[Scans] Duet 03/2010

Realised I haven’t scanned this one yet, from a few months back… And I just received the recent months’ clippings as well, so I should be posting some backdated scans soon.

duet1003-01.jpg duet1003-02.jpg duet1003-03.jpg duet1003-04.jpg duet1003-05.jpg

Sigh… I was watching Japan vs Paraguay. It’s really a cruel way to exit the World Cup…
But I think they played well. Samurai Blue, otsukaresama!

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  1. I knew some of these, however, I had forgotten how sweet Tono’s smile is in the second and third pics. Incredibly seductive!

  2. thanks! i super love this scans ^_^

  3. Mich, thank you for the scans! Now I know where the second picture came from. I thought it was from a few years back. Takki hasn’t changed!

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