[Scanlation] Gekkan Musical 01/2010

Yay~ our second scanlation completed! ^^

This is a really interesting crosstalk which took place some time late last year, after Takki went to watch the butai produced/directed by Nikki. Nikki-san talks about Takki’s special qualities as a stage actor and performer.

en-gmusical1001-1.jpg en-gmusical1001-2.jpg en-gmusical1001-3.jpg en-gmusical1001-4.jpg

Special thanks to marie for the translation!
Edited by mich, nyanco & simone; and made into scanlation by mich :)

2 Replies to “[Scanlation] Gekkan Musical 01/2010”

  1. Thanks so much, Marie, Mich, Nyanco and Simone! Otsukaresama! Though I’ve not been around to comment much, you gals sure do a great deal and is deeply appreciated by me ne~ Thanks load! *big hug to all*

  2. Marie, Mich, Nyanco and Simone, thank you so much for the translation…you all are a great team…deeply appreciate all the effort you all have put in….arigato gozaimasu..

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