Curtain・Call)

We all clapped along as the cast came out and bowed, their names flashing across the back screen behind the waterfall. Takki reappeared on stage and he was wearing a red suit like last year. They bowed and the curtains came down while we all gave them a standing ovation.

We continued clapping in the dark until the curtain were lifted again. Takki stepped forward and thanked everyone for coming.

On the 27th, he told us that the Chinese ambassador was there with his family. We couldn’t see them as we were seated on the first floor (and they were in the first row on the 2nd floor). The mic was passed to the ambassador who spoke in Japanese. He was so cute, addressing Takki in many ways from “Takizawa-san” to “Takki-san” to “Takki” :)

As Takki’s fans, I think we all felt really honored that even the Chinese ambassador came to watch the show.

On the 28th, Takki said “Takizawa Kakumei started on New Years day but in the blink of an eye, there are only two shows left. I would like to continue to work hard with everyone until the very end.”

Takki waved goodbye to us and bowed one last time as the curtains began to go down. Our eyes were just glued to him until the curtain hit the stage floor. For us, it was our last show, so it felt as though it was already senshuraku. But as all of you know, at the real senshuraku, Takizawa Kakumei 2012 ended without any problems and injuries, so… hontou ni otsukaresama deshita to Takki, the cast, and all the staff!!!

Phew! This is finally done! :) Sorry for taking so long and for being so longwinded. It’s really hard to write a report together ne… especially when we live in two completely different places with two completely different time zones lol~ But we hope to improve on it the next time we do this again XD

Thank you everyone for reading!! We hope you enjoyed our report :)

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