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I tried not to post this review too early, as someone haven’t gotten her discs yet. But now that she has, here’s my thoughts on the single, while it’s still fresh hehe~ Actually, now I know why ppl often say I look as though I lack blood, or have no colour in my skin… It’s all Tono’s fault!

*Possible nosebleed* if you read on. Spoilers too, of course!

First thing I did when I reached home on Monday was to take another picture of the package with the CDs and posters. And yup, I took a taxi back :D

Shalala package from CDJapan

And the first disc I opened was Jacket A. I usually open them in order :)


Because the disc on the left had fallen off its teeth and went over to the other side, what greeted me when I opened the cover was a NAKED BODY in a frame! Wahahahaha~~ as if I hadn’t seen enough SKIN on the outside!! And when I flipped everything over and took out the disc from the right side, KYAAA~~~ MORE NAKEDNESS!!! BICEPS!!! CHUNKY TONO!!!!!!!!!!!

Shalala Mugen no Hane - Jacket A

His nipple is right where the teeth are! Whenever I take out or put the disc back, it feels like I’m pressing it wahahahaha~~~ *runs*


Same thing that happened with Jacket A… happened with Jacket B! LOL! NAKED TONO on the right… and then on the left~ AAABSS!!!!! *NOSEBLEED*

Shalala Mugen no Hane - Jacket B

He looks much more “chunkier” in the inside pics than on the covers.



Shalala Mugen no Hane - Jacket C

After looking at the real covers (instead of online images), I think this is my favourite cover of the three jackets!! Actually, the back image of Jacket C is also my favourite of the 3 back images!!


From top to bottom, A – B – C:

Takizawa Hideaki Shalala abs body

Seriously, I don’t know which pic I like best!!! It’s a tough fight between Jacket A’s right pic (biceps) and Jacket B’s right pic (abs)…

I really love the bracelet he’s wearing~~ so cool, and it matches his belt!!! You can see that especially from the back cover of Jacket C. And the NAIL PAINTING on his pinky looks cool!! Surprisingly, it’s not girlish at all. Instead, it looks really artistic~~ Once again, Takki’s single has my favourite colour combi — RED, BLACK & WHITE!! kyaaaaa~~~~ Enbujo colours desu yo! Daisuki!!


I think the posters that come free with Jackets A & B are larger in size than the usual ones (Enbujo DVD, Takitsuba Best DVD, 2U4U album, etc). That explains why the package was so long. But I really thank CDJapan for doing it so well~ their packaging is really ichiban! XDD And know what? I haven’t opened my posters yet haha (coz I’m still at my bf’s house~), but I found these images from Y!A Japan. They are different from the CD covers yo! Can’t wait to get back and put them on my wall!!!

Shalala Posters

Now onto the important part of the single…


I’ll start off with the songs. Sorry, this doesn’t include “Tegami” which Takki wrote, as I haven’t received my Jacket D yet…

Shalala シャ・ラ・ラ
I love this song so much after watching the performance at Enbujo’09! I love how when ALL of them did the chorus together (Takki, Jrs, female dancers, everyone~), they seem to ROCK the entire theatre! I haven’t seen a good duplicate of that kind of effect yet on any of the shows so far (Shounen Club & Music Jump)… But I remember that the melody kept playing endlessly in my head the entire night. It’s the kind of song that just keeps playing non-stop over and over again~ really catchy tune! This is a T&T-rashi song, something really similar to “Ho!Summer” and “Venus”, especially the trumpets ending. After all, I think this song is arranged by the same guy.

Mugen no Hane 無限の羽
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ It’s probably my favourite Takki song now~ on par with WITH LOVE! XD It was really LOVE AT FIRST LISTEN+SIGHT on March 29, 2009, at Shimbashi Enbujo :D although it’s not the kind that would get stuck in your head. I remember returning to the hotel room the first night I heard it knowing that I prefer Mugen no Hane to Shalala, yet I couldn’t remember its tune LOL! No words can describe how kakkoii the dance was during Enbujo’09!!! Especially that music bridge part where they form a 5-ppl column and do the alternate hand-wave thingie, followed by the hats throwing+catching in a V-shape formation… The melody is sooooo nice, and the lyrics is sooooo beautiful~~ Both are written by Takki, which makes it even more SUGOI!!! This is the kind of song I’d love Takki to write more often. Sometimes I can’t help but feel… If only this was the main song for this single…

YOU Yacchainayo!! YOUやっちゃいなよ!!
This is really funny and weird LOL… I just heard it once so far, and seriously, I can’t remember how it sounds like already wahahahahaha!!! I just remember a Johnny-san-like voice and loads of “YOU!”s LOLLL…

And definitely, I love Mugen no Hane karaoke, especially the beginning part, and during the “zutto sagashiteta, boku no kokoro ni hikaru boshi”….


