[Scans] Duet 08/2003

Went into *scanning mode*…and these are from Duet August 2003. That 3rd scan’s pic is another one of those “famous” ones ne! And I think the offshots are cute~ I love his smile in this issue!

duet0308-01-takki.jpg duet0308-02-takki.jpg duet0308-03-takki.jpg
duet0308-04-offshots.jpg duet0308-05-misc.jpg

And I realized I forgot to mention! Cat & I shared to buy a whole load of mags from a seller. So, please also thank her for the recent 2002/3 scans that I posted ne!!

Okay, I’m going back to *subbing mode*. Enjoy the scans!

4 Replies to “[Scans] Duet 08/2003”

  1. Definitely thanks to Cat and you! And as it happens, I had not seen the 3rd picture before, so double thanks!

  2. I love the smile so much too!and i consider takki is the person who suit laughing most!!

  3. Thanks cat n laopo! *chu*

    ah.. look so kon-ish~~ kawaii~~ chotto matte, I’ve this anot huh? haha.. need to go back and really do some serious track back. ^o^

  4. thank you cat and michelle!!!
    thanks for all sharing,
    thanks for all scans.

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