[Scans] Eye-Ai 04/2009

Here are the scans for the Takizawa Kakumei feature on the Eye-Ai magazine last year. I love the one where Takki’s dancing in the white tuxedo. Nice shot!

aiai0904-01.jpg aiai0904-02.jpg aiai0904-03.jpg aiai0904-04.jpg
aiai0904-05.jpg aiai0904-06.jpg aiai0904-07.jpg

4 more days ~♥

2 Replies to “[Scans] Eye-Ai 04/2009”

  1. Mich, thank you for these.
    I hope this magazine will write about Takizawa Kabuki, too.

  2. marie~ u’re welcome. yeah i hope so too!
    i’m so excited about takizawa kabuki.

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