[Review] Takizawa Kakumei DVD

Finally received it!! Thanks to you-chan for helping us with the receiving and shipping!! I’m really really grateful~ *hugs* These belong to the few of us in Singapore who bought from Tackey Shop :) We haven’t received the charms yet, so I’ll post about it later, if I remember hehe~

takizawa kakumei dvd

I couldn’t resist, and since there was absolutely no work to do, I started watching my LE disc 1, right at my desk lol…

act 1 in office


Limited Edition (Jacket A)
Buy @ CDJapan / Amazon / HMV / YesAsia

I really like the packaging. The pictures in the booklet were stage photos from last year, I guess it’s good for fans who didn’t manage to buy any stage photos last year hehe~ The discs have same markings as on the cover but they can’t really be seen from the photos here (as the pics here are all taken with my lousy handphone camera…)

takizawa kakumei dvd - LE


Regular Edition (Jacket B)
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This was in the normal DVD case so it looks a little boring compared to the LE. There’s a small leaflet thing inside also, stating the credits. The discs also have markings, but can’t be seen from here haha.

Takizawa Kakumei - RE

Now onto the content, the most important part of the DVD!

Rather than being “reviews”, these posts are more of my random thoughts while I watch the DVDs. Although a DVD can never be the same as watching it live, this DVD is rather well-made, the angles and shots chosen are good and they’ve captured expressions and scenes well too. They’ve included almost everything I was looking forward to seeing, so I have absolutely no complaints! :)


Act 1
(Disc 1)

takirev act 1

  • Opening: Takki opened his skirt to show the audience his pants!
  • Mask-changing at the camera!
  • Hatsu uta & lion dance: Kawaii!! I love that song~
  • Futari no yoru: BICEPS!!!! And that “curvy thing”!
  • KYAAA!!! HIP THRUSTS on the steps!! *FAINTS* I didn’t know he did it~
  • Rope stunt: when I watched, I kept thinking of the accident… but his poses were really beautiful, I like the part where he held his leg behind while spinning! And he caught the rope beautifully with the other hand.
  • One night #1: the illusion thing is so beautiful~~
  • ‘Seahorse’ 3D-flying: kawaii~ “it’s alright to laugh~” or something haha… During one of the shows I went to, Takki said “I’ll be 27-years-old soon… Is it ok (for me to do such a thing)?” ^^
  • Ryugojo: Hideaki’s sudden burst of laughter! haha~ then, mouthing the “~danshitsu takizawawa” along with Nikki :)
  • Magic: black suit => white tuxedo is always so kakkoii!
  • Ballet dance: Yuki-hime had her legs around Takki~~ wahahaha~~
  • Takki & Nikki dance: KAKKOII! I love the way Takki danced here! So cute! Then Takki went to the back and drank his *invisible* wine :)
  • Miracle World: So cute when Takki pushed Hashimoto away, and when he was looking up waiting for the next shape to appear!! Kawaii!!!
  • Love Takki’s “BANZAI!” hahaha~
  • Hikaru Chikurin: I was expecting the intro of “Kareha no Kage” to play but of coz that’s from 2010! lol~~ Instead it was that super weird song that goes “sara sara…” in the chorus lol!
  • Illusion: “Hideaki~~ Hideaki~~” there are effects added only for this part ne. But I think it brought out the confusion well…
  • One night #2: So beautiful~~~ the Jrs. dancing behind Hideaki, and the bad guys talking at the sides… the entire effect was good. And when everyone sang it together at the end, it was nice. And Hideaki looked so tortured…
  • Free fall: the audience’s screams…
  • And boy, that was a lot of sweat lol…
  • I wonder how much sweat he sweats during one act lol…


Act 2 & Show Time
(Disc 2)

takirev act 2 show time

  • Hidejiji was convincingly old… until you look at his face! Haha!
  • Hidejiji to chibi Hideaki: “Since it’s the last show today, why not you try (catching fireflies) too?” haha~
  • Hidejiji to the skeleton, “You’ve died again… ahhh, eraikoccha~”
  • The *DING* sound when Hidejiji PRAYS to the skeleton bwahahahaha~
  • I love the Ai Kakumei Hidejiji version!!
  • Hidejiji doing the MJ body-leaning-forward thing! I don’t remember this…
  • I totally forgot there was “Balance” and “Taste me” last year lol…
  • Hime’s heels! We were wow-ing at how she could run down the stairs to fast in that~ and how she dances and jumps so easily.
  • Bunjee: Sugoi!!! I think I prefer the music for 2010 bunjee… but definitely, this yellow suit is the best bunjee suit to date!
  • Time capsule: nice song!
  • Hidejiji smoking XD
  • And his “… hana jaa… kuchi ja kuchi!” was so cute~
  • We’re all alone: I love this song!
  • Oh yes, last year we all stood up for Show Time! And we did furitsuke~ such that it became a concert, rather than a butai…
  • One day, one dream: LOL! That fingers-hooking thing with Fujigaya!
  • Kamen Butoukai: lol @ nikki! haha~ Takki HIPS! lol!
  • Real DX: Takki & Jrs. kawaii!!! When he touched their heads, and hands~
  • Oh, isn’t that Yoshitsune-sama, Benkei-sama, and Saburo? XDDD
  • Love it when all of them turned, faced each other & did the “Hey!” thing!
  • Epilogue: All the Jrs. running to catch Takki after his flying!! They looked sooo happy~~ and Nikki’s smile after that made me smile :)


