[Scanlation] Takizawa Hideaki – Korette shinsen desu ne #56

My first scanlation! My comp kept running out of memory, the layers must be too much for it to take lol. This was quite rushed~ sorry if there are any errors. Hope it’s easy on the eyes :)

Takizawa Hideaki Tokyo Walker essay scanlation

Translation by nyanco (arigato!^^) and edited by mich.

9 Replies to “[Scanlation] Takizawa Hideaki – Korette shinsen desu ne #56”

  1. Thanks so much Mich and Nyanco!

  2. Thanks a lot to both of you. It is entertaining to read, and the format was good.

  3. Thanks Nyanco and Mich…this is way too cool.

  4. Anything with Tono is always easy on the eyes! Thank you Mich for your great work, and Nyanco for your translation!

  5. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    This is so greatly done! Thanks again!! :D

  6. thanks so much! Nyanco & Mich! it’s so nicely done! it’s great to know tono enjoy himself with the comedians ^^

  7. This is a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot, Nyanco and Mich. =)

  8. Thanks, Mich & nyanco! His expression here says it all…lolll :P (at least he’s not always so serious all the time in pics. He looks like he’s always havin’ fun in photoshoots.)

  9. Whoops! I hadn’t realized you guys translated this article too. *mybad* -_- Thank you so much, Mich for translating for us. XDD

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