Received them this morning while in office. And immediately started sorting them out. This is the entire order from CDJapan — 21 discs in all!

Here are my thoughts on jackets A, B & C for now :)

Hikari Hitotsu

A pity the only camera I had was my handphone’s, so the pictures aren’t really so clear. Here are the front covers of my precious CDs :)

Hikari Hitotsu - Front

And the back!!! Kyaaa~~ I love that close up of Ryuzaki (back of jacket A), and that belt buckle ring on his pinky (back of jacket C)!! I want one like that too~~

Hikari Hitotsu - Back

Now for the individual CDs and their inner images.


Jacket A (CD+DVD)
Buy @ CDJapan / Amazon

Hikari Hitotsu - A


Jacket B (CD+DVD)
Buy @ CDJapan / Amazon

Hikari Hitotsu - B


Jacket C (CD)
Buy @ CDJapan / Amazon

Hikari Hitotsu - C


Conclusion on the covers, backs & images (among Jackets A, B & C ONLY!):

  • Favourite front cover: Jacket B
  • Favourite back cover: Jacket A
  • Favourite inner pics: Jacket C

Now onto the content. I’ll start off with the DVDs:

Hikari Hitotsu

ヒカリひとつ Music Clip (Jacket A)
KYAAAAA!!!! This PV is fully on TAKKI!!!! CHOU KAKKOIIII!!!!! I’m gonna die just with the way he stares at the camera hahaha…. I love this one more than the Drama Clip version (in Jacket B, which is the same one we saw on Space Shower).


Hikari Hitotsu - Offshots

ヒカリひとつ PV Off shot (Jacket A)
Kawaii!!!! XDDDDD The way Tono smiles, those little actions he did~ the serious look and then suddenly become the cheeky grin bwahahaha! and when he was walking down the stairs, he sang the lines “moshi yurusareru no nara…” followed by “kaeritai~” (I want to go home~) LOL!


ヒカリひとつ Drama Version (Jacket B)
This is the same one that we saw on Space Shower. And although I prefer the Music Clip version, this one is really cool too coz there’s Ryuzaki and his famous “What will you do for me?” line fufufu~


ヒカリひとつ Anime Version (Jacket B)
This one… is the short version of the song, and it’s fully animated. Honestly, I don’t really like this, as the Ryuzaki looks so ugly lol!!


And then for the songs:

No need for me to mention again~ I LOVE THIS SONG! From the first time this song was performed (as Medusa no Kagami) at Takisamacon on 6/28, till after the change of the entire lyrics~~ and now I love it even more after watching the drama…. Ryuzaki!!!!! 竜崎大好き〜


Hahahaha~ jin jin! LOL! When I first heard it on Denpajou, I just found it funny and didn’t really think much of the song, but it’s a really naughty song, it seems. And hearing it on CD is so much nicer (and naughtier haha)~~XD Kat & I were jinjin~ all the way back home just now LOL


Wahahahaha~~~ it’s such a funny song! While listening to the full song for the first time, I LOLed at least twice!!! First was やっぱり最後はTAKIレンジャー and then the 永遠のスーパーヒーロー also made me laugh hahaha….


If you had to give up one version of the single, I suggest giving up Jacket B. But you HAVE to get Jacket A & C! And DEFINITELY Jacket D (which is still with my friend’s friend in Japan~)!!! Coz… I’ve heard a sneak preview of 僕がいる, and I REALLY LOVE THAT SONG!!!! I think the melody is nicer than 手紙, and the words… let’s just say, if he sings it to me, I’ll DIE on the spot LOL. The music is really nice too… and I also heard the postcards are very pretty! (Please don’t show me how they look like yet, I wanna be surprised when I receive my Jacket Ds :D)

14 Replies to “「ヒカリひとつ」げっと!”

  1. Harharhar!

    mich…jacket D looks like…blah blah.*lips sealed* Harharhar!

    i ordered my copy thru amazon. I checked a few hours ago, the status was scheduled for delivery.

    i might receive sometime next week.
    so, i will patiently wait again.

    thanks for the previews of what i’ll be expecting.

  2. Mich: how come I still havent receive anything yet? humm maybe because I live in Australia ? checking my account with CD japan it’s still under shipping progress

  3. Lucky Mich. This is totally not fair. I ordered from CD Japan too, but why it’s still in shipping process…crying..

  4. Thanks mich! I got my copy from Katherine, and I laughed when listening to Taki-ranger song too! That song was uber addictive! Hope to receive Jacket D soon! :D thanks again! arigatou! :D

  5. sorry but i have to say it… i feel envy of you¡ because you can see and listen Tackey always when you want.

    but after read your descriptions about CD’s i was thinking in how much money do i need….and i can pay them¡

    just i need to ask to my mom if she can give me some money or get a job.

  6. katya~ hahahaha, *ignores*
    i hope u get ur discs soon! ^^

    tipsy~ probably you’ll get it today? coz even yesterday, the cdjapan status was “in shipping process”. i never received the “your package has been shipped out” notice, and then the package itself arrived in my office lol.

    cat~ i think u’ll get it soon ne. due to the distance, probably the countries in asia will get theirs first.

    janelle~ haha, yeah, takiranger is so so cute!! the lyrics includes stuff like “love beam” and “TAKITAKI kick” lol…

    brisallie~ you can do it too :) it’s a pity we’re not living in japan, so we can only buy them online, and usually we share the shipping with fans in our country (that’s why u see so many albums in my order), but the excitement of receiving the discs, opening them one by one and listening/watching every track… is so much worth the trouble hehe~ XDDD

  7. wow!! It must have beeen expensive to buy all those different versions :O haha well thx for postin all the pictures of the cd’s they are AWESOME ! <3

  8. I just received mine today, yippy so happy. Still waitng for version D though

  9. I asked Kurara to help me buy Jacket A & D, but still haven’t received any yet… I can’t even wait anymore!!! The pictures are so かっこいい!!! When the official site first showed the cover of Jacket C, I didn’t really love it actually, coz I couldn’t see Tackey’s beautiful face, ha~ But after watching your review, my attitude is totally changed!!! The back and inner cover are so so so attractive!!! Wanna buy it also!!!
    I also love ヒカリひとつ very much!!! And 愛の戦士 TAKIレンジャー is so funny!!! I laugh at every time I listen!!! Tackey keeps repeating TAKIレンジャー!!! And one man is introducing TAKIレンジャー uses his 愛のパワー to fight against the bad guys!!! Haha, I am thinking about was Tackey also laughing when he sang this song for the voice record!!!

  10. Thanks for ur spoilers…hahaha…

    I got mine yest. (Tues.) and picked them up this morng on Wed. Scanned mine in already and I’m STILL gawking at the lovely pics. *dies* lol

    Lovin’ them all by the minute! <333

  11. Wurai otoko sounds very spanish and catchy…

  12. So…am I the only idiot that ordered from YesAsia? Because I don’t get mine until September 30.

  13. wah! 30 sept?? how come it’ll take so long? did you choose EMS for shipment? i knew i wouldn’t be able to wait… so yeah, i went with cdjapan. amazon is fast too :)

    i heard hmv had no shipment during the holidays. so fans probably will only get theirs today or next week…

  14. I can’t waiting for my single!!!

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