Curtain Calls
(Disc 2)

takirev curtain call

  • Was that tears in Takki’s eyes?
  • Nikki-san gave Takki the highest form of compliment from a man to another man, by calling him a “ii yatsu” (a good guy). He said that he has become a Takizawa fan, and he wants to support Takki forever…
  • It was so touching watching the curtain call… when Nikki first surprised Takki with flowers, and then HSJ & Shige came out with a cake. We all know that this was a really tough butai in the first place, a brand new butai, brand new song, first solo single release, all at once… it was probably a tough time for Takki then, this senshuuraku must be really really special to him.
  • Takki and EVERYONE looked soooo happy when they sang Home Party!!
  • The Jrs. were doing funny movements, and when they all did the leg kicking thing, Takki looked super happy.
  • I remember when Takki introduced Ai-chan during the regular senshuuraku, Nikki was also calling “Ai-chan~ Ai-chan~” and she was smiling shyly lol~ I think she’s cute, just that her eyeliner make up was weird.
  • Thank you, Kitayama :)
  • When I watched the 2nd curtain call, it reminded me of the regular senshuuraku where he came out for a 2nd curtain call as well (even though there was this special senshuuraku show right after that).
  • When he said that he’s “happy to be alive”, standing on such a stage, having such awesome staff, co-stars and audience here, I think he truly meant it.
  • The Ai Kakumei piano version of the ending credits is so beautiful~


Miracle Kamen Butoukai
(Disc 2 of Limited Edition ONLY)

miracle butoukai

  • Takki’s “Yossha!” at the end said it all! ^^
  • Takki behind the mask sneaking peaks at who’s coming on stage next lol
  • You really don’t get to see this combination anywhere else!! The original Shonentai, and the two stage kings Koichi and Takki backdancing for them. The miracle 5-people kamen butoukai!
  • When all of them did the hip-thrusts thing~~ it was woahh!!
  • Koichi didn’t seem to know some of the moves, and Takki was signaling to him hehe~ they were so cute~
  • Nikki & Takki promised Uekusa & Koichi that they’ll watch the opening show of SHOCK. And they really did so later :)
  • This bonus is so important to me coz I was there! XD I remember everyone was so high during this song!!!! The atmosphere was really special! And I didn’t even know it was Koichi until much later LOL!


Document & Interviews
(Disc 2 of Regular Edition ONLY)

takirev document and interview

  • Kyaaaa!!! That car & that hat ~♥
  • His just-woken-up voice is so sexy~~ irresistible! haha!
  • Takki putting on the make-up himself… sugoi!!
  • Wah! Calvin Klein underwear!! XDD
  • And he’s actually rather flexible!
  • He was so kakkoii in the rehearsal hall…
  • Kyaaaa!!! Hidejiji soooooo cuuuuute!!!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Act 2 has already started (you can hear the intro music), and he’s still choosing stage photos lol! And his “takai na~” was *ROFL* Even Hidejiji felt that the photos are expensive!!! Then reduce the price a little? haha~
  • Now, that is a very good way to end the Document! XD

Takizawa Kakumei has indeed given many fans chances to meet Takki, one way or another, so this butai itself is really really special to many fans. I’m really happy that they have given us this DVD, and I hope they’ll give us 2010’s too, coz that is an improved version of this one, and there are so many things I wanna see again…

I was touched watching this senshuuraku curtain call, something I’ve never really felt from watching other curtain calls on DVD (Enbujo, One!, etc…). Perhaps it’s also because Takirev happened during my toughest time in fandom, so it has a really special place in my heart. And 2010 made Takizawa Kakumei even MORE special to me! Bringing my family to Japan for the first time, bringing them to see Takki for the first time, and the other special moments during this trip…

I ♥ TAKIZAWA KAKUMEI!!!! This DVD is definitely my precious!! XD Now I can’t wait to get home to watch it again, this time on the huge TV screen!

13 more days ~♥

[Review] Takizawa Kakumei DVD

8 thoughts on “[Review] Takizawa Kakumei DVD

  1. I am now waiting for my Tackey Shop Version~
    It’s in the way of postal already~
    But certainly I can never understand what they speak in the DVD~
    So I will just wait for Avex Taiwan for subtitle~

  2. It has been a treat for me to watch this DVD, not having seen the show. Makes me want to really try to go…probably an impossible dream.

    And the size of the screen makes a real difference! I first watched it on my little old curvy screen, which swallows the edges, it was so much better on the large flat TV screen!

    I really love that red packaging and the faint pattern on it. The black one is a bit of a let down compared to the red.

  3. Hi..
    I wanna ask that have Tackey shop at Singapore…?

    If have, please give me the address…

    Thank you..

  4. I was re-watching my disc 2 {Limited Edition] because I didn’t remember Shounentai and Koichi being there. Some guy, I am not sure who, I can’t manage to catch his name, arrives, with a red and back outfit, and participates. He looks like Uekusa, but I am not sure, I am not that familiar with those guys.

    And, believe it or not, Shounentai and Koichi are NOT there! I watched that passage 3 times already, and reread your review twice. The only conclusion is that my disc 2 is somehow like the Regular Edition, minus Making Of and Interviews which I haven’t seen yet. [I kept watching the show over]

    I feel cheated…

  5. simone! are u using VLC to watch? coz u won’t be able to watch the special features with that player ne. coz the special contents are on the 2nd track. u need to use your dvd player, and on the menu page, click on “special contents” (which is on the left of “act 2”) .

  6. Thanks for your explanation. I will definitely do that to get to the special contents for the Regular Edition.

    I am watching with an all region Dvd player [connected to a TV], and somehow just a while ago, I managed to get to that Kamen Butoukai [pure accident]. I had both a feeling of accomplishment and one of having been stupid!

    I only use that player for Takki’s DVDs, because they are the only ones that I have that are Region 2 directly imported from Japan [as opposed to Region 1 for the US].

  7. simone~ no worries. u aren’t the only one who asked me. someone actually called and asked me the same question last sunday while i was at a cafe having breakfast lol…

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