Shalala PV Offshot DVD

Shalala PV
Although I’ve seen it before, viewing it on clear DVD quality made a difference. I love this PV more than “Ai Kakumei” (I had a problem with his hair in that one~). His visuals are better in this one, especially when Takki is singing at the bar counter, and during the solo dance. And the colours are really cool. It’s something I would wanna show my family and friends.

KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ God knows how much I was flailing during this clip! So much kawaii-ness and kakkoii-ness, Takki!!!! But I wish they showed more!!!! Takki should really appear on TV on a regular basis! It’s such a waste to keep that beautiful face and bright personality away from viewers… NE!!! (Btw, I think I’ve seen that director somewhere before…)


Mugen no Hane PV Music Clip DVD

Mugen no Hane PV
KYAAAAAAAAA!! A Takki-only version of “Mugen no Hane”!!! There are no Jrs’ voices in this one, and it’s a very relaxed video — loads of monotone or duotone, which I LOVE!!! Takki recording the song in the studio, preparing for the recording, etc… I love the colour of the PV, very nice and calm… And there are animated cuties in it LOL~ I love those kind of drawings! The only thing I found ‘cheesy’ was how Takki finally saw the male one and picked him up~ but… but… it was soooo cute when the female one was standing by the door! I actually let out a short “KYAA!” when I saw that hehe~~

That’s about it~ Gomen ne for all the excessive KYAAAAAA-ings m(_ _)m…. It turned out to be more of a flailing post than a review, but I don’t think you can blame me =P


Shalala A Shalala B Shalala C Shalala D
Jacket A
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Jacket B
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Jacket C
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Jacket D
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8 Replies to “[Review] Sha La La La La La La La…”

  1. Mich, I knew I knew there would be huge amount of spoilers inside, but I could resist the temptation on clicking this title.

    My order is still somewhere on the way, but knowing all being so nice is wonderful! Thank you. Can’t wait to get my discs and posters!!!!!

    BTW, I am glad the posters are not showing Takki’s naked body. Not something I don’t like, but my husband will for sure kick me for putting up the picture anywhere in the house!

  2. Ahhh…I mean I could not resist…

  3. DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE “Mugen no Hane PV”!!
    haha.. me too.. I love everything n literally laugh out when the female is outside.. n the way tono hold the male.. aaaaahhhhh.. yasashi yo~~~ his double eye lids shows his weariness when recording ne… but it’s still so sweet.. aiyo.. I can carry on forever.. I immediately call xiaotabo to tell him abt it.. wahahahah..

    Cant wait to see the clear file now that the posters are so cool! LOL I shouted so loud when I unroll the poster and my mum thought what happen! hahahah.. I love them both.. now now.. which one to replace from the wall to put up these 2?
    XDD.. I’m bothering my kyaa’ing to my new colleagues.. muahahahah.. gonna lent her one day n get her to buy.. hahahah..something this good need to show more in numbers!!!

  4. I am just…drooling buckets after looking at your pictures. Amazon has failed me this time (only shipping out tomorrow!! Arrgh!!). They don’t realize they have lost a customer, and I am going back to using Cd.jp. They are definitely the best.

    I don’t mind spoilers, I actually think I enjoy things more when I have an idea what to expect.

  5. Good for You! Now I can’t wait for my CD’s DVD’s nad the posters!!

  6. Omedetou for the single.

    I think I fell in love with “Mugen no Hane” Version. ^ v ^

  7. Me too, I don’t mind spoilers myself. At least I’ll get a chance to know what to expect too. Although I got my cds on Wed. Just didn’t pick them up ’til Thurs. *sigh* (I wasn’t home becuz I didn’t expect the mailman to show up at my door this quickly)

    LOOOVE drooling over ur screenies here! *dies* Ur picture taking is way better than mine, even tho from my Olympus digital camera. lol U must’ve used Photoshop again to retouch yours ne? ^_~

    Thanks once again for ur screenies & report on the dvd-portion. Still hadn’t started watching the dvds yet. lol Still kyaaaaing/oogling over the cd jkt pics!! *dies* @_@

  8. Mom wanted me to tell you that I pointed out he was wearing a broken handcuff…you can see it on the inside of jacket A’s cd case. Hmmm…naughty?? LOL Haven’t opened our posters yet, but even though I do like the ones that you posted from Y!A I kinda would’ve liked a nice, big poster of hadaka Takki =P

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