[Scan] TV Navi 03/2005

Yet another cover mag featuring Yoshitsune. This time it’s the first few episodes of the drama i.e. beginning of 2005. And actually, this morning I was so bored in office that I randomly picked an episode of Yoshitsune to watch… And ended up sniffing right at my desk! >.<

tvnavi0503-01.jpg tvnavi0503-02.jpg tvnavi0503-03.jpg tvnavi0503-04.jpg
tvnavi0503-05.jpg tvnavi0503-07.jpg tvnavi0503-06.jpg tvnavi0503-08.jpg

And not sure if it’s yesterday or today, but… Happy Birthday, Yayoi-sama! Thank you once again for giving birth to such a fine and special son!! ^^

6 more days~♥

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  1. Those pictures are so nice. I particularly like the Gojo Bridge ones and the 4th on the right.

    I think you need to have lighter viewing fare when you are bored at the office, like Antique or Boku no Madonna.

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