6 Replies to “[Scans] Anecan 08/2011”

  1. Waaaaah!Thanks for sharing!Tackey is so handsome in here.

  2. is this his new gf??? or just model in picture?? if its his new gf they are so cute together!:)

  3. Who is this Yuri?!?! :O

  4. Who is the girl?
    His girl friend?

  5. Somehow I doubt very much that Takki would be photographed in a magazine with a girl friend: against JE rules! Actually, she is Ebihara Yuri, known as Ebi-chan, a model, and she is already married. [she is 31]. She is quite pretty, I think.

  6. She is very pretty!!! Miyavi was photographed with Melody so i thought this was another way of them coming out as a couple the photo shoots are so similar. But wonderful shots!

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